April 4, 2015

Yezi Premium Specialty Steamboat @ The Roof

A Steamy Affair at New Heights!

It’s my first time enjoying a one-of-its-kind premium steamboat that highlights coconuts! Yezi, which means coconut in Mandarin, takes the enjoyment of steamboat to high level. Located at The Roof, Yezi is set against a backdrop of the city’s view. The restaurant features exquisite steamboat broth highlighting the natural sweetness and goodness of coconut and other signature steamboat items.

Walking into Yezi, diners will find the ambience gorgeously opulent. The whole restaurant is spacious and has high ceiling gorgeously decorated with golden Oriental designed lightings. The space is cleverly sectioned off to allow privacy for diners and there are also private rooms available as well. Wood chairs intermixed with marbled table tops, highlighting the fine dining concept of enjoying luxurious steamboat set in grandeur ambience. More Oriental ornaments added charm together with Chinese paintings. The one side of full floor-to-ceiling glass allows diners to catch the city view.

In the evening, the whole restaurant is amazing with its warm gold glow and the city’s mesmerizing view.

The Group F&B plans to open nine more Ye Zi outlets by the end of the next year with a second outlet at The Club in Bandar Utama scheduled to launch in three months.

According to co-owner Katrina, Yezi’s concept was inspired by a tasting of the coconut-based broth in Shenzhen, China. The natural flavours of the coconut evoked much soothing and warming sensations. Coupled with premium ingredients and house made signature items, Yezi is set on taking steamboat indulgence to new heights with its repertoire of organic and semi farm fresh menu. Freshness is the key when indulging at Yezi!

To start off the evening, Yezi has five signature broths of The Original Yezi Broth, Imperial Canton Broth, Aromatic Taiwanese Beef Spice Broth, Fragrant Shao Xing Wine Seafood Broth and Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth. These are all priced between RM38 to RM78. Each broth is truly unique and luxurious. As we all know that the secret to enjoying steamboat is the broth, Yezi has set the bar high with the five signature broths.

To go with the steamboat, Yezi has its own signature steamboat sauce that is unique. The Yezi sauce is made up of Yezi Special Homemade Dipping Sauce, chili, sand ginger and calamansi lime. There is a guideline to mix the sauce but diners can always adjust accordingly. I really enjoyed the moreish sauce as the flavours are well harmonized with savory, sweet, sour and spicy notes. If you are the typical diner that loves heat, then there is also a kick-ass spicy chili sauce that is guarantee to rock all your senses with its powerful hit of spiciness.

As we wait for our broth and ingredients, we savored some cold and hot appetizers from Yezi menu.

If you enjoy Century eggs, you will love the Szechuan Fried Century Eggs (RM15). The textural dish has wobbly and moreish century eggs whipped up with lots of dried chilies, scallions and crushed peanuts. It certainly whets the appetite for more food to come!

There was also Chilled Jellyfish for some bite…

Fried Chicken Cartilage (RM8) is a crowd-pleaser with its crispy salty bites of soft chicken cartilage with some meat.

Our steamboat ingredients are neatly placed at our table and it was certainly a delicious sight to behold! We had The Original Yezi Signature Broth (RM38 per pot - refillable), a clear sweet broth that has a wonderful aroma eluding the pot as it slowly comes to a boil. Using fresh coconut water enhanced with bamboo pith and water chestnuts, the natural delicate broth provides the base to enhance all the fresh key ingredients to be savored in the steamboat.

It is recommended to add Organic Chicken (RM30 – whole chicken / RM20 – half chicken) for extra flavours. After enjoying the chicken and the broth, then diners can enjoy more ingredients.

The first sip of the broth was gorgeously sweet with nuances of the coconut sweetness taking center stage. There is a sense of sensuality of flavours that I have never savored before. Hitting all the right spots in comfort, the broth has an air and taste of elegance as well.

Now we all know that we love our meatballs, seafood balls and other classic processed balls in our enjoyment of steamboat. What differentiate Yezi from others are their homemade specialties 8 types of meat and seafood balls that are made in-house on daily basis. Using the freshest ingredients, the balls are delicious and exquisite in their own variations.

Select from premium Black Truffle Balls (RM24), Wagyu Beef Tendon Balls (RM18), Black Pepper Cheese Balls (RM16) to classic Squid Balls (RM16), Chicken Balls with Mushrooms (RM12), Tung Choy Pork Balls (RM12), Mui Choy Pork Balls (RM12) and Fried Lobster Salad Balls (RM13).

Topping my hit list are the Wagyu Beef Tendon Balls with its firm and bouncy texture and flavourful beef note, Black Pepper Cheese with its unique combination of spicy hit of pepper with oozing cheese, Squid Balls, Tung Choy Pork Balls and Mui Choy Pork Balls for its flavours. Make sure to order these…

Dumplings or Sui Gow are simply a must for me in steamboat. It is also a testament to how good the steamboat can be with a well-made plump dumpling. Yezi’s signature dumplings had all the checkmarks of a solid well-made dumpling with its selection of four variations of Coconut Dumpling (RM12), Imperial Seafood Dumpling (RM28), Shaoxing Pork Dumpling (RM12) and Chives Dumpling (RM12).

Both Coconut Dumpling and Imperial Seafood Dumpling have plump and juicy fillings. The price tag for the seafood dumplings is quite hefty but I can taste chunks of prawns and scallops in them so they are quite luxurious.

We also had Prawn Paste (RM20) served in bamboo. These are beautifully sweet and tender with just a few minutes of cooking in the broth. Other seafood paste includes Fish Paste (RM18) and Black Truffle Squid Paste (RM20).

Fish & Tobiko Paste Noodle (RM18) was served in a syringe, making it easy to turn the paste into noodles in the boiling broth. There is a nice textural bite of popping of tobiko in the fish noodles. One can also order the Seaweed Fish Noodles (RM12) as alternative.

From the meat list, we savored Special Beef Slices (RM25) and Pork Neck Meat (RM16). Both fared equally good and only required very minimal swishing in the broth. If you are up for more pampering, there is Japan Matsusaka Beef (RM290 – 100gm) or Spanish Black Pig (Seasonal Price)!

Seafood list is endless and filled with luxurious items from Australian Lobster, Geoduck, Australian Abalone, Alaskan Crab, Tung Sing Pan, Turbot Fish, Sea Cucumber, Tiger Prawn and more to the more classic affordable Snapper, Squid, Fish Maw, Scallop, Clam, Oysters and etc.

Vegetables are a must after all the indulgence so make sure to order the classic organic greens and root vegetables or organic mushrooms.

For fillers, there are local noodles and imported ramen and vermicelli aim to please carb diners like me.

Yezi even has desserts to sweeten the night. Our Homemade Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream (RM10) was such a welcoming treat from all the hot food that evening. It was gorgeously aromatic and creamy with loads of coconut flavours. Another must-order at Yezi!

Yezi epitomize a luscious premium steamboat that is wonderfully unique. Gather up your foodies for more merriment to enjoy the list of highlights for a steamboat indulgence. Coupled with a gorgeous ambience and view, this is certainly taking steamboat to new heights…

For reservations, please call Ye Zi at 012-3235841

Sky Level, The Roof,
1 First Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-3235841

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 6pm – 2am

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