November 9, 2015

Xin Cuisine @ Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur New Menu

New Dishes at Xin Cuisine!

A new chef in town can only mean new dishes are in order! Xin Cuisine at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur welcomes new Executive Sous Chef Soo Kok Lam. With a repertoire in Cantonese and Shanghai style cuisine, diners are certainly in for a scrumptious treat.

Xin Cuisine has already been a favorite when it comes to Chinese cuisine. The restaurant with its gold and opulent d├ęcor never fails to impress and is a constant favorite with many diners who know that they can always enjoy a fine and hearty meal there. Xin Cuisine is also a favorite hotspot during the weekends for their dim sums and other ala carte dishes too.

First up, a sneak peek at Xin Cuisine’s banquet menu of Four Hot D’Oeuvres. A classic favorite dish that is a crowd pleaser, our Four Hot D’Oeuvres comprised of Fish Paste with Salted Egg and Preserved Egg, Fish Paste with Water Chestnut, Phoenix prawn with Special Sauce and Fried Scallop with Pumpkin, Pine Mushroom and Sweet Peas.

Served in 2 tier plating, the dish commanded attention at sight with its beautiful and creative presentation. On the top tier, the Fish Paste with Chestnut looked utterly dainty. Steamed, the fish paste dumplings had a lovely sweetness and crunch from the chestnuts while tiny bits of celery added a surprising note and texture to the dumpling as well.

The Phoenix Pawn with Special Sauce was a bit unusual. Prawns are covered in special fish paste and coated with crushed cashew nuts. While it is good, I enjoyed the Fish Paste with Salted Egg and Preserved Egg even more. The beancurd roll stuffed with a paste of fish, prawn and pork paste with century egg and salted egg is very tasty and has a solid bouncy texture.

The basket of Fried Scallop with Pumpkin, Pine Mushroom and Sweet Peas also proved to be a crowd pleaser as the scallop is sweet and cooked till tender and juicy. The medley of sweet pumpkin with pine mushrooms and crunchy sweet peas gave a delicious textural and flavour component to the scallops.

The next course is simply a must in Chinese dining. Our Mini Double-Boiled Soup with Dried Seafood and Bamboo Chicken is a piping hot bowl of comfort. Filled with lots of seafood and meat essence, the soup is perfect to warm the tummy and the soul.

Lots of goodies such as sea cucumber, dried scallop, black chicken, bamboo pith and more never fails to please our Chinese palate.

An all-time-favorite platter of Chinese roasts is another signature of Xin Cuisine. If you cannot decide which roast to enjoy, order all in the Five Varieties of Roasted Combination platter.

Poached Chicken with gelatinous skin and smooth flesh is a classic and appears often in many meals in every Chinese household. Xin Cuisine’s chefs has perfected the art of this dish as the chicken is a delight with ginger garlic sauce.

Roast Duck with glorious glistening lacquered and crispy skin together with golden amber pieces of Suckling Pig was my top choices in that platter. The duck was moreish while the suckling pig had us all munching on the delectable crackling skin in joy!

Char Siew, pieces of tender pork with a caramelized glaze with crispy bits was very appetizing while another more traditional Chinese Tied Pork Knuckle is best savored with a garlicky chili sauce for best flavours.

Steamed Water Prawn in Spinach Puree with Chinese Wine had everyone ogling over how pretty and gorgeous it looked. Bright orangey red prawn shells encased with succulent sweet prawn flesh are surrounded by a pool of green sauce made from spinach. A luscious aroma of Chinese wine added depth to the dish and enhanced the sweetness of the prawns. The rich prawn roes beckoned to be devoured with its creamy, sweet and salty notes. A superb dish!

*picture credit goes to Ching YS

Salt Baked Chicken is a signature of Chef Lam and is currently one of the best seller at Xin Cuisine. Whole free-range chicken is marinated with Chef Lam’s secret concoction of ginseng and other ingredients. It is then baked in paper. As soon as one unveils the paper, a delightful aroma wafted through the air, making us salivate even before we taste the dish. Well controlled in terms of saltiness, the chicken is very aromatic and has a good depth of the ginseng flavour as well.

*picture credit goes to Ching YS

If there is one dish that was simply unforgettable for me, it would be the Stewed Pork Belly Special Sauce. Cubes of pork belly caramelized in an unctuous sweet and savory sauce drove my palate into a frenzy of happiness. The dish simply beckoned for steamed rice or beer. The pork belly was also gorgeously tender, almost gelatinous with its layer of fat and lean. It’s a dish that will win many hearts from kids to adults.

Our fish course took a more classic approach of Steamed ‘Loong Fu’ Garoupa with Superior Soya Sauce, Scallop and Spring Onion. Steamed to a perfect doneness, the highly prized garoupa flesh was very sweet and smooth. The typical sidekicks of superior soy sauce and fresh spring onions are always the perfect accompaniments for fresh fish cooked the classic way.

The dish of Steamed Chicken and Minced Pork Wanton and Chinese Cabbage in Broth was a surprising one from Chef Lam. This duo exuded simple flavours that rely heavily on the freshness of the ingredients. While the Steamed Chicken was decent but nothing to shout about, it was the Minced Pork Wanton that took center stage in the dish. Sweet and bouncy, the wantons are easy to enjoy while Chinese cabbage added crunch and sweetness to the dish.

We ended our meal with healthy and nutritious sweet broth of double boiled Sweetened Lady Bell Root, ‘Yu Zhu’ with Apple.

Xin Cuisine is a popular choice for wedding and festive banquet celebrations. Food is always excellent in quality here and coupled with its majestic ambiance, it’s simply dining in grandeur the old school way. For further enquiries, please call 2144 2200 extn 2338 or 2144 8750.

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