October 30, 2013

The Roof, First Avenue: Hard Hat Tour of Asia’s First and Only Helipad Lounge, The Roof!

The Roof Opens for Boarding!

The latest buzz in town has everyone asking about The Roof at First Avenue in Bandar Utama. If you are not already on the exclusive guest list of the launch of the largest premium integrated dining and entertainment hub with a helipad lounge of 2013 in Malaysia, you need to be!

Set to offer many with the ultimate experience in dining and entertainment, The Roof comprises of an integrated concepts that features 5 outlets – Stratosphere, Signature, Malt & Leaf, Score and Play. Every one of the outlets is truly unique and we got to take a ‘Hard Hat Tour’ recently. Flooded by members of the media, bloggers, celebrities and distinguished guests, everyone congregated at Score for the event to be launched.

A quick summary about The Roof, it was designed under the proficient stewardship of the country’s premier drivers in entertainment, The Group (F&B) Sdn. Bhd. (The Group), in partnership with property developer First Nationwide Group under the umbrella of See Hoy Chan Holdings. The event took off with a welcoming speech by Director of The Group, Dax Lee.

“We are always looking for avenues to reinvent the dining and entertainment experience for the young at heart – both international and local clientele. We want customers to have upscale service, excellent food and creative presentations. We built The Roof to become the epitome of Kuala Lumpur’s premium dining and entertainment scene that offers the ultimate lifestyle experience.” said, Director of The Group, Dax Lee.

With our hard hats on, various groups took turn to check out the 5 concepts of The Roof. Each one hosted by notable personalities to give insights of the concepts. Though some are still work in progress, there is an element of excitement to see the final concepts when it opens this November.


Its all about sports! Presented by Peter Davis, Score features an exciting sports bar set to let sports fans and wannabes cheer on as they hang out for some casual unpretentious fun. Major sporting events and live telecasts broadcasted on the huge screen set behind its neon lite bar will definitely score points with many. Other highlights include pool competitions and dart tournaments. With a capacity of 150pax, Score is set to let your adrenaline roll as you cheers on your games with plenty of beer and finger food.

So bring on your camaraderie spirits and let the games begin!


A hang out for cigar and single malt aficionados, Malt & Leaf’s extensive list of international malts and tobacco coupled with its amazing view of the city is guaranteed to please. Hosting us for Malt & Leaf is Carl Graham, who explained that this bar is set to be equipped with a walk-in glass cigar cabinet filled with well curated selections of the finest cigars and a menu of exquisite single malts. Malt & Leaf’s bird eye view is perfect for the evening’s sunsets and night lights!


Miss Malaysia 2010, Nadine Ann Thomas played host to the designer supper club, Play. Doubles as a premium dance club with local and international DJs, it’s the largest dance club in Petaling Jaya. Looking for a place to dance your troubles away, Play is perfect for you. Set with state-of-the-art staging, audio and visuals plus a patio view of the city, it would be hard not to play here!

Psst.. Lil John and DJ Tenasha are already set to rock this place in November…


Gourmands will be pleased at Signature by The Hill, a gastro-lounge serving award-winning signature cocktails and plethora of Asian and international fusion cuisine. The contemporary restaurant cum bar cum lounge offers more in the gastronomic experience as gourmands can look forward to special cooking classes, sumptuous weekend brunches and wine pairing dinners. The 350pax Signature oozes with class and offers more than what meets the eye. It will be a truly unforgettable dining experience at Signature as presented by Cay Kuijpers.


Saving the best for last, we all braved the stairs leading up to Stratosphere. Truly mesmerizing, Stratosphere features an opulent rooftop bar with a magnificent 360 degree view of the greater Klang Valley.

Boasting Asia’s first and only green helipad bar, the circle roof top features neon lite bar, live DJ booth, plush white and navy sofas, grassed and white pathways, Stratosphere is definitely the place to be seen and heard.

Ingeniously design to let the sky and the city view dictate the ambience, one can simply unwind and entertain with much pleasures. Stratosphere offers exquisite drink list and scrumptious canapés.

At Stratosphere, watch the sun set or set the mood for a little romance!

A perfect backdrop for niche events, weddings, fashion shows and product launches, the sky’s the limit for Stratosphere!

*picture credits to Issac Tan

The great news is that the launch of The Roof is only just 2 days away. Snag yourselves an invite by signing up for an exclusive invitation at The Roof’s Facebook page here. You’d never know who you might meet up there…

Experience the Elevation of the Ordinary at The Roof!

1, First Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel:  603 7729 1628


  1. Definitely not for acrophobia :P

  2. So rare to see your photo on your blog! haha, i like the ambiance, must check this place out if i happen to visit KL xD

  3. Nice! Real posh! Classy! I wouldn't wanna sit outside though...not in our weather plus I've this phobia for heights - old age, something wrong now with my ears and sense of balance. :(

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