December 21, 2013

Silver Spoon Trattoria, Bandar Menjalara: New Dishes To Please

Back at Silver Spoon for New Dishes…

I have always had a soft spot for Silver Spoon Trattoria. Simply because of its great food and also it was the very first restaurant that I have blogged about when I started this food journey. I have lost the number of times I have dined here with my family since a few years ago. We simply love the dishes here prepared with such finesse and simplicity and not to mention the well-affordable prices here set in a lovely trattoria style ambience.

A recent dinner with another foodie brought back more memories of my all my meals at Silver Spoon. We were back for a sneak peak at some of their new dishes that evening. The ambience was just a good as I had remembered it, smart casual dining injected with an Italian charm. Private room is also available and can accommodate up 20 to 30 pax. There is also a wine cellar featuring Silver Spoon’s collection of reds and whites.

We kicked off the evening with some refreshing mocktails before dinner to settle in. A fresh and juicy Green Granny, creamy fruity Silver Spoon Special and a tangy refreshing October Sea Breeze plus another really fruity special with lots of berries. There are plenty more of these mocktails from the bar and from what I have tasted so far from the 3, they are deliciously fresh and fruity. Mocktails price are RM15 each and above.

Dinner kicked off with a home style Lamb Stew (RM14). Served just as it is, its almost like a rich bisque full of melt-in-the-mouth lamb chunks braised with root vegetables in a soothing rich gravy. The aroma was beautiful, rich and filled with subtle spices. A little twist of crispy fried shallots and coriander makes the stew even better. I would have loved to savor this with a little bread. Comfort food sums up this dish!

I was told that this pasta dish is truly unique and aptly named Spicy Twin Duck Spaghetti (RM24). Crowned with crispy smoked duck and slices of crispy roast duck and grilled eggplant, the pasta has a base of earthy mushroom flavors. The pasta is cooked with porcini stock, rendering a scrumptious smoky and woody mushroom flavors pairing well with the duck and eggplant. Hints of spicy chilies are just perfect in the dish. We really enjoyed the crispy smoked duck pieces which we thought was a brilliant creation by the chef at Silver Spoon. I cannot rave enough about this dish as the flavors and texture is unique with each bite making me crave for more.

Our second pasta of Creamy Mustard Grain Fettucine (RM25) was nicely presented with a rose of smoked salmon. My first thought was it would be really overpowering with a mustard sauce. Surprisingly I really enjoyed this pasta. Using whole grain mustard, the creamy sauce was really flavorful and subtle. I also loved that it has bits of popping whole grain mustard textures and the sauce cut through the richness of the salty smoked salmon very well. Another clever creation at Silver Spoon as who would have thought to pair mustard with smoked salmon and pasta!

Our main course was a dainty Spring Chicken (RM39) stuffed with chestnut stuffing. Served whole, the size is small and perfect for a personal enjoyment. Cutting up the spring chicken, the stuffing was revealed and had lots of small dices of chestnut, root vegetables, mushroom and fresh herbs. It’s hearty and comfort food, reminding me of Christmas with its warmness. The bird is tender and juicy while flavors are on a lighter end. On the side, there are also roast vegetables and creamy mushroom gravy.

We also couldn’t resist pizza since I know that Silver Spoon serves up some of the best pizzas around here. Our Mushroom Pizza with Truffle Oil & Feta (RM26) had a gorgeous aroma. Simple ingredients of mushrooms, herbs, cheese and a light tomato sauce with truffle oil sums up the pizza. The pizza dough is light soft with a nice crust. This is also available on the lunch menu.

Silver Spoon is famous for its Tiramisu (RM15). This one is laced up with quite a bit of liqueur and the mascarpone filling is light and creamy with a strong hint of coffee and cocoa as well. For me, ending my meal at Silver Spoon always has to be this dessert.

I would also highly recommend Silver Spoon’s risotto as I had raved so much about it during my previous times dining there. It is a great trattoria for regular and special dining with its Italian style cuisine and trattoria ambience!

No.2, 1st Floor, Wisma Menjalara
Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara
52200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 6277 0445

Business Hours: 11.30am to 3pm & 6pm to 11pm


  1. The spicy twin duck spaghetti sounds like my kinda dish! Didn't get the opportunity to eat any Turkeys this year haha, Merry Christmas to you in the US! :D

  2. the stuffing!

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