March 13, 2015

Signature By The Hill @ The Roof

Chilled Out and Indulge in Weekend Brunch with a View!

Brunch is simply a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch according to Wikipedia. Whenever brunch comes to mind, it usually means I have time to lay back, sleep in a bit and indulge on something nicer than my normal breakfast routine. Brunches are now popular, especially the weekends. There are many places now offering a smorgasbord of brunch menus nowadays and here’s one more to add to your list if you are seeking out for a brunch pampering session.

Signature by The Hill, located at The Roof, is no stranger to our dining scene in Petaling Jaya. Opened back in late 2013, the gastro-lounge and contemporary restaurant has been serving up a plethora of Asian and international fusion cuisine to many gourmands with a gorgeous city view. Signature offers a creative wanderlust menu of international and local favorites injected with premium ingredients and creative nuances. This round, Signature is pleased to add on a Weekend Brunch menu to their current list where foodies can indulge in a weekend brunch with a view during Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

My family and I visited Signature one fine Sunday around noon for some pampering and indeed it was such a treat to enjoy our brunch with a skyline of the city’s view during the bright sunny day. The lounge was quiet and we walked passed into the bright restaurant to be seated right by the circular glass wall to enjoy the glorious view.

The restaurant is spacious and designed with contemporary flair from its creative impressionist garden of trees placed all over the restaurant. While the walls and flooring are shades of grey, the furniture is a mix of wood and natural materials and steel. Bright red napkins spruce up the ambience for touches of colors. In the evening, the whole restaurant takes on a different ambience and is very romantic and elegant, perfect for a tête-à-tête with your loved one!

A quick look at the menu and I was really pleased with their choice of offerings of luscious brunch favorites and also some main courses from their regular menu. Drinks are decent with lots of juices, coffee and tea, and yes, champagne and wine if you wish to go all the way for major pampering. With our Apple Juice, Lifejuice Sun Kissed (RM15) and Lifejuice Eau de Vie (RM15), we happily juiced up while waiting for our meals to arrive. Lifejuice are cold-pressed organic juices and offers a good range of delicious and nutritious healthy juices perfect for some healthy boost of the day.

My Sun Kissed was a tangy note from apple, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, carrot and ginger. I like the subtle ginger note as it is present but not overly powering. My other half Eau de Vie was coconut water, cucumber, aloe vera and agave nectar. It was very refreshing and soothing too.

We were given this delicious Pumpkin Soup on the house. For brunch, every diner gets a complimentary bowl of soup of the day. I do have to say that we all really enjoyed the soup. It was a creamy bisque that wasn’t overly sweet. What a lovely surprise and treat for the brunch…

One of the best perk at Signature is that kids below 6 years old get to eat for Free! So it’s perfect if you have a little one to join you for a delicious weekend brunch where everyone gets to spend some quality time together with extra perks like this. My 5 year old opted for Big Breakfast Jr. out of the three choices available for the free kids’ meal of Big Breakfast Jr., Fish and Chips or Spaghetti Bolognese.

When it arrived, I wasn’t expecting such a generous portion of the Big Breakfast Jr.

Breakfast sausage, turkey ham, beef bacon, hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomato, bun and eggs of your choice were practically covering up the whole plate. For a moment, I was thinking that this portion alone is already big and it’s only a junior portion. It is really hearty. There’s nothing more satisfying than a full head-on English breakfast fry-up for a treat. The scrambled egg was well seasoned and cooked till just set with a creamy and fluffy texture. My little one could only finished half and so the other half went to us. I was particularly fond of the hash browns of cubed potatoes sautéed with some cooked meat and spices. This platter is pure comfort food!

My other half had Eggs Benedict (RM18) featuring poached eggs on brioche bun toasted and draped with thick cuts of smoked salmon finished with luscious hollandaise sauce. Tell me that the dish didn’t look so inviting. It maybe a little messy with the sauce but I love the overall colors of the dish.

The poached eggs can make or break the dish. Ours were cooked to near perfection with the molten egg yolk center. A gentle cut and it was pure food porn as we watched the egg yolk flow out. Every ingredient worked so well. Toasty buns gave contrast to the soft eggs while the moist and salty smoked salmon boosted more flavours. The buttery hollandaise was silky smooth and was the bond that married all the rest together.

I was craving for seafood so I had the Grilled Salmon (RM48) from their lunch main menu. The dish is gorgeous at sight and again a very generous portion. I can see that the salmon is coated in a special batter and baked. It sat on a bed of pumpkin mashed and asparagus with a Romesco sauce and completed with some alfalfa sprouts and ebiko.

My salmon was cooked to perfection, just the way I like it. It’s just undercooked in the middle that gave the salmon a luscious tenderness which I enjoy thoroughly. I have this irk if ever a salmon is fully cooked through as I think it really doesn’t do justice to the fish texture. This is a personal preference and I had also requested for the salmon to be cooked this way too. I can’t quite make out the special batter on the salmon but I enjoyed it. There is a sense of lusciousness to the salmon together with the rest of the ingredients. The ebiko and Romesco sauce really perked up the salmon beautifully.

We finished off with Latte and Cappuccino.

It was indeed a lovely brunch with a gorgeous view! I was impressed with the food as well as portions are generous for the price tag. With all the additional perks of kids below six eat for free and complimentary soup, I think it’s a great place to enjoy a leisure brunch with family or friends. Of course if you are in the mood for some love, then visit Signature during the evening for some romance with your loved ones…

For booking and enquiries, please call 03-7724-1627 (Mon–Fri; 10am 6pm) or 012-3304 629/016-2291-505 (everyday after 6pm).

1, First Avenue,
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6016-229 1505 / +6012-444 9628


  1. I like the comfy and elegant atmosphere!

  2. Hi, was here after reading your blog. I am very disappointed with the food served here. Eggs Benedict was terribly overcooked and when I sent it back to the kitchen, they gave me half boiled eggs the second time. The fruit juices were not available except for orange and apples which were charged at RM15 per glass. Will not be back again.