October 12, 2019

Goa by Sapna Anand @ The Ascott Kuala Lumpur

Fabulous Goan Flavours

A self-taught chef who jokes that all she could remember during her school years was what the nuns were cooking in the school kitchen next to her classroom! No stranger to our shores, this pretty renowned chef and TV host, Sapna Anand, is out to introduce Goan cuisine to our fellow foodies with the Soul Society Group.

Goan cuisine is still fairly vague in our culinary industry but Sapna is taking matters into her own hands to tempt our palates on the flavours of the cuisine.

It was simply meant to be when Sapna met with successful owners of Soul Society Group’s Fred Choo and Michele Kwok. The result was Goa by Sapna Anand where a one-off project led to now a sumptuous list of more than 20 Goan dishes and more coming in the menu at this restaurant. Located at The Ascott in Kuala Lumpur, Goa by Sapna Anand shares the same location as Tujo but occupies the top level at the eatery.

Both ladies were present at the recent event to introduce Goa by Sapna Anand along with Sapna’s cookbook New Indian Kitchen signing session one evening. The top level of the restaurant was the perfect ambiance for enthusiast diners to enjoy a leisure dining experience coupled with live music all set in a warm and cozy ambiance.

Chef Sapna was born and raised in Goa. She tributes her food to her travels and experiences from her growing up years along with her goals to elevate timeless Goan taste profiles with modern techniques and her own blend of spices. Coined ‘The Queen of Spice’, her food often leaves much wow factors from her gutsy cooking of ramping up flavours through the balance of spices, herbs and fresh ingredients. The menu at Goa by Sapna offers categories of Small Plates, Sharing Plates, Salads to Sides and Desserts.

Regulars to the Soul Society Group of restaurants know that they offer some of the best cocktails around. In fact, it would almost be a crime not to order up some of the best tasting giggle juices in town!

From retro blast cocktails along with classic mojitos and martinis to fruity sangrias, shooters, beer and more, its always a blast when it comes to having a good time at their restaurants.

Small plates or tapas are simply the best option when it comes to trying various selections of dishes to go with cocktails and beers. Imagining tucking into a piping hot Shredded Mutton Mantao (RM25) while sipping a mojito…

Slow cooked shredded mutton spiced up with complex flavours are paired with fluffy steamed mantao and finished with crispy fried shallot and coriander. The result is a drool-worthy sandwich bursting with enough flavours of spices and heat to get the party started in the mouth.

Paneer Pea Cutlet (RM18), crispy bombs of golden crumbed coated paneer with a spiced mashed pea filling is bound to be an impressive started with its moreish flavours of the cheese and spices. Served with sweet tamarind sauce and hung yoghurt spiced dip, these cutlets can be quite addictive.

Else one can also opt for the Chicken Cutlet (RM18). Inspired by a Portuguese dish called Fofos de Bacalhau, the cutlet is made with minced chicken with a special bland of spices before being shaped and crusted with panko, then fried to golden beauties. The name of the dish may sound plain but rest assured, the flavours are spot on.

Moving on to sharing plates, the Goan Chili Prawn (RM35) is simply a must-order item on the menu. Listed as a Goan beach shack specialty, large prawns are cooked in a generous pool of garlic butter with spices and coriander. Garlicky and buttery with solid kick of heat, the dish was meant to go with a side of bread or naan to mop up that divine sauce and juicy prawns.

Fish in Saffron Sauce (RM45), a twist by Chef Sapna on the classic Keralan Fish Moilee, was a delectable sight of grilled seabass on a pool of pale-yellow saffron sauce. The generous piece of seabass was nicely cooked and remained beautifully moist and soft. The creamy saffron sauce goes well with the fish with its delicate spices and buttery notes. Crowned with lots of aromatics like onions, dill and more, the dish is easy to enjoy without the guilt.

There’s the Malabar Mutton Curry with Plantain Fritter (RM28) if you love a good curry. Another twist from a Kerala favorite, Chef Sapna substituted beef with mutton for extra richness. Plantains is paired with the curry to give it a different flavour and textural twist to the curry.

There’s also Keema with Baked Egg (RM28) where minced lamb is cooked with spices and peas before its finished with a final baked with an egg. Mop up the dish with toasted baguette for extra satisfaction…

Chef Sapna offers an unusual 3 Bean Salad with Puffed Rice (RM22) as a light and healthy salad option. Taking the classic Indian street snack, the chef tributes the salad recipe to her mother. Consisted of chickpeas, brown chickpeas, green lentils, puffed rice and pomegranate jewel bits all dressed up with a tamarind green chutney dressing, the salad has a wondrous profile of textures as well as flavours.

It’s quite the adventure when dining at Goa by Sapna Anand. Diners can expect nothing short of fireworks of flavours from the menu. Chef Sapna has truly showcase what Goan cuisine is all about with her own little twists for our local palates. If you’re looking for a journey of flavours, Goa by Sapna is lip-smacking perfect!

GOA by Sapna Anand
The Ascott Kuala Lumpur
9 Jalan Pinang, KL
Tel: +6012-210 3055

Business Hours
Daily  5pm to 1am

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