October 17, 2013

MIGF 2013: Mandarin Grill @Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur Featuring Contemporary Modern Grill

A Cool Autumn Feast!

In sequel to my feasting at Lai Po Heen, I continued my MIGF journey to Mandarin Grill at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur for a taste of Chef Reto Weber’s contemporary MIGF menu for this year. Mandarin Grill is synonymous for impeccable ambience and luxury eatery. The contemporary boutique restaurant offers gourmands a lavish gastronomical dining experience coupled in an intimate and elegant ambience.

Guests are dazzled by the modern artistic renderings of star studded fiber-optic chandeliers, pristine white table settings, plush armchairs and modern art pieces of décor. The interior is designed well for discreet privacy and offers many diners secluded spots of romantic or private corners. Private rooms are also available.

Chef Reto Weber has been humbly creating his list of sumptuous dishes for the last few years at Mandarin Grill. Having received the Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding Cuisine at the festival’s Gala Launch last year, Chef Reto is set to impress diners once again with his menu this year. This Swiss-born charming chef prides himself in using only the freshest seasonal produce to create his menu. For this year, Chef Reto was inspired by the autumn season when creating his theme of Cool Chefs menu. His six-course menu is filled with autumn comforts of slow roasting and sous-vide cooking methods to bring out the best of autumn flavors.

Here’s a sneak peek at his MIGF menu at Mandarin Grill.

Roulade of Slow Roasted Duck Breast

When one slow roast meat at low temperature, one allows the protein to break down gently, producing tender and moist meat. The duck breast encapsulates a nice chunk of goose liver and swiss chard before being paired with oven dried figs and Barolo jus.

Apple Smith Sorbet

Our palate cleanser features tangy and fresh apple sorbet served with a meringue of nuts and a dried apple slice as a garnish. Not just pretty to look at, it tasted wonderful as a palate cleaner before our main course.

Bretagne Turbot Fillet “Sous-Vide Style”

I managed to steal a bite of this Bretagne turbot that has also been slow cooked for hours at an extremely low temperature. The delicate turbot is sweet and smooth with a texture that just melts-in-the-mouth. No wonder the highly priced fish is so in demand as the texture is just fabulous. Chef Reto really outdoes himself on this dish as he paired the turbot with creamy pumpkin confit, sautéed morel mushrooms, peas and asparagus. Saucing up the fish is a luxurious lobster fume!

Char Grilled Australian Wagyu Sirloin MS 10+
& Guinness Braised Beef Cheek Angelotti

I opted for this main course instead of the turbot simply because I can never resist a piece of wagyu. Please with my choice, my wagyu came medium and was doused with a heavenly scent of black truffles. Even my partner next to me complimented the beautiful and lustful scent of the lavish truffles. With a grade of MS10+, needless to say, the wagyu was really tender and so flavorful.

The Guinness braised beef cheek Angelotti dumplings are even better. It’s just rich in flavors and tender in texture. I would love to enjoy the Angelotti as a main dish alone. Served with creamy smoked celery puree, roasted chicory, Spanish baby tomatoes and broccoli, the dish is superb in every bite.

Grand Cru Valrhona Tasting

A trio of dessert could only mean a trio of sweet endings! Our Grand Cru Valrhona Tasting consisted of a macaron sandwiched with Guanaja sorbet, Ivory Chocolate-Raspberry Mille Feuille and Jivara Poached Chocolate Pudding.

This is my favorite among the trio! Decadent and utterly sinful, the Guanaja sorbet has extreme chocolate sensation. Sinful, luscious and silky, the sorbet is just pure satisfaction guaranteed.

The Ivory Chocolate-Raspberry Mille Feuille is light and filled with a delicate white chocolate mousse-like sandwiched with white chocolate pieces. A bit sweet but there is the raspberry to give this a light tangy note. A speckled of gold leaf adds luxury!

Using Valrhona Jivara 40% milk chocolate Grand Cru Bar, the Jivara Poached Chocolate Pudding leans toward a milky and creamy chocolate taste. The pudding is decent and fairly light with a nice crust and fluffy insides. A small pool of berry coulis adds more depth to the pudding.


MIGF Dinner Menu

Red Mullet Fillet
Bouchon Mussels, Piquilo, Olives, Tempura Fennel


Wood Quail Terrine
Sautéed Savoy Cabbage, Lamb Lettuce, Walnuts, Grapes

Roulade of Slow Roasted Duck Breast
Foie Gras, Swiss Chard, Oven Dried Figs, Barolo Jus

Apple Smith Sorbet

Bretagne Turbot Fillet “Sous-Vide Style”
Confit Pumpkin, Green Peas, Morel Mushroom, Lobster Fume


Char Grilled Australian Wagyu Sirloin MS 10+
& Guinness Braised Beef Cheek Angelotti
Smoked Celery Puree, Roasted Red Chicory, Black Truffle

Chabichou Du Poitou
Yellow And Red Beets, Clove Sentenced Grape Seed Oil

Grand Cru Valrhona Tasting
Jivara Poached Chocolate Pudding, Guanaja Sorbet
Ivory Chocolate-Raspberry Mille Feuille

Coffee or Tea
Handcrafted Petit Fours


Full Festival Menu
RM385 ++ per person without wine

*Lunch Festival Menu
RM195++ per person without wine (Choice of one Appetiser, one Main,
and choice of either Dessert or Cheese)


Bedazzled with Chef Reto Weber’s MIGF menu of refine autumn flavors and ingredients at Mandarin Grill available till the end of October. The dining experience at Mandarin Grill has always been impeccable from its fine dining menu to its discreet and attentive services.  Each course is carefully executed with precision and allows gourmands to work their palate through a beautiful and cool autumn feast!
For reservations, please contact Mandarin Grill at +603 2179 8960 or email at mokul-mogrillbar@mohg.com

Lobby Level, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur
P.O. Box 10950,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2380 8888
Fax: +603-2380 8833


  1. Interesting desserts. Bet they taste so good!

  2. oh my, i miss mandarin grill

  3. Classy presentation, like your shot on Roulade of Slow Roasted Duck Breast

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