April 1, 2015

3 Bags Full @ Kota Damansara

Bagging Deliciousness All The Way!

As soon as I walked into 3 Bags Full, I knew I was going to like the place. 3 Bags Full is one of the new kids on the block in the heavily congested Dataran Sunway Damansara and is the brainchild of three partners. The café’s name makes a play on our childhood nursery rhyme with the concept of serving their customers with 3 bags full of indulgence, happiness and flavours. There is something about the inviting café cum restaurant that seem to evoke a sense of warmness through its interior and service.

The place is beautifully decorated with lots of wood and natural elements to give it the chic minimalist look. The overall theme color is soothing in greys, white and neutrals. It is easy to hang out and enjoy a meal there at 3 Bags Full. The service was pretty good when I was there as the wait staff was courteous, fast and friendly.

3 Bags Full’s menu is also just as playful as its name. Taking classics and amping it up with touches of modern twist, I can already see many crowd pleasers in the list. There is also a large chalkboard featuring specials of the day. Now one would think that 3 Bags Full would be serving more regular café dishes but no, Chef Belgian Neo and his team whip up lavish ingredients like escargot, lobster, quail through their menu. 3 Bags Full also serves up brunch menu in addition to its regular lunch and dinner menu as well.

We managed to sample some of the dishes in all three brunch, lunch and dinner menu that evening. For brunch, 3 Bags Full takes pride on their signatures of English breakfast favorites, eggs benedict, Belgian waffles and more. The list has many of my own favorites and is perfect for some hearty brunch indulgence with its beverage list of smoothies, milkshakes, coffee and tea.

From their brunch menu, we savored Salmon Croquette (RM26) and French Toast Kebab (RM17). Now I was expecting a croquette which is a deep fried crumbed roll usually made with mashed potato and some other meat or seafood. However, 3 Bags Full’s Salmon Croquette is breaded French toast crowned with pan seared salmon and poached egg, served with sautéed spinach and mushrooms with grilled tomato and potato wedges. It is finished with a shot glass serving of Guinness and red wine reduction. It sounds like a lot on a plate but every ingredient work well in terms of flavours and textures. I was quite happy with the dish overall as it’s pretty much what I love in a good breakfast.

The French Toast Kebab smells wonderful when it was placed in front of me. Nutella filled French toast is skewered with ham, banana and strawberry and served with a drizzle of red wine reduction and sprinkling of pepitas seed. I love the dish as its comfort food that reminded me of my sweet childhood memories of my mom making me French toast with ham. The hazelnut spread gave the French toast a luscious note and the addition of fruits gave the dish a light sweet note coupled with salty flavours of the ham. I reckoned this dish will be a sure crowd-pleaser for everyone.

Then we hit the appetizer and nibbles menu with a few dishes starting with Sizzling Prawn Platter (RM26). The dish came piping hot with lots of sizzling actions and emitted a lovely aroma. I was pretty happy to see a good portion of golden battered prawns covered in sauce and chicken floss. The few of us enjoyed this happily as one gets a lovely hit of savory and sweetness in the dish. The prawns are very delectable while the garlic butter milk sauce is creamy, sweet and savory. Yum!

Wild Wings (RM15) are super scrumptious! Golden crispy wings were still hot when I savored them. They were glazed in a moreish sweet chili sauce and every bite was juicy, crispy and flavourful. Must order…

The classic French dish of Escargot (RM17) also made its appearance on the menu of 3 Bags Full. The escargots are baked in the usual French herb garlic butter with a twist of cream and blue cheese added at the end to finish the sauce. The dish is beautifully rich and very creamy with a strong aroma and flavour of the blue cheese. I do happen to enjoy blue cheese so it was pretty good for me. It’s a dish only for the brave and adventurous!

The White Bait (RM12) is a safer bet with its classic crispy battered silver fish. The yummy and addictive silver fish is paired with house made tartar sauce. Perfect for snacking anytime…

More cheesy dishes and this time its feta cheese with mushrooms. Stuff Button Mushroom with Feta (RM13) was fresh brown button mushrooms stuffed with feta cheese and blueberry mascarpone filling and served with some berries and almond flakes. It’s decent but nothing to shout about.

Hitting the main courses, 280gms of Black Angus Ribeye (RM87) was charbroiled to medium rare and served with potatoes and a creamy peppery sauce. It was a gorgeous piece of steak well-seasoned with the chef’s secret dry rub. Beautifully tender, flavourful and juicy, the steak was cooked and seasoned to near perfection. Though it didn’t really need the sauce, I didn’t mind as the creamy peppery sauce is very delicious too. The price tag is pretty hefty but its value-for-money as this is premium grade Black Angus that we are talking about.

There really isn’t much lamb dishes in 3 Bags Full but the one we tasted was superb. The Sheep in The House (RM57) has 3 French cut lamb rack nicely chargrilled with a minty herb crust. I like how there are bits of fat on the lamb, making it even more delectable. The lamb is also nicely tender and moist. I enjoyed the crust with the lamb a lot as it is very tasty as well as the side of minty sauce. The dish is served with potato wedges and a like salad.

Griddled Salmon Fillet (RM39) was my favorite main course that night. The salmon fillet is cooked till just right with a hint of medium doneness inside so the salmon just literally melts-in-the-mouth. Everyone agreed that the salmon was very flavourful and scrumptious. Though it came with red pepper pesto, I think it didn’t need it because I love the flavours of the spice seasoning on the salmon. Slices of fresh avocado are another nice touch to the dish. I would definitely order this again!

We also savored Spaghetti Aglio Olio Duck (RM25) and Spaghetti Aglio Olio Seafood (RM28) and found both to be very good in terms of the classic garlic, chili, herb and olive oil. The smoked sliced duck is salty and moreish. It certainly goes well with the Aglio Olio flavours. If you are not a meat fan, then go for the seafood version. The seafood is cooked well and a poached egg to make the pasta even more sinful.

We ended our evening with two desserts of Mochi-Mochi Waffle (RM14) and Sizzling Brownies (RM17).

The Mochi-Mochi Waffle is a messy plate of delicious flavours. The Mochi waffle is very unique in texture as it is chewy. It is then generously crowned with green tea gelato, black sesame sauce, almond flakes, grounded peanuts, pepita seeds and almond biscotti. Though I didn’t care for the texture of the waffle, I really love the flavours of this dessert. Every element worked well together and the intense green tea gelato is superb.

The Sizzling Brownies is served on a cast iron skillet with a side serving of creamy sauce. Simply pour over the sauce and watch as it sizzles and thicken up the sauce to coat the rich brownies. I really enjoyed this dessert. It’s a creative way to serve a classic and in this case, the brownie with the vanilla ice cream is sinfully good!

3 Bags Full certainly live up to its tagline. The menu offers a wide range of dishes with many hits. I like how unpredictable the dishes are and one can enjoy simple dishes to premium dishes using luxurious ingredients. The café has got all my checkmarks of a great place to dine in terms of food and service. It’ got a great easy-going vibe in its ambience and the wait staff was friendly and efficient. Highlights of 3 Bags Full includes Wild Wings, Black Angus Ribeye, Griddled Salmon Fillet, Belgian Waffles and more.

No. 38A-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 6150 2831

Business Hours:
Brunch/Lunch – 11am to 5.30pm
Dinner – 5.30pm to 11pm


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