October 24, 2016

Putien Celebrates 16th Anniversary with A Starry Michelin Gala Night

A Fine Heng Hua Feast!

Heng Hua Cuisine is no longer unknown to many of us and its all tribute to Putien who has been serving up the cuisine to many of us for the last few years. Little did many know, Putien is celebrating their 16th Anniversary this year. What added to the glorious years of serving some of the finest Heng Hua cuisine is the recent win of the One Star Michelin Award for its Kitchener Road Outlet by the inaugural Michelin Guide Singapore 2016!

In conjuction with both joyous occasions, Putien celebrated their 16th Anniversary and One Star Michelin achievement with an exclusive starry and festive gala dinner recently as a gesture of appreciation for members of the media, bloggers and distinguish guests.

Putien’s General Manager, Ms Caren Poon giving her speech on the story of Putien and it’s glorious 16 years in the industry.

From Putien’s humble home kitchen meals to city cuisine, Putien’s story started when Mr. Fong Chi Chung, founder of Putien, couldn’t find Heng Hua dishes that he had missed dearly from his homeland. Putien started in a coffee shop in Singapore’s Kitchener Road in 2000, serving simple yet wholesome and down-to-earth meals from Mr. Fong’s native Putian home kitchen.

Putien’s authentic Heng Hua dishes took off so well, the restaurant expanded to 28 outlets internationally in the last 16 years with 5 more outlets in plan by the end of 2016. It’s all about the best and freshest ingredients for Mr. Fong. His constant focus on using the best ingredients possible even when it meant driving out in the early hours of the morning to purchase them. Using handmade Heng Hwa noodles from a particular family, he even made sure that the family continues their traditional method to make the noodles and supply Putien with this signature handmade noodles that is almost a long lost art. 

For Putien, it’s about Source of Ingredients, Revealing the Season’s Best Ingredients and Original Taste in all their dishes, who also features seasonal dishes from the various seasonal ingredients imported from Putian.

Putien’s Head Chef Li Shunrong

Dinner commenced with a tea tribute to the ceremony, showcasing some of the available teas at Putien. The three teas served were Shui Hsien Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea and Ginger Tea. This was followed by Putien’s signature dishes as well as some new dishes now available in the menu at all their outlets.

Our starter of Seaweed with Mini Shrimps looked deceptively simple but has such wondrous moreish flavors of the sea. Sweet, almost briny with hints of light tang, the soft and lightly chewy seaweed with bits of tiny shrimps whets the appetite for more to come.

Braised Putien Handmade Bean Curd showcases house made bean curd that is quite the staple in many of the Heng Hwa dishes. This one is nicely braised till tender and plump. The bean curd has well absorbed the flavors of the light braising sauce and is easy to enjoy on its own with just the right balance of savory note.

Bamboo shoot may not be everyone’s cake but I happen to enjoy them. Putien’s Braised Bamboo Shoot is relatively unique. There is still a good bite to the shoots and yet it is tender and juicy. A little smoky and delicate, the bamboo shoots are easy to enjoy as a light appetizer.

Putien Style Century Egg was much raved by many that evening. The century egg has a light crispy caramelized coating witht a gorgeous lush creamy inside. The light sweetness with the unctuous flavor of the century egg is sublime. So much so, I took my family back a week later and ordered a double order of this yummy dish. A must order at Putien!

New in the menu, Yan Pi Fish Maw Soup is another delicate dish that features ‘Yan Pi’, a wantan skin that is made from minced meat. Hence the Yan Pi has a lightly chewy meaty texture enveloping some meat filling. The contrasting textures of the Yan Pi dumpling and soft fish maw in a clean and delicate broth is quite unique and has a lovely comforting note that makes this soup wholesome and hearty.

The Shredded Meat with Bun is a popular dish that appears on many tables of diners. Golden fried mantao are served with a platter of stir fried shredded pork with onions in a delicious sweet and savory brown sauce. The crispy and fluffy mantao with sesame seeds together with the juicy tender pork showed that not all Heng Hua dishes are light in flavor. This one has a robust meaty savory flavor that goes well with anyone of all ages. My little one also loves this bun a lot whenever we dine at Putien.

Stir Fried Seaweed is a new comer in the menu. This seaweed is different from the earlier one. Thicker with a spongy texture, the seaweed is cooked in a light broth. The addition of onions and bell peppers gave the dish a sweet note. I prefer the earlier seaweed for its textures and taste over this one.

Putien is also having a promotion on yellow croaker, specially flown in from the waters of Fujian, for a limited time only. Prepared five ways, we tried their signature Deep Fried Yellow Croaker. Marinated over 24 hours with premium peppercorn and sea salt, these are then deep fried till crispy. The fish is so crispy, we could literally eat the bones and fins too. Simple but really tasty and love the textures of the fish!

Strawberry Prawn is also new and pairing the fruit with prawns may not be as odd as I would have thought after all. As strawberries have a lovely tangy fruity note, it goes pretty well with the crispy fried prawns. The light creamy and fruity sauce gave the prawns a pretty pink hue too.

One simply must order the Putien Lor Mee. It’s my all-time-favorite comfort dish at Putien. Slurp down soft velvety thick wheat noodles cooked in a gorgeous light thick broth full of seafood essences. We love how aromatic the dish is. The lor mee also has chockful of julienned bean curd, meat, prawns, clams, scallop, mushrooms, vegetables and more. This is one dish that you won’t want to miss when dining at Putien.

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Fruits is a fresh and light ending to the evening’s gala dinner. The chilled wobbly jelly scented with lemongrass has some fresh fruits and tiny crunchy chia seeds.

Putien Festival Road Shows
Join Putien for a celebration with food-tasting, fun and games, plus a chance to win some festive prizes when you drop by at any of Putien Road Show booths on weekends at the following locations:

Date (Sat & Sun)                   Venue
15 & 16 October, 2016             One-Utama Shopping Mall (G213A Ground Floor)
22 & 23 October, 2016             SS15 Courtyard Subang Jaya (1-05, First Floor)
29 & 30 October, 2016             Sunway Pyramid (LG1.45, Lower Ground)

G213A Ground Floor, Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing),
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7722 1539
Fax: +603 7722 2139

Website: www.putien.com

Operating Hours
11.30am - 10pm (Last Order: 9.30pm)

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