October 13, 2016

Fei Fei Crab @ Damansara Jaya, PJ

Let’s Get Crabbing!

It’s been 8 years since Fei Fei Crab Restaurant started their first restaurant in Desa Aman Puri, Kepong. Fast forward to now, Fei Fei Crab has 4 outlets to date which includes Crab Generation and Crab Sifu in their family operated restaurants. The latest outlet to hit our PJ dining scene is at Damansara Jaya under Fei Fei Crab Restaurant.

Situated along a busy row of shoplots in an urban housing area, Fei Fei Crab Restaurant is now serving up a feast of crab and seafood treats to all PJ diners on daily basis. The restaurant is a no frill restaurant so diners should just expect a decent minimalist ambiance flagged in their themed orange color serving up signatures of Chef Minamikon.

From a young age, Chef Minamikon has been working up his experience under Chef Steven before he open his first Fei Fei Crab restaurant eight years ago. Garnering his own repertoire over the years, diners can expect lots of creativity and deliciousness in his menu at all his crab restaurants.

We arrived on a public holiday for lunch and there was a solid crowd already at the restaurant ordering up classic as well as modern Chinese dishes for lunch. The menu has lots of tempting photos of the dishes, so much so you might have a hard time choosing since they all look so good. Fei Fei Crab obviously is famous for their crab dishes so choosing one should be a no-brainer.

We started off with the house signature of Fried Pork & Chicken with Yam Cake (RM35). Showcasing best of duo of pork and chicken plus a yummy yam basket, one cannot go wrong with an order of this dish. The chicken was crispy and coated in a yummy sweet and creamy glaze while the pork rib was nicely crusted and flavour with garlicky bits. The creamy and crisp yam basket was decent. It’s a lovely combination of meat that goes well on its own or with rice.

Thai Style Sour Steam Seafood (RM98) has diners drooling over the array of prawns, squid and lala all nicely bathed in a tangy and piquant Thai style sauce. The sauce has a solid balance of sweet, sour and savory with some heat while the fresh onions and coriander as well as hints of lemongrass aroma really whets the appetite for more. The seafood is also cooked nicely and served on a warmer to keep it warm and comforting.

One cannot really go wrong with steamed fish as long as the fish is fresh and cooked just right. The Hot & Spicy Steam Tiger Grouper (RM13 per 100g) was another dish that warrants an order. Simplicity of the cooking method showed off the fresh and sweet notes of the highly prized tiger garouper. The mount of punchy spicy garlicky and black bean topping enhanced the flavours of the fish well, boosting extra umami notes. Hand me more steamed rice please…

Porky goodness prevails in Pattaya Pork Knuckles (seasonal price). A mega hunk of full glorious pork knuckle cooked for hours before being finished with a crispy deep fried bath is served with pickled onions and a moreish Thai sauce on the side. Some dishes just takes extra love and effort and this one pays off well.

The crispy skin coupled with soft and tender meat of the pork are lighted up with the tangy and bitey pickled onions. The sauce added more oomph to the pork. Bits of gelatinous fats of the pork also made the dish more heavenly on the palate. Minor quips but I wish for the skin to be more crispy evenly as some were a tad chewy. Other than this small quip, I really love the pickled onions with the pork knuckle a lot.

One of my personal favorite of the lunch was the Lala Veggie Soup with Black Pepper (RM28). Chef Minamikon really took a gamble and added black pepper and butter to the soup, making the dish more delicious than the classic version. The soup was so creamy and rich with a good hint of peppery notes that really went well with the fresh sweet clams and soft spinach. I polished my bowl and had extra soup because I enjoyed it so much.

For diners of all ages, one cannot go wrong with an order or Scallop, Prawn and Clams Tofu (RM38). Housemade bean curd made from egg and soy bean milk, the tofu was superb. Smothered in a typical brown gravy, the tofu also comes with some scallops, prawn and pacific clams with broccoli and a topping of crispy kai lan leaves. Comfort food at its best…

The time came for crabs and we had two sauces whipped up with XXL size crabs. Currently on the market price, 2 pieces of XXL crabs seen here are about RM136. Prices changes according to market price. Fei Fei Crab also serves Large and XL size crab for affordability.

While there are plenty of sauces to choose from in their signature list of crabs, one cannot go wrong with the Salted Egg Crab – Creamy version (depending on sizes and market price). Take a serious look at the glorious and sinful this crab looks! All golden and glistening in full glory, the salted egg crab sauce is unctuously superb. Enjoyed it hot for best flavours. The richness of the sublime salted egg yolk and cream hit all the right flavours of what we love in a salted egg yolks. One can still enjoy the sweetness of the crab flesh despite all the richness of the sauce too. Must order!

While you are at it, order their Fried Chinese Bun (RM5 each roll) to mopped up the sauces.

Our next sauce was the Claypot Kam Heong Cheese Crab (depending on sizes and market price). While Kam Heong sauce is usually a much pleaser on its own already, this version is amped up with cheese. The spices of the sauce reminded me more of curry notes than the usual Kam Heong and with the addition of cheese, the sauce is made extra rich and creamy with peppery spices. Served in claypot, we enjoyed the dish slowly as the sauce is better when its warm. Our table of diners favored this sauce over the first one while I enjoyed the Salted Egg one more.  A solid adversary to the first crab dish in its own way.

Fei Fei Crab has got so much more to offer on their menu. The restaurant serves comfort Chinese dishes with lots of crab dishes for crabbies like me. No frills, just solid Chinese comfort food for daily savoring. Prices are decent for the quality and portions. They have branches in Cheras, Puchong, Kepong and now Petaling Jaya, so head on over to your nearest location of Fei Fei Crab, Crab Generation of Crab Sifu!

PJ Damansara Jaya
19, Jalan SS 22/11,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 013-207 9978/ 010-270 9978

Business Hours:
Lunch 12pm-2:30pm
Dinner 5pm-10:30pm
Closed on Mondays

Kepong HQ
7, Jalan Desa 2/7,
Desa Aman Puri,
52100 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-237 3794

Business Hours:
Lunch 12pm-2:30pm
Dinner 5pm-10:30pm
Closed on Mondays


  1. Mendesak!!!!! Mengumumkan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia atau siapa yang kena tipu oleh Yip Kum Fook (MCA GOMBAK, peguam), silalah cepat cepat laporkan kepada mana-mana balai polis atau SPRM untuk penyoalsiasatan, kalau anda tidak membuat laporan anda akan kena jerat, Yip Kum Fook ini bukan manusia yang baik, dia ialah seorang kleptokrasi, penipu dan dll.
    Harap semua berhati-hati dengan orang yang nama Yip Kum Fook, sudah ramai kena dia tipu, dia pejabat peguam YIP KUM FOOK & ASSOCIATES No. 2A & B, Jalan 53, Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

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  3. H Yip Management Sdn Bhd
    Suite 3.43, Kompleks Desa, Jalan Kepong,, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 51200 Phone:03-6274 5352
    Ketua Belia MCA Gombak YIP JIUN HANN,
    Berkenaan bapa U (YIP KUM FOOK, MCA GOMBAK) bertiga, Empat Isteri dan kaya, itu hal U sendiri,
    Mengapa U cuba Menbangkitkan Nama NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W. bagi menburukkan nama kebaikannya. U cuba ingat memalukan Muslim?
    Yip Jiun Hann, U bukan Muslim kami harap jangan menyetul hal Agama Muslim dan kebaikan NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W.
    Kalau tidak kami akan ajar U seperti perkara yang terjadi di U.S.A


    lee3 August 2021 at 00:06
    主席MCA GOMBAK叶金福住Taman Desa Jaya,吉隆坡甲洞是一个佛教信仰叛徒。
    2)他用 权力叫警察和外人到来佛教神圣的地方,试图抓佛教僧侣。僧侣做错了什么?

  4. 敬爱的佛教信土:

    最近, 在网络上看了PHRA PIYATHAMMO和尚和马华公会鸱唛区主席叶金福(Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak)律师的双方信件, 使我的内心久久不能平伏, 良心受到很大的譴責, 不吐訢不痛快, 所以我要誠恳的説:他叶金福(Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak)侓师叫外来的流流氓到三宝寺(暹廟)挑衅和尚打架及电招警方人员扣捕沙彌, 其嘲笑手法, 不外是要显示其权力, 而鞏固其职位, 以达到权力就是一切, 好让住持难堪, 自动離开, 方便行事……这种举动, 已间接的表逹其含意, 住持和尚兼顾问, 都无能为力,你们这些信徒能做什么?即使告马耒西亜佛教总会又能为难什么?这种心态, 的硧令人反感, 不是一个正信佛教者应有的行为。

    至今, 三宝寺的理事成员多数是其親戚, 这是实事, 加入会员需交RM100元费用,同时,必须经过叶金福(Yip Kum Fook)律师的同意,否则免談, 所以会员也不多。

    马华公会鹅唛区主席叶金福(Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak)律师,自控制三宝寺之後,把三宝寺(暹廟)当着私人產業,聘用和尚賺钱,利用佛教的道地为政治活动埸所,而处理三宝寺的钱财也不透明?这点,值得信众追问。马来西亚地擴人多,和尚也不缺乏,为什么不用本地和尚当任住持化缘,却偏偏劳心劳神,浪费签证费,交通费? 还要烦劳梹城佛总的推荐信, 向文化不同, 而語言又不通之千哩外囯缅旬和尚求助? 为什么….为什么? 只要我们用头脑想一想,便一日了然, 不必晝虎添足。

    叶金福(Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak )律师说:欢迎任何人如有意见,可以电话03:62762369/0122039700 Email: YIPKUMFOOK@HOTMAIL.COM 戓到其马华公会鹅唛区会甲洞三宝寺及以下地圵:NO.2,B JALAN 53 TAMAN DESA JAYA KEPONG 52100 SELANGOR, MALAYSIA.討論, 我要老实的提醒大家, 最好不要一个去見他, 因为这个人狡滑, 笑裡藏刀, 很阴险, 出家人都不放在眼裡, 連TAMAN DAYA 52100 KEPONG, KUALA LUMPUR. 众人的印度廟也敢放火燒, 利用权势把场地佔为己有, 由此可见, 他是何等的心毒? 还有现在三宝寺内, 各处都按裝计孔监视来人一举一动。

    目前, 三宝寺很多信徒及当地居民, 已经对叶金福(Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak )律师不满, 但也不能做什么。他计划把三宝寺主席的职位轉给其子YIP JIUN HANN律师, 续承皇朝. 想近一部了觧詳情, 可上网得知。

    再说, 根据前理事在网络上给叶金福(Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak)律师的批評, 説他懂得包裝自己的道德守则, 以宗教为幌子手, 到处募款, 啇業经营, 政治活动为重, 并没依循佛教守則行事, 也没对人道作出貢献, 只不过借三宝寺宗教之名捞取权和私利而己, 其言也不为过, 是实事。

    在此, 我恳切希望, 廣大的佛教信仰者, 给予关注, 并共創義举, 弘扬佛教. 谢谢。

    Mr Lim Sok Chia敬啟
    Ms Yap

    forwarded by Mr Lee

  5. Dear brothers and sisters who love the Dharma
    Let me tell you the history about SANNAK SAMBODHI, TAMAN DESA JAYA, KEPONG, KUALA LUMPUR. Last time we were members of the temple but now we are very far apart because now the committee members are very proud of the activities or duties of the temple.
    On the other hand, the current president of the temple is YIP KUM FOOK and son YIP JIUN HANN. His son always said to the devotees: THIS TEMPLE IS MY FATHER’S TEMPLE. Or is it my father’s property…we are silent because We know this temple very well where it came from…
    Now the members of the temple committees are their only group. Others cannot join as members and use Myanmar monks only for service and blessing. Only Myanmar monks are very smart (All monks from Myanmar have the rank of DR or PH. D), but the disciples(devotees) here are very confused because the disciples here have never heard of that name(titles).
    If we understand the teachings of Buddhism that creates BAD KARMA. will receive what has been done

    by the previous committee
    Samnak Sambodhi, Desa Jaya, Kepong, KL

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Posted April 10, 2012 at 8:07 PM
    Pro-UMNO MCA Is Anti Buddhist !
    Contributed by Anak Mami

    Ven. Phra Piya Thammo,
    Rumah Pangsa
    Blk A-7-9- Jln Padang Tembak,
    11400 Pulau Pinang,

    Dear Devotees,

    Before I commence of my letter-writing toward. All of you, I would like to inform all of you that I am not satisfy with the lawyer, Dato YIP KUM FOOK (MCA chairman Gombak) due to his bad inspirit impressions because he sent an inspector to come to our SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, 19 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to arrest me without any good reason, moreover, the lawyer, YIP KUM FOOK is not satisfy with Chief monk.

    When the Chief monk had me to go to his Temple already and he went away and left me alone to take care until Chief monk come back to the Temple first and he also told me not to leave the Temple if any committees or the chairman want to chase me out, you don’t leave the Temple at all understand? Then I said, alright? To the chief monk! On the second Day, YIP KUM FOOK(MCA Man) came to our Temple and talk to me. He tired to make some inquiry from me and he asked me, where I come from? I told him that I came from Penang.

    Then, I told to the lawyer (YIP KUM FOOK, MCA Man) that the chief monk came to Penang and fetch me and invited me to accompany him to go to his temple in K.L. I am not aware that YIP KUM FOOK(MCA chairman Gombak) is not in a good terms with the chief monk, chief monk already in this way, YIP KUM FOOK try to create trouble with me unnecessary. That is why, the lawyer want to chase me out of the Temple. Then I asked the lawyer, why you want to chase me out of the temple? Moreover, the Temple is not belonging to you, UNDERSATAND? Then, I asked him, who are you? I don’t know you at all, you have no right to chase me or control me at all, UNDERSTAND? You are just like a layman only. Do you know the regulations that any the chairman or committee cannot control the monks and the Nuns at all, also UNDERSTAND?

    I scolded him like that. Then the lawyer (YIP KUM FOOK, MCA Man) is not satisfy with me and he told me that he will called the police to come to the Temple and arrest me. I told him to go ahead and called the police to come and arrest me. I won’t run away, I said to him like that. I have done nothing wrong toward you, why you want to arrest me? He said, he doesn’t like me to stay here. I asked him, why? Again. After this he got very angry with me, then he phoned up to the police and the police came to the Temple and told me to leave the Temple.

    I told to the inspector of the again, I am sorry, I won’t leave the Temple because the chief monk had instructed me not to leave the Temple without his consent, UNDERSTAND? Then the inspector told me to leave, again. I told him I cannot leave the Temple because the Chief Monk hasn’t come back yet. This time, the inspector got very angry with me and he took out his handcuff and try to threaten me, then I immediately show off my hands for him to lock me up but he scare, then again, the inspector told me leave the Temple again but I still don’t want to leave the Temple.

    Then I phoned up to the chief monk again and I told him that the inspector insisted want to arrest me, you better come back to settle the case for me. After this incident, Chief Monk came back to the Temple and take me to go to another temple and stay their. That’s all about this incidents! Last of all, I would like to inform all of you, that no committees or the chairman can control all the monks and Nuns at all also UNDERSTAND? “They are higher than the King,” also! So how can the laymen, the committees and the chairman to control them: – EVEN THE KING ALSO RESPECTED THE MONKS AND NUNS. Why the chairman doesn’t respect the monks and nuns? They will carry the sins later on, UNDERSTAND?

    Yours in Dhamma

    Ven. Phra Piya Thammo
    Penang, Malaysia

  7. Dear brothers and sisters into the Dhamma
    We would like to inform all Buddhists in Malaysia about YIP KUM FOOK who is the president of SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Buddhists have to follow any precepts rules but YIP KUM FOOK there is nothing any precepts rules in Buddhism, it is very embarrassing.
    Also, he called the police to harass the Buddhist monks at the temple. Adding he cheated Myanmar monk’s money, many people know about it.
    On the other hand, this YIP KUM FOOK did not feel ashamed and embarrassed of the Buddha, he thought, he was a very successful person, also he is dirty in MCA politics
    Thank you so much and please share with all
    Mr fong, kajang

  8. About YIP KUM FOOK, it is better to you are escape from the Kepong area because you were my good friend in the previous days until today

    YIP KUM FOOK better leave Kuala Lumpur area because someone to report to police and Sentul Police Station and Breakfield Police Station want you

    We know you make more mistakes but you can't run away from the country's laws, on last time you can solve problems with pay money to shut people-mouth up, but now it's different, now is the age of technology like the internet

    I hope, you will understand me what I said in the verses above, I love you in my heart like my brother and I will protect you from what people gossip about you..ok

    Lee, Selayang

  9. YIP KUM FOOK main politik di Kuil Buddha (SAMNAK SAMBODHI), dia tolak AJK yang siapa lawan dengan dia, AJK dari pengasas YIP KUM FOOK pun tolak, YIP KUM FOOK ni hati sangat fikirannya kotor dan jahat manusia.

    YIP KUM FOOK sangat bodoh dan kurang pendidikan, kalau dia pandai, dia tak akan kacau dan menolak Ven. Phra Piya Dhammo keluar dari Kuil Buddha(SAMNAK SAMBODHI), jika dia cukup pandai, dia perlu menyemak dulu Ven. Phra Piya Dhammo ialah siapa dan dari mana?

    Anda seorang peguam dan DATUK tak boleh berfikir dalam perkara biasa, ini amat memalukan kepada Sultan Selangor yang memberi gelar Datuk kepada anda, jika Sultan Selangor tahu perkara ini, Sultan Selangor mengambil kembali gelaran itu.

    Seperti undang-undang bersekutu Malaysia mengetahui tentang anda menipu orang, mereka akan menutup pejabat peguam anda (YIP KUM FOOK & ASSOCIATES, Kuala Lumpur No. 2A & B, Jalan 53, Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur), jika anda benar-benar belajar undang-undang, mungkin anda tidak melakukan (tak berani) membuat kejahatan seperti itu


    After about a year, Tunku realised that he was making very little progress in his studies. After a meeting with Mr. Ezekiel, his guardian, in the office of the Crown Agents, Ezekiel arranged for Tunku to move to Cambridge and to be taught by and live with Basil Atkinson. Atkinson was an experienced tutor and he also prepared Tunku to sit in a university entrance examination known as " Little Go". The following year, he took the entrance exams and he obtained high marks for all his papers with a Pass for the whole examination. He was accepted as an undergraduate at St Catharine's College, one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge, and graduated with a bachelor's degree of Arts in Law and History in 1925.

    Five years after sailing from Singapore, at the age of 23, he sailed home. The Crown agents secured Tunku a berth in a passenger ship, which stopped at Penang. Tunku Ibrahim, the Regent, and his eldest brother was unhappy with Tunku's choice of degrees and he ordered Tunku to return to England to be admitted to the English Bar. On Tunku's initiative, the Malay Society of Great Britain was formed, with Tuanku Abdul Rahman of Negeri Sembilan (later the 1st Yang Di-Pertuan Agong) as president and Tunku Abdul Rahman of Kedah as Honorary Secretary and the driving force.

    Datuk YIP KUM FOOK is also a lawyer but he has a different lifestyle, we have many lawyer friends, and they are very kind and compassionate people, this YIP KUM FOOK (lawyer) to suck people's money only

    Many people don’t know about YIP KUM FOOK where, or at which university did he get a degree in law? we are too suspicious of him because he is cheating people everywhere and please be careful with him

    Sharing by Lai, Kepong Hulu

    Karpal studied at St. Xavier's Institution and received his Bachelor of Laws from the National University of Singapore, where he was president of the student union. He was barred from his hostel for protesting the university's decision to mandate certificates of political suitability for incoming students.

    Karpal said he TOOK SEVEN YEARS TO GRADUATE, admitting that he was "playful" and "didn't attend lectures”. After failing his final-year courses, the dean made him sit at the front of his classes; according to Karpal, "I couldn't play the fool anymore and I passed my exams accordingly!

    Datuk YIP KUM FOOK is also a lawyer but he has a different lifestyle, we have many lawyer friends, and they are very kind and compassionate people, this YIP KUM FOOK (lawyer) to suck people's money only

    Many people don’t know about YIP KUM FOOK where, or at which university did he get a degree in law? we are too suspicious of him because he is cheating people everywhere and please be careful with him

    YIP KUM FOOK is also the president of the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION and he is also a Datuk ship or Datuk title of the Sultan of Selangor

    Sharing by Lai, Kepong Hulu

  12. wahai semua penganut agama Buddha,

    YIP KUM FOOK (MCA Gombak) adalah kesilapan yang paling besar kerana dia menghalau sami dari Kuil Buddha (SAMNAK SAMBODHI) Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur ... dia tidak tahu bahawa kuil itu diasaskan oleh Sami Buddha ini, dia hanya menjadi presiden kuil, dan sekarang ramai orang bercakap tentang apa yang dia lakukan dengan Sami Buddha.

    Buddha adalah 2500 tahun yang lalu tetapi tidak pernah mendengar yang baru seperti itu, dia boleh berbuat seperti itu, semoga anda menghina dan memberontak kepada Buddhisme dan anda adalah relatif dan memusnahkan Buddha dalam kehidupan terdahulu... anda adalah jawatankuasa kuil tetapi tidak pernah tahu tentang ajaran Buddha sama sekali, jika anda tahu apa yang Buddha ajar, anda tidak akan melakukan perkara sedemikian atau perkara tersebut

    YIP KUM FOOK (MCA Gombak) dan pasukan dia sangat gembira kerana mereka berjaya mengeluarkan Sami Buddha dari kuil Buddha tetapi anda tidak tahu apa yang akan berlaku di belakang, semua yang anda(mereka) lakukan akan tercatat dalam fikiran orang dan semuanya tidak dapat dipadamkan dari fikiran orang

    kini kuil menjadi tempat pembuangan malang olih jawatankuasa, dan juga ramai penganut yang mengetahuinya, jadi penganut cina tempatan tidak berjalan di kuil, hanya penganut Myanmar sahaja yang masuk, mereka masuk kerana Sami Buddha Myanmar bermastautin di kuil.. jawatankuasa kuil mengupah mereka untuk menjaga kuil

    Rakyat Desa Jaya, Kepong

  13. DATUK YIP KUM FOOK叶金福 ruined Buddhist monks in Malaysia for kicking monks from Buddhist temple, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong but he will accept his karma in the future, his life will collapse soon

    He is one of the Mara to disturbed Buddhist monks, all the monks come to practice Dhamma in the Temple, and you (DATUK YIP KUM FOOK叶金福) is the president of the temple, why do not you understand the Buddha's teachings. People donate some money to build a temple for the Buddhist monks to practice meditation, not for you to play politics in the temple

    Now will everyone know about you, you are destroying and harassing Buddhist monks, you will embarrass from your MCA, bar association, Buddhist association, friends and so on

    We know the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE (吉隆坡甲洞帝沙再也三宝), is very good with the foundation monks but the committee members are very proud of themselves

    Buddhist Kepong group(Brother Yap)

  14. 敬爱的佛教伩徒,

    有关马來西亜,吉隆坡,甲洞帝沙再也 (暹寺) 三宝寺 Samnak Sambodhi Buddhist Association (Buddhist Temple) No.19-21 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 所发生的纠纷, 经过阅读了,Venerable Phra Piya Thammo 和尚及叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK) 的双方书信之后, 再经实地旁听了觧,做为中间人,我要客观实事的说:

    1.当一个和尚、初出道 (小学生),在修行, 若有缺点, 那是难免.他马华公会鹅唛區会主地席叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK),却心眼看不顺,就电招警万到耒佛教之圣地要扣畄和尚耒耻唇出家人, 这是绝对不许可, 除非是殺人放火之大罪悪.

    2.他身为马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK),却反其道而行, 在佛寺不依佛法而軽视佛教的精神, 以傲慢的手段,帶领一般黑社会的人耒挑衅和尚打架, 这也是不该有、更不是佛教修行者的行为.

    3.佛教的圣地, 其主要的目地, 是让眾生修佛道, 不是政治争執的地方. 他马华公会鹅唛区会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK), 却利用佛教之圣地当政治活动的场所。如此果敢冒犯佛陀的教誨,更是大大的罪悪。

    囯有囯章,彿有佛法,家有家规. 如果出家人有何不对之处, 他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK), 为何不向主持和尚投?让出家人自依和尚的條规处理、却强权一味要显示他是马华公会鹅唛区会及三宝寺理事会主席, 无法无天的应用霸道手段践踏佛教之圣地.为什么。。。。。为什么.
    至今, 他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK),不当不歉愧,还要狡辩, 这又证明了他说一套, 做的又是另一套, 囗是心非, 所谓的两舌, 相当阴险. 身为律师, 受高深教育, 却应用如此悪毒, 横蛮无礼的作风污辱和尚, 相等于是耻辱佛教伩仰者。他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK)不向主持和尚投诉, 却自承英雄,电招外耒者.请问,身为將近20年的三宝寺主持和尚兼顾问,也是第一位 自筹建寺的大功臣,在大马南傳泒中,是闻名遐邇的高僧.其脸要放在那裡?同样的,要是台湾星雲大师的佛寺沙彌犯錯, 理事会没有礼貌自作主张,电招警方要扣畄其沙彌.我敢请问!星雲大师的自尊是怎样的感受?他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK)是后耒者,担任理会主席也不久, 竟敢应用如此,目无尊長的方式对待住持,间接的就是告大家,强迫住持和尚必远離,雀巢鸠要佔。这种用心不良, 有老千之谋, 的确令人不敢恭维。

    縱观以上几项重点,我不是盲目的護持三宝, 而是要坦白的说;他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK) 身受高深教育, 为律师者,本应通情达理才是,但遗憾的是, 却令人惊觉, 他厡耒就是彿书裡所讲的狡猾且残忍的此颣人。他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA GOMBAK),利用他的专业知識, 懂得包裝自己的道德守則,以宗教为幌子手,到处募款,商业经营, 政治活动为重, 并没依循佛教宗教守则行事, 也没对人道作出任何貢献, 只不过借宗教之名捞取权和私利而己。