January 12, 2020

CNY Menu 2020 @ The Oriental Group of Restaurants

Noble Offerings for New Lunar Year

The Oriental Group of Restaurants is out to make headlines again this New Lunar Year! Executive Chef Justin Hor and his culinary team never fails to curate sumptuous Chinese New Year menus every year. Diners can expect nothing but the very best of ingredients coupled with the talents of the Chef Hor and his culinary brigade.

We caught up with Chef Hor at Noble Mansion for a sneak preview of this year’s finest Chinese New Year menu to usher in the Year of the Rat. Noble Mansion, the exclusive Chinese mansion inspired restaurant, serves delicacies of Shunde, the renowned food province in Guangzhou. Expect premium and fresh ingredients prepared with fine culinary methods, served in an elegant and grandeur ambiance. Diners can opt to dine in the main dining room or any of their large private rooms available.

Executive Chef Justin Hor and his Noble Mansion team

Going all out, this year’s prosperity Yee Sang takes on the King of Crab in Alaskan Spider Crab Vegetable Yee Sang (RM198 – medium | RM298 – large). It may just be the dish of year if one is set out to impress your dining companions!

Sweet and tender Alaskan Spider Crab flesh, beautifully peeled and set in the crab shell, is paired with a vegetable Yee Sang concocted from fresh and crisp vegetables along with raisins, nuts and sesame seed. The dressing is a house made plum sauce dressing along with the usual condiments.

Toss everything together with shouts of good blessings for the year!

Despite the many ingredients of the yee sang, the Alaskan Spider Crab still manages to stand out with its delicious oceanic sweetness. Utterly lavish and scrumptious! Reservations required for this yee sang to avoid disappointment. This is available at all Oriental Group restaurants except Ruyi and and Yu.

There are plenty of choices to choose from the yee sang menu. Start with a choice of Traditional Yee Sang, Modern Vegetable Yee Sang and White Truffle Yee Sang. Then diners can select their main ingredient for the yee sang such as Salmon, Soft Shell Crab, Salmon & Anchovies, Salmon & Prawns, Grilled Iberico Pork Neck, Golden Crispy Enoki Mushrooms or Silver Fish. For extra shiokness, one can also add-on side orders of the main ingredients…

The Whole Pork Trotter with Hokkaido XL Dried Scallop, Japanese Mushroom & Quail Egg (RM488) made such an impressive note from the recent Grand Dinner menu that Chef Hor is serving up this dish for the auspicious New Year. In the realms of Chinese culture, pork trotter symbolizes windfall gain during the year (财就手). Hence this is the perfect dish to savor with everyone in hopes of a good windfall for the new year to come!

Inspired by Manchu Han Imperial Feast, the Whole Pork Trotter with Hokkaido XL Dried Scallop, Japanese Mushroom & Quail Egg has it all. Glorious gelatinous and collagen from the soft braised pork trotters along with premium large Hokkaido scallops, plump Japanese flower mushrooms and fried quail eggs with flower-cut greens in a decadent abalone brown sauce. The sauce is so delicious that one may even want steamed rice to go with it.

The dish is available at the following restaurants - Noble House, Noble Mansion and Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33 in the festive menus.

Next up, seafood pleasures in the form of Steamed Deep-Sea Garoupa with Fresh Abalone & Prawn Medallion in Casserole Basket (RM388 per portion for 8 pax). Available at Oriental Star outlet festive menu, the dish features King Neptune’s treasure of the sea steamed in superior sauce.

Large bouncy prawns, lavish abalones in shell, garoupa fillets and snake gourd chunks are beautifully flavoured in the moreish savory and sweet superior sauce. The classic steaming method allows the seafood to be cooked with perfection, enhancing its natural sweetness from the sea with just a subtle flavour from the sauce.

Crab Prepared Two Ways (RM238 per portion for 4 pax), the name itself already sounded so tempting. That said, peeling aside, the dish is made up of Deep-Fried Crab Claw with Red Vinegar and Crab Meat with Scrambled Egg in Lettuce Wrap. This dish is available at Noble House and The Ming Room in their CNY festive menus.

Crab Meat with Scrambled Egg in Lettuce Wrap, a dish that had us tucking into delightful fluffy and creamy eggs, gorgeously studded with sweet crab flesh. Crab and egg whites with a touch of cream is deliciously divine with the light crisp of the lettuce, evoking simple pleasures of yesteryear flavours.

A bite into the Deep-Fried Crab Claw with Red Vinegar will have diners raving on the huge chunk of sweet crab meat wrapped with bouncy prawn paste. Chef Hor pays tribute to the premium and fresh ingredients with minimal seasoning so that diners can enjoy the true notes of pleasures from the sea.

The duo crab is excellent for crab lovers enjoying the crustaceans without having to do any peeling action! Available at The Ming Room and Noble House outlet for this festive month.

Chef Hor imported a classic Taiwan delicacy that is enjoyed in New Lunar Year. Mullet roe provides the base of flavour in the Crystal Prawn with Gold Caviar Sauce in Giant Beancurd Bowl (RM128 per portion). Large juicy peeled sea prawns are sauced up with premium mullet roe sauce and served in golden crispy fuchuk. The beancurd sheet goes so well with the prawns, lending a joyful texture to the sublime roe coated prawns. A dish that again portrays simplicity but taste so fine and moreish.

This dish is available at all Oriental Group outlets except Seafood World, Ruyi and Yu.

Lap Mei is a Chinese tradition that has withstood the test of time. It never fails to make its appearance year during the new year. The Steamed Rice with Wax Meat Hakka Style (RM78 – medium | RM128 – large) had us tucking into unctuous preserved Chinese sausage, wine-laced duck liver sausage along with crisp French beans on rice cooked in earthen pot. Just before serving, the house made sauce is poured over and the rice is mixed up.

One enjoys the light crusty bits of the rice along with the fluffy grains deliciously seasoned up and the glorious sweet and umami notes of the preserved meats and sweet beans. Honestly, it’s a dish that one can never get enough off during festive season and the sheer flavours of the preserved meats always brings back wonderful memories of our parents and their parents. This dish is available at all Oriental Group outlets except Seafood World, Ruyi and Yu.

Ending on a high note with Golden Pudding with Bird’s Nest in Whole Orange (RM23 each), the team at The Oriental Group of Restaurants goes all out to usher in more festivity with oranges and premium bird’s nest. Orange infused jelly filled in orange shell and crowned with wobbly bird’s nest is refreshing and light, perfect after a glorious meal filled with sumptuous ingredients.

Deep-Fried Sesame Ball with Nin Kuo (RM5 per piece) is a twist on the classic must-have nian gao. The New Year cake goes well with the lightly chewy and crispy skin of the sesame ball. This is so yummy that one may not be enough!

Both desserts are available at all Oriental Group outlets except Seafood World, Ruyi and Yu.

There are many more dishes available at all their restaurants for this festive month. Foodies can expect nothing but the finest of Chinese cuisine from The Oriental Group of Restaurants. This festive year, the culinary team has curated scrumptious dishes in their various outlets that are must-haves!

For more information and reservation, visit www.orientalrestaurants.com.my or Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheOrientalGroupofRestaurants for the respective restaurant details.


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