November 18, 2015

Jing Thai Restaurant @ Jalan PSK 1, Seri Kembangan

Scrumptious Thai Dishes with Bold Flavours!

Food hunting is always fun! Despite it being hidden in Seri Kembangan, we managed to locate Jing Thai through waze one early Sunday evening. The restaurant has been operating for 8 years and we met up with the new owner Brandon who had just took over Jing Thai Restaurant 10 months ago. Jing Thai is set in a rustic no frill ambiance. There are plenty of parking available and the restaurant is very spacious to accommodate large parties.

Set against the background of a forest, Jing Thai offers a large alfresco dining area as well as aircon dining room. In the evening, it is great to dine under the stars as there is often a cool breeze around the open air restaurant. Tiny lights strung all over the restaurant also added a glittery charm to the ambiance. One can see some of the kitchen actions in all the open kitchen and bar surrounding the dining area too.

Jing Thai’s menu is pretty worn down but offers a lot of Malaysian’s favorite Thai dishes. The restaurant also has other dishes that is not in the menu so ask for specials if you are adventurous. There are plenty of seafood dishes and BBQ dishes at Jing Thai. The restaurant offers live fishes such as Jade Perch and Tilapia as well as crab and cockles.

First up, a dish that we all enjoyed, especially me because I only like chicken feet when it’s deboned. Our Chicken Feet Salad (RM16 small / RM22 medium) looked plain but had really good flavours. Crunchy chicken feet skin was dressed with sliced onions in a spicy and tangy dressing with lots of coriander to kick start our appetite with a zing!

We also had another salad of Thai Style Abalone Salad (RM26). This one shared a similar dressing to the earlier salad but had a sweeter note.

The food here looks innocently plain but there are certainly loads of flavours in every dish. Our Cold Glass Noodle (RM13 small / RM20 medium) was studded with plenty of prawns, squid and fish. Black wood fungus added a good crunchy note to the slippery glass noodles.

Jing Thai offers the red or clear tomyams and we opted for the clear version. Our Tomyam Seafood (RM20 small / RM34 medium) fooled everyone with its non-fiery look but once we all tasted it, it was like a firework of flavours in our mouth. Super spicy in heat, this tomyam soup is quite lethal and had all of us sweating while enjoying it. I had double helpings because it was simply so shiok!!

Filled with loads of seafood and herbs, the soup very spicy with a good dose of sourness too. My kind of tomyam soup…

For greens, we had their Pucuk Paku with Sambal (RM13 small / RM18 medium). Decent, the paku vegetables sufficiently tasty and tender.

Another must-order dish would be their Thai Style Lime Steamed Tilapia (Seasonal Price). Our tilapia was beautifully fresh, sweet and firm. The lime sauce was quite lethal and deliciously piquant. Bold flavours of spicy, sour, sweet and savory really took this dish to another level of enjoyment. I find the sauce so additive, I kept on enjoying spoonful of it happily with rice. One can even have sea bass or Jade Perch prepared this way too.

We also had their Thai Style Lime Steamed Squid (Seasonal Price) prepared the same way as the fish. It was certainly beautifully executed as the squid was tender and well flavoured.

What took us by surprised was Jing Thai’s Homemade Red Curry Chicken (RM18 small / RM28 medium). The chef’s own version, the curry is very unique and is a fusioned version of Thai, Myammar, Indonesian and Nyonya all combined. It is creamy, spicy and rich with lemongrass and other spices and herbs. The boneless thigh pieces makes it easy to be savored and is perfect with steamed rice.

Another highlight of our evening was the Special Homemade Thai Style Prawn (RM35 small / RM48 medium). The robust and piquant flavours of the curry varies from the chicken one but is equally tantalizing. It is also creamy, spicy, savory and lightly tangy. The sweetness of the prawns really went well with the sauce that also has loads of spices and herbs.

Jing Thai is one of the very few restaurants that offers crabs. One of their signature way to prepare crab is the Thai Style Curry Crab (Seasonal Price). I had something similar in Bangkok and really enjoyed it. The crab is smothered in a curry and egg gravy laced with lots of aromatics. I can still taste the sweetness of the crab through the sauce. This one is finger-licking good!

Besides just the usual Thai dishes, Jing Thai offers BBQ in the menu. They offer lamb chop, fish, crab, squid and cockles grilled over hot coals and served with their house chili dipping sauce. We caught some BBQ in action and couldn’t wait to dig in.

Our BBQ Lamb Chop (Seasonal Price) was super scrumptious! Tender and juicy, the lamb pieces was also smoky, flavourful and damn shiok. It’s truly worth a few orders as one might not be enough….

The BBQ Cockles (Seasonal Price) is also damn shiok. Large cockles are well grilled and cooked to perfection. As we pried the shells open, plum cockles appeared. The cockles were still juicy and had a nice subtle smokiness to it. Dipped these in the tangy spicy sauce and enjoy the plum cockles with a different flavour to it. I would gladly head back to Jing Thai for their BBQ dishes too.

Dinner ended with a simple Coconut Pudding with Sago. Refreshing and sweet, dessert was pleasant and a lovely ending to a very spicy and shiok meal!

Lot 1397, Jalan PSK 1,
Taman Bukit Serdang,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Tel: 011 1088 9666

Business Hours:
Lunch      11.00am to 2.30pm
Dinner     5.00pm to 11.00pm
(Open Daily except 2 days during Chinese New Year)

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