March 1, 2016

The Point KL, Jalan Kasah @ Damansara Heights

A French & Italian New Menu

The Point Restaurant & Bar Kuala Lumpur has been serving luscious dishes to many gourmands and has continue to evolve since it first started 2 years ago. Nestled in Jalan Kasah at Damansara Heights among other solid long-time favorite restaurants, The Point also draws foodies who loves modern and fine flavours of Western and Asian cuisines merge together in harmony.

The Point KL aims to please and is a restaurant and bar set on Level One and Two of another restaurant. Head on up by the side door to the first level of the dining area while the second floor houses the bar area. Both levels are design with minimalist modern style flagged by grand neon gold glows in the restaurant. The restaurant is beautifully elegant, framed by its modern furniture and wall panels as well as the grand pieces of art.

The bar takes on a modern contemporary ambiance with cool blue glows with dark modern furniture. There is are also private rooms available for dining as well as lounging.

Helmed by Head Chef Kua Jin Hao, The Point KL launches a brand new fusion style menu that is inspired by local, Asian, European and Mediterranean flavours this year. The menu is divided into Tapas, Brunch, Dinner and Dessert selections and is already available at the restaurant in February. In conjunction with their second anniversary, the new menu is the perfect celebration for the restaurant cum bar.

First up, Brunch delights took form in various variations of eggs and breakfast favorites. One can’t go wrong with the classic Big Breakfast (RM28). Dive into juicy pork sausages, pork bacon, prosciutto, scrambled or poached egg of your choice, hash brown and brioche toast. Hearty and all cooked well, the dish is faultless and makes a great brunch to start the day with lots of protein in tow.

Next up, a Bonnie and Clyde combo of Portabello Mushroom & Mozzarella Croquette (RM28) packed a memorable treat for brunch. Certainly may not be the healthiest but the dish of breaded fried whole portobello mushroom stuffed with mozzarella cheese paired with a perfect 62c sous vide egg on brioche rocks in flavours and textures.

Its got all the check marks of yumminess with oozing cheese in meaty mushroom with crispy breading and glorious eggporn sensation in the creamy and luscious sous vide egg before being tied up with what looks to be mustard cream sauce. I would definitely order this again anytime of the day!

Ok so burger may not be the best choice for brunch but hey, I won’t be complaining on this one. Surf and Turf (RM32) is a whopper of a burger with its pairing of golden crispy battered crayfish topped on crispy crumbed corned beef patty on buttered toasted bun and smothered in creamy dill sauce. There’s no easy way to eat this but man, this burger is just darn awesome in my books. A side of golden fries and mesclun salad completed the dish.

For entrees, we savored a few from the menu and the Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab with Curry Leaf Infused Cream Sauce Served in Lettuce (RM29) was a good take from our Asian favorite dish. The chef did put in much effort in terms of flavours and textures in the dish. The soft shell crab was crispy and well coated with the creamy salty egg yolk sauce. Lettuce and cabbage balance up the deep fried crab and crunchy shredded pastry skin added more texture.

The Prawn & Crab Croquette with Laksa Coconut Broth & Salmon Roe (RM31) was really unique in terms of flavours. The combo of prawn and crab patty was decent with a nice crispy shell of crumbs. It was the laksa coconut sauce that stood out as the spiced up creamy sauce was delicious and aromatic. The sauce took the croquette to new heights of flavours, making the dish memorable.

A mouthful in terms of name and ingredient list, the Citrus Cured Salmon Carpaccio, Served with 62c Egg Yolk, Wasabe Mayo, Salted Kelp & Truffled Toast (RM42) was also pretty at sight. The subtle citrus note in the salty salmon paired well with glorious sous vide egg with molten egg yolk center. When savored together with all the other ingredients, the dish also proved to be memorable in a fine way.

When we saw the Suckling Pig 12 Hour Slow Cooked, Served with Plum & Balsamico (RM52), there was expectation set as we looked forward to Suckling Pig said to be cooked for 12 hours slowly and served with plum and balsamic sauce. However, the actual dish was too small in portion to even leave any impression for our table diners. The flavour was decent and I would think the suckling pig was cooked well so maybe it was just the portion size that didn’t make it. We did feedback and hope for a better portion to be able to enjoy this dish better.

The best dish of the night for me was undeniably the Truffled Cold Angel Hair with Avruga Caviar (RM30). Sheer simple pasta paired with lavish and highly prized Avruga caviar and truffle oil did wonders for the flavour profile. The cold pasta still had a good al dente bite and every slurp was deliriously aromatic with heady truffle perfume. Salty popping black pearls of caviar added a gorgeous pop of flavour and texture to the pasta. The dish is so awesome that it’s worth hogging it to oneself…

We finally touch base on mains and the first dish to arrive was Pan Seared Black Cod (RM62), served with smoked caviar, asparagus, mushroom fritters and balsamico sauce. The cod was cooked just right, melt-in-the-mouth flesh with sweet and creamy notes. The smoky and salty briny notes of the caviar amped up the flavours of the dish. Textures came from crispy mushroom fritter and crunchy asparagus.

The next dish of Bah Kut Teh (RM47) had us all ogling with glee at sight of thick slabs of more 12 hours slow cooked pork belly served on a bed of quinoa, sautéed Bok Choy, crispy mushroom tempura and a a bold stroke of chili padi soy glaze. I enjoyed the soft unctuous pork belly but craved for more sauce. There is definitely a wonderful aroma of Bah Kut Teh spice and herbs but I wished for more boldness in terms of flavours. As odd as it sounds on pairing Bah Kut Teh pork belly with quinoa, it actually works and is quite enjoyable. Love the creative twist on this classic dish!

The Chicken in Percik Sauce (RM38) is obviously a take from our local Malay percik dish. Chef Kua made the dish more refine and sous vide the chicken thigh for tenderness. Served with creamy mash, asparagus, quinoa crisp and percik sauce, the chicken lacked the smoky element that makes percik so deliciously good. Nevertheless, we polished this dish off easily because the chicken was tasty and juicy.

Pasta lovers will be pleased with The Point’s pasta choices. Our Halibut Fish Linguine (RM28) had strands of linguine tossed in creamy based sauce cooked with pieces of halibut, asparagus and herbs. Topped with a generous shaving of parmesan cheese, the pasta was very flavourful and hearty. The dish is best savored hot as it is rich and creamy.

We also tried the Pesto Prawn Linguine (RM30), a version of basil pesto with a creamy note. Flavours are certainly bold and punchy with lots of herb notes. A large prawn worked well with the pasta, adding sweetness to the dish.

Our third pasta dish was Spaghetti Rosso (RM28). Pasta tossed in a creamy and tangy sundried tomato pesto sauce crowned with anchovies and toasted pine nuts. I loved the comforting and intensified flavours of rich tomato sauce with a creamy touch. The added salty anchovies and nutty pine nuts reminded us of the Italian’s love for such ingredients.

As the evening comes to an end, we shared bites of The Point KL’s desserts that took on more classic treats. The Mille-Feuille Ricotta (RM26) had layers of puff pastry sandwiched with rich and cream ricotta cheese filling and dressed with peaches and berries.

The Chocolate Fudge (RM25) was decadent in every spoonful. Intense dark cocoa that is sinfully delicious and fudgy, the fudge was so addictive with the cold ice cream.

The Crème Brulee (RM25) is spiked up with Kahlua and Bailey for extra happiness.

The Point KL has lots of potential as far as the menu goes. We loved many of the dishes and the creativity of the fusion. Coupled with an elegant ambiance, it’s a great hang out place after work as well as a place for celebrations and indulgence.

First and Second Floor,
No.122, Jalan Kasah,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03 2011 8008

Business Hours:
Monday – Sunday Dinner: 6.00pm - 10.45pm
Dining: Brunch - Wednesday - Sunday, 11.30am - 2.00pm
Bar: Daily, 5.00pm till late


  1. Usually I'd just go for the Big Breakfast but here, I think I would love to try the Portabello Mushroom & Mozzarella Croquette plus I think I'd love the poached egg more than the scrambled.

  2. I love the lighting for your food photos =D good job!