November 17, 2015

B Station Korean Restaurant @ Jalan Ampang

Healthy & Healing Korean Food

Jalan Ampang area is well-known as a Korean town. It’s been a hub for many Korean expats living there and has their own little township setup at one area. So much so, many of them have setup their own businesses around that area. It is filled with Korean grocery marts, Korean restaurants and many more businesses catered to Koreans.

My family and I really enjoy Korean food. We savor them often a few times a month and found their food very robust in flavours as well as hearty and delicious. Mention Korean cuisine and Kimchi, BBQ and stews comes to mind immediately. A recent gathering at B-Station Korean Restaurant really change my views on Korean food. B-Station is the heart and soul of Mr. John Lee, a Korean living in Malaysia for the last 27 years. He open B-Station 8 years ago when he realize he couldn’t find any healthy Korean places to eat. Though there are many Korean restaurants, John is very health conscious and keeps to a strict regimen in his diet for healthy and homemade food free from msg or any preservatives.

A man of many talents, John and his family has other non-food related businesses as well. Nevertheless, John decided to open B-Station to cater to diners who are also health conscious and enjoys healthy Korean food. John is passionate about cooking, in fact, he does all the cooking at B-Station with some help. John goes all out to make everything he can from scratch. After a few words exchange with him, we found out he makes his own Kimchi, Tteokbokki, sausage, bean curd, enzymes, soy bean powder and many more items that he serves in his café. His healthy regiment has really paid off and John looks really good for his age. After finding out his secret to his youthfulness, I reminded myself that it really pays to know what you eat. A good lifestyle of healthy food and exercise really can make a lot of difference…

B-Station is unlike any café I have been. One does not feel like you are walking into a restaurant or café. It feels more like walking into someone’s home. Fill to the max with lots old school and home knick knacks and trinkets from John’s own collection from family and friends. It is indeed a photographer’s dream as I took a lot of photos because the ambiance is just too adorable to resist. There’s plenty of greens and flowers incorporated into the café as well to give the whole place a garden feel as well. Checkered table clothes, white wash walls, tables and chairs and more, everything gives out the home feel vibe. Tables are cleverly sectioned off to give one more privacy while dining.

No wifi here because John feels that everyone should be enjoying the moment and talking to each other while dining!

The menu at B-Station comprises of Korean dishes as well as some Western dishes. We were there for lunch and tried both Korean and Western as well since we had our little one with us. There is also dessert so save some room for desserts ya…

While waiting for our meals to come, we had their homemade enzyme. John makes his own enzymes in his kitchen and there is a really unique one call Omija Enzyme. Made from a fruit herb called Omija, the fruit is very unique as it is a five-flavour berry that possesses five basic flavours of salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter. The fruit also expels a beautiful red color. True enough, when we tried the Omija Enzyme, it really has that five flavours that comes through in a delicious note. The other enzymes were refreshing too, especially the Mojito Enzyme.

From L to R: Iced Lemon Enzyme Juice, Vinegar Enzyme, Mojito Enzyme and Omija Enzyme (RM 7.80)

For the kids, they had the Kiwi Smoothie (RM8.20) and Tomato Smoothie (RM7.50). I was particularly fond of the unique Tomato Smoothie for its fruity and tangy notes.

We started with John’s homemade beancurd dish of Beancurd Salad (RM19.50). John uses non-GMO soy beans to make his beancurd. Though his beancurd are not the silken and smooth type, it is delicious with an aromatic soy bean note. It has a firm texture and when dressed with the homemade sesame dressing, it is super yummy. There are also crisp greens, cherry tomatoes and onions. Simple, homemade goodness…

When the Beancurd Danjang Soup (RM16.50) arrive, I was salivating at sight. The bubbling pot of Korean bean paste soup emitted a hearty and nutty aroma of the bean paste, tantalizing our tastebud with great effect. The soup was brimming with beancurd, clams, mushrooms, vegetables and more, the flavours were comforting with steamed rice. The soup comes with banchan and really makes a nutritional and well balance meal.

Next up, my all-time-favorite Beancurd Kimchi Soup Set (RM16.50). Robust, piquant and addictive, it is meant for those who love kimchi. The version is here is nicely balanced with good heat, savory and sweet and sour notes. There are lots of kimchi as well as other vegetables and beancurd in the soup which again makes it a nutritional one pot meal on its own with rice and banchan.

B-Station offers a variety of their homemade banchan and these changes daily depending on the fresh ingredients available. John makes his own kimchi using special kimchi fridge which yield consistent quality fermented kimchi under controlled temperature.

For fish lovers, opt for their Korean Fish Set (RM19.50). A hearty combination of Beancurd Danjang Soup with a whole Grilled Sanma or Pacific Saury and banchan. This is value-for-money as one gets to enjoy a whole freshly grilled fish as well as the soup filled with seafood and beancurd. The sanma has a delicate and smooth flesh that is really delicious with steamed rice.

Another favorite Korean dish is Bulgogi. B-Station does theirs with a light twist of Beancurd Bulgogi Set (RM24.50). Served on hot plate, the Bulgogi beef comes with homemade beancurd, sautéed mushrooms, pumpkin and broccoli. Marinated with fruits and other seasoning, the Bulgogi beef is sweet and savory with a lovely umami note. Cook with very little oil, the beef is definitely healthier than most ones I have tried and it equally flavourful and very tender.

If you love spicy food, try their Spicy Cuttlefish (RM16.50). A single serving meal on its own, steamed rice is paired with an unctuous and spicy sautéed cuttlefish with vegetables in a spicy and lightly sweet sauce.

Besides dishes to go with rice, diners should also order B-Station’s Seafood Pancake (RM17.50). A hearty pancake studded with seafood and spring onions, the Pajeon here has a crispy edge with a creamy doughy center. It was generously filled with lots of chopped seafood too. A Must-order here…

Tukbokki (RM12.50) is a classic street food dish in Korea. John makes his own rice cake from scratch regularly to ensure that it is healthier without any preservatives. It has a softer texture compared to those sold by manufacturers. I really enjoyed this version as the thick sweet and spicy sauce with the soft and creamy Tukbokki gave this dish a homemade warmness. It doesn’t have the usual chewiness of the rice cakes because John doesn’t add in any preservatives. This one is a personal favorite of mine.

If diners are with hankering for Western food, they can also choose from a small list of Western dishes prepared by John. B-Station’s hotdog is homemade with lean chicken breast, spices and herbs without any preservatives again. We had their Teriyaki Chicken Hotdog (RM12.80) from their three choices of Italian Rush (RM9.80), Bulgogi Hotdog (RM14.50) and the Teriyaki Chicken Hotdog.

The Teriyaki Chicken Hotdog has chicken sausage topped with sautéed Teriyaki chicken with onions, fresh cucumber, tomatoes and mustard sauce sandwiched in John’s homemade hotdog bun. It is savory with a caramelized sweetness from the homemade Teriyaki sauce. There are also pasta, Grilled Hamburg Steak and Grilled Chicken Steak too in the Western list.

The Jumbo Sausage Set (RM16.80) is perfect for brunch or as light meal. Homemade chicken sausage with Sunny side up egg, mashed potato salad and homemade bread lets diner enjoy their brunch without the guilty. It was a favorite with my little one that day. You may want to let the staff know to not add mustard if it is for your little ones.

B-Station has a solid list of desserts too. From Korean ones to Western desserts, we opted for their homemade Pat Bingsu (RM8.80). The dessert consisted of fine shaved ice topped with creamy and homemade sweet red bean paste and homemade soy bean powder. Even the ice at B-Station is made with special ice maker imported from Korea. This dessert was a big hit with us and our families. It may be simple but we really enjoy the homemade red bean paste that tasted wholesome and not overly sweet. The soy bean powder helps to balance the sweet bean paste and gave this dessert a healthier touch.

It’s no shortcuts when it comes to serving their food at B-Station Korean Restaurant. John lives by the motto of serving diners what he and his family would eat. He goes all out in making sure that everything he serves is homemade and fresh. Prices are very decent considering the quality and portion here at B-Station. I wish I live nearer to B-Station as I would love to enjoy healthy and delicious Korean meal as often as I can as eating healthy plays an important part of our daily lives…

C14-1 Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1,
68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603-4251 0455

Business Hour: Mon – Sun  12.00pm to 10.00pm

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