February 1, 2020

Plaza Premium First Lounge @ KLIA

Refresh in Comfort

Travelers will agree that waiting for their flights can be rather tiring and daunting, especially for business travelers who consistently travels for work. Hence those who can get access to business lounges will be able to at least wait in comfort with some good food and drinks or even a quick shower to freshen up.

On my recent travel, I had the chance to experience the Plaza Premium First Lounge at KLIA while waiting for my red-eye flight. At KLIA, the lounge is located at the Sateline Terminal at Level 2, Mezzanine Floor at East Zone. After taking the Aerotrain to the Sateline Terminal, make your way to Gate C21 – C27, East Zone.

There are several options in entering the lounge. The easiest of course is to make a payment per entry. Else the lounge is also accessible with selected credit cards or travel passes. Do check here for the list of credit cards and travel passes.

Guests are greeted with a smile the moment you enter the main entrance to the lounge. The next sight would be an open kitchen view along with some bar table and stools for casual lounging. One can view the buffet spread available around this area. Flight information is also available here as well as further inside the lounge.

A waitstaff will certainly lead you into the main dining area. As soon as I sat down, I was handed a la carte and drink menus. Since the mocktail of the month was Wildcat Cooler and it also came highly recommended, I opted to try it.

The exotic dark purplish mocktail, served in a glass tumbler, was a concoction of blue berry puree, lemon and soda water. It is refreshing with a fruity and citrusy tang. Easy to enjoy if you’re looking for a thirst-quencher.

Of course, there are plenty of other beverages such as coffee and tea, juices, beer and sodas from the self-service bar or wine or liquor from the menu.

There’s a solid selection of food from snacks to light bites, sandwiches, salads and dessert on the buffet bar or simply order from the menu for hot dishes such as Malaysian Chicken Satay, BBQ Chicken Rice, Barramundi with Nyonya Sauce, Malaysian Curry Noodles, Porridge and more. They also offer international choices such as Wasabi Chicken, Beef Bacon Aglio, Mushroom Aglio, Scrambled Egg and more. Vegetarian options are also available.

I opted for Malaysian Chicken Satay for a light bite since it was quite late. The skewers were nicely grilled and served with the classic peanut sauce. Decent appetizer if you are feeling peckish for a small supper snack.

A few children knick-knacks to keep them occupied…

What I really like was that the lounge offers an area for those who needed to get some work done. This area is sectioned off but is just next to the main dining area. The long worktable has plenty of electrical sockets and charging station, free wifi and even a flat screen tv.

I had a meeting to attend prior to my flight and found that it was easy to connect and carry on with my meeting. Wifi was strong so the meeting went on without a glitch…

There are few sectioned areas in the lounge to chill. If one is just looking for a place to relax, head on to more comfort seating in the lounge bay inside to rest at the many sofa chairs.

For those seeking some refresh, the lounge also offers shower facilities.

Plaza Premium First Lounge offers a solid list of lounge facilities to allow travelers to seek some R&R. My overall experience was very satisfactory from the service to the facilities of comfort. If you’re looking for a lounge while travelling, do check the Plaza Premium First Lounge as it operates 24 hours a day at KLIA.

East Zone, Level 2, Mezzanine Floor,
Satellite Building (head for Gate C21-C27, take lift No.3),
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
Email: klia@plazapremiumfirst.com
Phone: +603 8776 2338


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