July 2, 2015

Bofe Eatery @ Section 19, Petaling Jaya

Food That Makes The World A Little Better!

It’s fun discovering new places to eat! Especially when these places serve good food at affordable prices. Bofe Eatery, a little café located along Section 19, off SS2 area (same row as Mungo Jerry), would not have been known to me if not for OffPeak.com. Bofe, short for Best of Everything, is the three owners’ ode in serving up what they deem to be their best offerings to diners.

The 1 year old café is quaint and cozy. Bofe’s interior is designed by the owners themselves. Adding comfort to industrial theme, the café is made more personal by the renderings of one of the owner’s murals on the walls. It is also filled with collectible paraphernalia and magazines. Diners can choose the regular table seating or the banquette seating made comfortable with plenty of cushions. Bofe’s first impression left me feeling relax and warm.

Bofe’s menu has a good mix of Asian and Western dishes. The dishes seemed quite straightforward and has a good selections of cold & hot entrees, pasta, meat, seafood, kids, desserts and drinks. Bofe also has a separate menu for Set Lunch with value-for-money lunch treats.

We chose De Stress (RM8) and Detoxifier (RM8) for drinks and was pleased with the options of the fruit juices.

From cold entrees, we had their Paprika Chicken Soba (RM8.90) and Duck Salad Wraps (RM8.90). Both dishes are somewhat simple and easy eats. The paprika seasoned chicken slice is decent and goes well with the soba, greens and cherry tomatoes in sesame dressing. The duck wrap is also decent with its duck and lettuce with a sweet plum sauce. I did wish for more duck but with that price, it’s not too bad.

Crispy Crab Bites (RM11.90) and Prawns & Mango Cup (RM11.90) from the hot entrees are superb! Enjoying crab without the hassle is already a plus point for me in the Crispy Crab Bites served with tomato chutney. The golden balls are filled with lots of crab meat with bits of vegetables. They are juicy, crispy and tasty, especially when dunked into that tomato chutney sauce.

The Prawns & Mango Cup is served in mini serving ware and is a sight filled with bright colors. The combination of prawns and sweet ripe mango worked out deliciously. The surprise here punchy sweet and spicy dressing sauce.

Goma Smoked Duck Breast (RM19.90) won our votes for one of the best duck dishes that we have eaten. Literally the star of the evening, it’s a dish to order if you love duck. The dish is also their best seller. Plump smoked duck is pan seared till it has a nice amber hued crisp skin. The smoked duck is then served with creamy soft mashed potatoes, side salad and nutty sesame sauce. The salty and smoky notes of the juicy duck is just so decadent in a savory way. It also went really well with the creamy aromatic sesame sauce. The dish is so good, we had a second order of this awesome duck!

Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab Pasta (RM21.90) is another luscious dish worth its weight in deliciousness. The sinful spicy salted egg cream sauce is what makes the dish utterly moreish. Silky rich strands of pasta with sauce and mushrooms topped with crispy battered soft shell crab is practically soul food.

A good hearty plate of Braised Lamb Shank (RM34.90) in tangy Moroccan tomato sauce with lots of root vegetable and zucchini served on creamy mashed summed up the dish. Though the meat is beautifully tender and moist, I felt that the tomato sauce could use a richer depth of flavours besides just tomato flavours. The thick sauce is a good base for the heavy lamb shank and paired decent with the mashed potatoes. It is also a good portion to share among two eaters.

Besides the a la carte Western dishes, Bofe serves a few Asian dishes for lunch sets like this Javanese influenced Rames Rice (RM19.90) set. Chicken marinated with spices is cooked ‘penyet’ style till crispy and smothered in spiced sauce and served with a host of turmeric buttery rice, tempe orek, emping crackers and sambal belachan. The chicken is succulent and tasty with all the blend of spices. I really enjoyed this dish together with the rice and the yummy condiments.

Peranakan Duck Set (RM19.90) had us savoring duck braised in Nyonya style savory 5-spice soy sauce served with rice, spring rolls, emping crackers and sambal belachan. The duck has a good tender but firm texture and is quite earthy in flavours from all the soy sauce and spices. The sambal belachan certainly kicked up the flavours of the duck well and I like the crunchy emping crackers with the dish, lending more local Asian influences to the dish.

The lunch sets at Bofe is value-for-money as all the dishes except for one are under RM20 and comes with drink and dessert.

Check out Bofe’s cake chillers for their daily choices of desserts as the dessert list changes on daily basis. We had Nutcracker (RM9.90) and Snickers Cheesecake (RM10.90) that evening. The Nutcracker is a nut based cake and is served warm with caramel and a pinch of salt on the side. The charming light and fluffy hazelnut cake with sweet and salty pairing is wondrously good and unique. The Snicker Cheesecake is decadent and chocolaty with chunks of toffee nutty snicker chunks. It is really rich so sharing is advisable for this one.

I had a Latte (RM8) that is very good with a beautiful balance of coffee and milk. Order a tea set of a slice of cake between 3pm to 6pm daily including weekends and enjoy a Latte at only RM1.50.

Bofe Eatery is a place made for good bites and drinks with affordable prices. The food here is dishes that certainly makes the world a little better, at least in my books. I like the uncomplicated dishes and the comfort flavours of them. Must-orders are Crispy Crab Bites, Goma Smoked Duck Breast, Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab Pasta and cakes…

16, Jalan 19/36,
Seksyen 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya

Business Hours:
Tuesday to Thursday – 11.00am to 10pm
Friday – 11am to 11pm
Saturday – 9am to 11am
Sunday – 11am to 10pm
Closed on Mondays.

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