May 9, 2014

The Emperor, Grand Dorsett Subang: Celebrate this Sunday with a Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Set Menu Awaits!

Mothers are indeed special and though I do love to honor and celebrate this coming Mother’s Day with my mom, I think every day should be a Mother’s Day! It’s hard to describe what every mother goes through for their family but once you become a mother yourself, everything will fall into place and make sense on how much a mother always does for her family. If my mother says she is going to bed now at night, here’s what she does… she goes into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast for tomorrow for us, then she puts her daily load of laundry to soak, check and fill up all the water bottles, check her fridge on the ingredients needed for morning market shopping, make a grocery list, turn off all the lights in the house, check the locks on doors before finally heading up for bed. And so you see, every mother is truly precious in her own way…

This Mother’s Day on Sunday May 11, do take time and spend it with her since it is a special day to commemorate her as a mother. There are plenty of things to do with her and one of them would be to take her out for a lovely meal. Of course let’s not forget all the mothers and grandmothers of the world…

The Emperor at Grand Dorsett Subang is having a Mother’s Day Special where Chinese Executive Chef Loh Jiunn Voon will tempt your queen of heart on this coming Mother’s Day with his creatively crafted six-course menu. If you have never been to The Emperor, the restaurant serves up Cantonese cuisine crafted with refine flavors. Dim Sum is one of their specialties among other Cantonese dishes and there is a weekend Dim Sum going on currently. Dine at their spacious main dining hall or reserve their private dining rooms for a personal ambience.

For this Mother’s Day Special 6-course at The Emperor, diners start off the brunch or lunch with Two of Happiness Ensemble featuring a Smoked Salmon Fish with Apple Sauce and Steamed Prawn Paste with Crystal Dumpling and Ebiko Sauce.

The Smoked Salmon Fish with Apple Sauce was made from scratch where the salmon has been smoked in-house at the restaurant before being paired with a moreish soy and apple sauce. The sweet and tangy sauce really compliments the smoked salmon very well, lifting it off the heavy salty flavors. Bits of chopped apples provide a little texture to the dish.

All of us enjoyed the Steamed Prawn Paste with Crystal Dumpling and Ebiko Sauce a lot. The dumpling has a crystal translucent skin enveloping a bouncy filling of sweet prawn paste. A light starchy egg white sauce with a little heaping of flying fish roes provides extra flavors to enhance the dumpling.

The soup course is a Double Boiled Flower Cordyceps with Bamboo Pith and Dry Scallop. It’s a course everyone would certainly appreciate for its warming and medicinal benefits. One can tell by how much effort goes into making a soup by its flavors. Our soup obviously has been slowly boiled for hours with lots of chicken essence as a base. Then it’s double-boiled again this time with flower cordyceps, black chicken, dry scallop, bamboo pith and wolfberries. Brimming with soothing flavors, the soup is a sure winner to many…

Deep Fried Spring Chicken with Prawn Crackers is really hard to fault. Lovely juicy spring chicken with a beautiful rich brown skin to be savored with delicious crispy prawn crackers had everyone at the table enjoying this quietly. Served with a side of pepper salt, the dish is a classic, making me wanting to ditch my utensils and pick it up for gnawing pleasures. A classic well executed!

I simply adored the Braised Homemade Spinach Beancurd with Shimeji Mushroom and Vegetable. The spinach beancurd is made in-house using black soy beans, egg and spinach. Deep fried to produce a lightly crisp skin and a soft wobbly center, the beancurd itself is yummy and light. The lightly sautéed Shimeji mushrooms and asparagus in the rich brown sauce perked up the beancurd flavors. I would indeed be happy to enjoy this dish with a bowl of rice alone.

To complete our savory courses, we had Fried Rice with Crab Meat and Pine Nuts. Fluffy fried rice with a nice breathe of wok is studded with crab meat and pine nuts. The flavors are quite light and subtle with the crab meat taking the main role and the pine nuts adding a nutty note. I had no issues polishing this dish completely.

Our night ended on a very delicious high note. Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo and Sago is simply magnificent. The mango cream is utterly thick, luscious, tangy and I can taste the fruity mango in every little spoonful. Using Thai or Australian mango, the quality of the mango cream is divine. To add more flavors and textures to the chilled mango cream are bits of crunchy water chestnut, tangy strawberries, fresh mango cubes and little pearls of sago. The combination works like a beautifully orchestrated symphony! I was told that this dessert is priced more than RM30 in the a la carte menu so the Mother’s Day Special set menu is well worth its value.

The Emperor’s Mother’s Day 6-course Special menu is priced at RM70++ per person and comes with attractive door gifts. Make your reservation for this special available on May 11, 2014 from 10.00am to 2.30pm at +603 5031 6060 extension 1954.

Check out another Mother’s Day Hi-Tea buffet at Terazza Brasserie for RM80++ per person for all mothers’ from 12.00pm to 4.00pm. All mothers will also stand a chance to win amazing lucky draw prizes. For reservation on the Mother’s Day Hi-Tea, kindly contact: 603 5032 6060 extension 1912.

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