April 22, 2014

F&N Seasons NutriSoy Breakfast Love Campaign: My Healthy & Delicious Breakfast Loves!

Breakfast Made with Lots of Soy Goodness!

Earlier two weeks ago after attending the F&N Seasons NutriSoy Breakfast Love Campaign cooking demo here, I was inspired to take on the challenge to make delicious healthy breakfast with soy milk for my family. With my crazy work hours, it’s only fair I take some time out to make sure my family gets taken care the right way.

At the cooking demo, my eyes were open to the endless possibilities of using soy milk in breakfast recipes. In fact, after the Breakfast Love demo, my brain was just running wild with all sorts of recipes that I can whip in no time at all for my little one and it would be a nutritiously balanced breakfast too!

I came up with 3 simple recipes that really don’t take much time and effort at all. One only needs basic ingredients that most families have in their fridge and the recipes are also simple ones that we enjoy often. The only difference is a little tweak in the ingredients. Simplicity is the way to go, especially for mothers like me who are trying to balance a family and a career.

After rummaging in my fridge, I decided to make a smoothie, scrambled egg with salad and French toast. Recipes like these can easily substitute dairy products with F&N Seasons NutriSoy as a healthier option and the best part is this substitution does make the breakfast recipes delicious and healthy. F&N Seasons NutriSoy has no cholesterol and is low in fat. Its protein helps to build new tissues especially for young ones. There are also no added preservatives, flavouring and coloring in the F&N Seasons NutriSoy as well.

First up, gather your favorite fruits available. I had blueberry and plums that day. Add in your favorite yoghurt and F&N Seasons NutriSoy. If you like icy smoothies add in some ice and blend it all up. Multitask and whip up two fresh eggs with some F&N Seasons NutriSoy. Scramble the egg in a pan with a little butter or oil and serve up with a side of salad. It’s easy-peasy and you’ll have some Breakfast Love in less than 20 minutes.

On Saturday, my little one enjoyed creamy Scrambled Egg with a Blueberry & Plum Fruit Smoothie. The F&N Seasons NutriSoy really makes a lovely smoothie. He enjoyed it a lot and since there is enough sweetness in the soy milk and fruits, I didn’t need to add any sugar. The fruits blended really well in flavours and the yoghurt added a tangy and creamy note to the smoothie.



Handful of Blueberry
1 Plum
135gm Plain / Fruit Yoghurt
125ml F&N Seasons NutriSoy
Ice cubes (optional)

Clean the fruits and cut them or remove their seeds if needed
Add in all the rest of the other ingredients in a blender and blend it up
Serve chilled

*replace the fruits above with banana, apple, melon, kiwi and more 


2 Eggs
2 Tbsp F&N Seasons NutriSoy
Pinch of salt
Butter or Vegetable Oil

Handful Rocket leaves or Mixed Greens
Dash of Olive Oil
Dash of Balsamic Vinegar
Salt and Pepper to dress
Fresh Baby Tomatoes to serve

Whip the eggs with the F&N Seasons NutriSoy and salt till airy and bubbles surface.
Heat up pan on medium heat and add in butter or vegetable oil.
Pour in the egg and use a spatula to gently scramble the egg till just set.
Turn off the heat before it cooks completely as the rest of the heat will complete the cooking.

Dress the rocket leaves with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper.
Serve the rocket salad with tomatoes and the fluffy scrambled egg.

On Sunday, I whipped up my little one’s favorite French toast. I substituted the milk for soy milk and it produces similar yumminess. The toast was meant to be sweet so the soy milk helps to reduce the sugar that I usually add into the egg mixture. My little one was definitely a happy camper and polished off his French toast with great happiness!


2 Eggs
3 slices White/Wheat Bread
3 tbsp F&N Seasons NutriSoy
Pinch of salt and cinnamon
Butter or Vegetable Oil

Maple Syrup / Honey (to serve)

Whip up the eggs with F&N Seasons NutriSoy, salt and cinnamon powder.
Soak each slice of bread in the egg mixture for 30 seconds to make sure the yummy egg is soaked into the bread.
Heat up Butter or Vegetable Oil in a pan and cooked each side of French toast for a few minutes on low fire till golden brown.
Served with maple syrup or honey and a glass of F&N Seasons NutriSoy


Besides the above, there are just plenty of other dishes to enjoy with a glass of chilled nutty and creamy F&N Seasons NutriSoy all day. Even our local food like half boiled eggs and toast, Kway Teow Soup, Wantan Noodles, Nasi Lemak, Chee Cheong Fun and more goes well with soy milk. For a healthier breakfast, warm up F&N Seasons NutriSoy and serve it with soda biscuits for a sweet and savory combination!

A little effort goes a long way. My Breakfast Love recipes are easy and simple, taste good and are a great way to kick off the day with the much needed energy. It feels really good to be able to feed my family a healthy and nutritious breakfast on some days when I can. On days when I working, I also find myself replacing my cereal and milk with cereal and soy milk for a healthier option. Thanks to F&N Seasons NutriSoy for the Breakfast Love campaign that sparked my awareness on the importance of feed my family with soy goodness!

For more information about F&N Seasons NutriSoy and more tips on breakfast recipes with F&N Seasons NutriSoy, check out their Facebook at www.facebook.com/NutriSoy.MY


  1. Ooooo...your scrambled eggs look absolutely perfect!!! Seen so many disastrous ones at hotels and cafes. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. WAHHH can blend one cup for me also? :P

  3. Thanks for giving me breakfast ideas!