February 7, 2016

Ruyi & Lyn Dim Sum @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Delectable Modern Dim Sum with Piazzazz

We loved how Ruyi & Lyn, a contemporary and modern Chinese restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre, is causing quite a stir in the food scene… in a good way that is! When the restaurant’s culinary maestro Chef James Ho took our nation’s favorite street food of Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Thai Sticky Mango Rice and minimized it into nigiri sushi bites, many flocked to the restaurant, intrigued by its beauty as well as flavour. The dish commands several flashes, whether it be a camera or from your phone, before its being devour.

The Ruyi’s Sushi platter quickly became the Ruyi & Lyn’s signature must-have. Lyn Siew, the mastermind and Executive Director of Ruyi & Lyn, wanted to showcase something unique and creative, something that the food scene has never seen before. And it certainly worked like a charm…

One fine Sunday late morning, we strolled into Ruyi & Lyn and was greeted by contemporary space that looked utterly happening with its own runway and huge screen blasting out MTVs. Of course, there’s also the changing neon lite bar adding groovy and jazz to the ambiance. Ruyi & Lyn has a huge space sectioned into main dining area, private rooms, lounge, cigar lounge, karaoke rooms, balcony terrace and bar area. Even the menu is designed with leather and LED lights in themed with its urban ambiance. It’s practically a one-stop entertainment space set with gorgeous aura of modernity.

Ruyi & Lyn is set to take the food scene to another new height again and this round is with its newly launched menu of modern Thai inspired Dim Sums. Chef Boonsri Charoensuk and his team is putting a new twist to the much beloved dim sums with their own inspiration of Thai ingredients such as lemongrass, chili, galangal, herbs, fish sauce and more. Not only does these dim sum taste delicious, we are pretty sure these morsels of delight will look enticing too!

We loved the little bites of marinated pickled cherry tomatoes and radish. Pretty in colors and sufficiently bold in flavours. I was particularly fond of the pop of juices from the sweet and tangy cherry tomatoes.

There are several steamed and fried dim sums on the list and dessert too. Starting off the list is the Capsicum and Nuts Dumpling (RM12). Translucent skin enrobing tiny brunoise of capsicum and seafood is delicious. The sweetness of the capsicum and its soft firm texture as well as the lightly chewy crystal skin gave the dumplings a unique note unlike no other.

Next, a Vegetarian Abalone & Mushrooms Dumpling (RM12), a plump crystal skin filled with specks of leafy greens has a filling of earthy and smoky mushroom fillings. Rather delicate but tasty nevertheless.

A gorgeous hue of green pops and captivated my sight as the Smoked Duck Dumpling in Spinach Crystal Skin (RM12) was placed in front of us. It’s really irresistible at sight and sinking in my teeth into the dumpling reaffirmed how delectable the dumpling was. Juicy and filled with lots of textures, the smoked duck filling has a lovely balance of rich savory notes.

The culinary team has certainly gone all out and shape the Fragrant Chicken & Mushroom Bun (RM12) to resemble an actual white button mushroom. The bun does not only look cute but was wonderfully fluffy with a sweet filling of chicken and mushroom.

More pretty dumplings followed and this time was an elegant swan dumpling of Prawn & Shredded Egg Dumpling (RM12) sitting in a pool of vegetable sauce. The egg flavour is prominent in this dumpling and gave the dumpling a lovely aroma besides just the sweet bouncy prawn filling.

The Prawn & Snow Fungus Dumpling (RM15) had three long fish shape dumplings swimming in a golden sauce. The bouncy prawn filling had bits of snow fungus for some crisp texture. It’s one of my favorite dumpling of the lot.

The next dumpling certainly had Thai flavours. The Spicy Prawn & Celery Dumpling (RM15) had crystal skin dumpling filled with a moreish and sweet mixture of prawns and crunchy bits of celery. A classic sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce completed the dish.

Ruyi & Lyn took Xiao Long Bao and jazz it up in the Ruyi Xiao Long Baos with Carlsberg and Connors stout (RM25)! I had my doubts but after tasting it, the beer and stout seemed to work well with the classic flavours of the famous dumplings. One can definitely catch whiffs of the beer and stout aroma as one slowly sips the broth of the dumpling.

This basket showcase the original dumpling, the black being the stout, the yellow being the beer and the orange being a Szechuan inspired one. My favorite turned out to be the stout one…

If you can’t decide which steamed dumplings to enjoy, order the Basket of Joy (RM33). Featuring 6 pieces of their steamed dumplings, these were also sitting on a golden pool of broth.

Moving on to the fried section of the dim sums, the Crispy Prawn Roll with Mango Cream (RM12) is bound to be a hit with its flavours. Minced prawn with sweet fruity mango slice is wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper net and fried to crispy goodness before being smothered in smooth and creamy fruity sauce. The roll has a luscious sweet and fruity note. Prawn and mango has always been a good combination in flavours as well as textures.

A must-order at Ruyi & Lyn is their Chicken & Chives Dumpling (RM12). There is something moreish and tickling good about this lightly translucent dumpling skin being steamed and then fried to a crisp finish. A fragrant savory and lightly spiced up soya sauce boosted more flavours for the juicy dumpling with chicken and chives filling. Super tasty!

Mini half-moon puffs of Fragrant Garlic Prawn Puff with Tom Yam Sauce (RM12) was certainly a Thai inspiration. The distinctive taste from the ingredients of Tom Yam sauce gave the dim sum a moreish note and when enjoyed piping hot, the puff was such a treat.

Undoubtedly the prettiest of the dim sum lot, the Deep Fried Venison Puff (RM12) resembled a gorgeous lotus bloom colored in turquoise blue and bright yellow. Layers of buttery and flaky pastry unveiled a sweet and sticky venison filling. The pastry with the filling was heavenly with its rich and sublime flavours.

We loved the Prawn Paste Ball with Tom Yam Sauce (RM15) with an element of surprise. Beneath the crispy shredded layers of spring roll skin lies a delectable prawn ball encasing a piquant tom yam sauce. As soon as one bites into the ball, the burst of tom yam sauce filled the mouth with an explosion of spicy Tom Yam flavours. What a clever creation and no doubt an inspired dim sum from the classic Xiao Long Bao!

The Crispy Lobster in Lemongrass Skewer (RM18) looked utterly cute with its lollipop shaped dumpling on lemongrass. It has a luscious flavour profile from the king of crustacean and goes really well with the little smear of lemongrass sauce. I wished for more lemongrass sauce please since I enjoyed the aromatic and lightly sweet with spice sauce.

We also savored a unique combination of Pan Fried Stuffed Brinjals with Radish Cake. The stuffed brinjal is delicious with its springy prawn filling and soft eggplant while the radish cake is battered to a golden and crispy finish. Both are tied together with a piquant and tasty sauce

Though not as creative as the others, the Chicken Gyoza (RM18) still scored high points for its delicious crisp and soft skin with a plump chicken filling. Dunk the dumplings into the sauce for extra rich flavours…

The delicate and pretty looking Aloe Vera Egg Tart (RM10) was a superb ending to our dim sum meal. Barely holding its shape, the egg tart crumbled at the slightest pressure of our fingers. One gets a decadent melt-in-the-mouth buttery pastry with a sublime egg custard topped with bits of soft aloe vera. The flavour profile is simply amazing and one may not be enough for sure…

Looks like Ruyi & Lyn did it again in setting a new concept for our hungry food industry. Their dim sum creations are unique and pushes the boundaries of our classic cuisine. Looking exceptionally pretty as well, diners are really in for an out-of-this-world dining experience at Ruyi &Lyn. It’s literally an adventure of flavours and textures set in a modern and jazzy ambiance!

4th Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2083 0288

GPS Coordinates: GPS 3.8.34, 101.40.02

Business Hours:
Daily 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 2am (restaurant), 6pm to 2am (lounge)