March 27, 2015

Dr. Kong Health Shoes

The Right Shoes for Your Feet!

I never did admit this to anyone openly but I have always have issues with my feet. After giving birth to my son, my feet hurt from time to time. Another issue I face is that my feet size increased by one size and also in width. Try finding shoes for a size 10 in a wider width in Malaysia, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack here since more women in Malaysia have small and slim foot unlike mine. So finding a shoe that fits is always a big issue for me. Generally, I do know that shoes are really important to one’s general health but it’s not like I even have much choices since I cannot even find one that fits me well.

I got this reaffirmed when I was invited to get to know more about the right shoes for the right feet at Dr. Kong together with my son. Dr. Kong Health Shoes Shop has been around since 1999 and was established in Hong Kong. The company provides healthy shoes and foot care products for everyone from babies to the elderly. Dr. Kong is available in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Malaysia’s first Dr. Kong footcare opened in 2011 and has now expanded to several outlets since then.

Shoes are crucial as they are the platform in taking care and supporting one’s body, posture and spine. Dr. Kong set out to be the first to promote their innovative ‘Check & Fit’ foot examination, insole fitting services and provides free professional foot examination to everyone. The footcare specialist educates its customers on the proper footwear and care for their feet and recommends the most suitable healthy shoes for individuals.

Walking into Dr. Kong at Tropicana City Mall, I was immediately attracted to the walls of shoes, all arranged with various categories for children, women and men in different stages. There are certainly plenty of designs available and I couldn’t help getting excited over all the shoes. But more importantly, I was hoping to find a good pair of shoes that can really help me in my feet issue.

Besides me having constant issues with my feet, my son also complained of feet issues. Whenever I take him to the mall, he would often tell me that his feet are having pain after we spent some time walking. I have always thought that he was just complaining unnecessarily till I visited Dr. Kong. We were honored to meet Datin Emily Lee, Executive Director of Dr. Kong. Datin Emily took upon the task to get us both evaluated for our foot using Dr. Kong’s special feet evaluating equipment.

Dr. Kong Shoes for Children

Before we got our feet evaluated, Datin Emily proceeded to give me an overall brief the importance of our feet and shoes. Check out both video presentations for children and adults for a better understanding of your feet. I was really glad to be able to learn more about the feet and how the correct arch and support can make a difference in our health. It is an important knowledge that many of us should be aware as it will help us on daily basis with our general health being, especially to people like me and my son who has feet issues.

Dr. Kong Shoes for Ladies

Datin Emily checked out D and I was told that he has flat feet issue and a slight alignment issue for both his feet. I was really surprised at this since he was so young but I was told that children of all ages can have this issue while they are growing up. It is more important to focus on making sure that such issues be corrected while they are young to avoid future issues.

A quick Google further on flat feet issue confirmed what Datin Emily told me that day. Flat feet is a postural deformity in which the arches of the foot collapse, with the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or near-complete contact with the ground (quoted in Wikipedia). It’s quite obvious D has this issue according the photo where the green lights were showing D’s flat feet issue. There is no arch at all for both his feet.

In addition to the flat feet issue, D’s also has alignment issue known as rearfoot valgus where it is suspected that the flat feet are causing his foot alignment to be slightly out. Both these issues could be the culprit why D is always complaining to me about having pain while taking long walks.

Both these issues are easily rectified, especially when it comes to children. As they are still growing, Dr. Kong has the correct shoes with the correct arch support insoles to assist D with his flat feet and rearfoot valgus issues. Together with regular feet exercise, Dr. Kong shoes can assist in the children’s foot development and reduce the possibility of getting foot problems. After D was evaluated, he was then matched with A, B or C shoe insoles which have different foot arch support and rear angle to cater to his issue. B was recommended for D and he proceeded to select the shoe designs to be fitted with the B insoles with the assistance of the staff at Dr. Kong.

Check out this stylish pair of sneakers which D selected himself. He tried it and took some time to test it in the shop. When I asked him if he feels comfortable, D told me that he really like the shoes and feel good in it. There were so many designs of shoes for children and D had a great time selecting them.

Next up was me. Datin Emily evaluated my feet and found that I had slight flat feet issue on my left foot and my alignment was also slightly off. My right feet seemed to be ok which was a relieve to me but since my left foot was having the issue, I tend to use my right feet more for support, hence causing heel pain in my right foot.

I was then showed the selection of footwear that is suitable for me to help on my issue.

I was also extremely pleased to find out that Dr. Kong carries multi-circumference shoes from 2E to 4E (narrow last to wide last). This means that my wide feet now have shoes available for me!

I narrowed down my selection to this design which has a good solid base and open toes design. I practically live in similar designs as I find them very suitable for our Malaysian weather.

We settled on our final choices for D and me. I selected a bronze colored for the design while D settled for sneakers which have a solid ankle support to allow him to run and do sport activities with proper feet care.

Dr. Kong footwear ranges from RM79 to RM450 and above depending on the design and the insoles. Dr. Kong also carries footcare accessories and spine pressure-free school/laptop bags.

On a personal note, after wearing Dr. Kong shoes for more than a week, I notice I haven’t been really having much pain in my feet. At the beginning, there was slight unfamiliarity of the curve of the sole but I was assured that this is because the sole is actually trying to get my arch to how it should be. Now when writing this post, my feet seemed to have adjusted well. The shoes have a solid base and curves to my foot really well. I was really quite pleased with the results of Dr. Kong shoes and am already thinking to go back for another pair. I highly recommend that if you have feet issues constantly, do get this evaluated at Dr. Kong. The evaluation is free of charge so at least get your feet checked out to understand your feet.

With the right support in your shoes, it could really make a difference in the way you live your life!

For more information about Dr. Kong Health Shoes Shop, visit their Website: or Facebook:


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