June 20, 2013

Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill, Ascott Kuala Lumpur: A Playground in the Heart of the City where One can Eat, Play & Live!

Going 60s Mode at Tujo’s Playground!

Have you heard about the new playground in town? Previously known as 7atenine, a new eatery arises in the form of Tujo at Ascott Kuala Lumpur. Seeking the fun crowd, Tujo plays on the fun side of eating. Even its name is taken from the numeric seven, translating it to a funky version of Tujo. Not to be taken too seriously, Tujo is a space designed to embrace in its tagline of Eat, Live & Play.

Designed to modernized the 60s era, Poole Associates certainly had fun in bringing Tujo alive. Highlight is a huge green living wall behind the bar whereas everything else from furniture, lightings, color theme and ornaments are inspired from the retro era. Enjoy some R&R moments in the main dining hall or head up one level for privacy dining. There is even a huge private dining room for functions. Tujo is designed with an open space ambience from its glass walls on the side, letting diners catch the cityscape as the evening flows. Though only a month old, the place was already pack, a sign that word has already gotten out!


Tujo has a whole cabinet filled up with classic American tin toys for sale by GARAGE. Check these out and who knows, you may even spot your favorite old toy there…

Long post coming right up as the menu is filled with a long list of choices in every section…

Let’s Drink

If there is one thing that Tujo does extremely well, it’s definitely their awesome quench list! The list is long and fills with loads of selections that will guarantee to quench any thirst. We had so much fun enjoying all the creative cocktails, mocktails, sangria, coffees and more. You know they take their drinks to another level when the huge 3 pages of drinks run from every section of cocktails, bubblies, shooters, draught beers, bottle beers, wines and champagnes, liqueur, mocktails to coffee and tea. Heck… there is even detoxifying juices, power drinks and various H2o to satisfy health drinkers!!


We bottoms up on a few varieties of cocktails like Hazelnut Caipirinha, Eden Melon, Lychee Mojito, Asam Boi Mojito, Peach Sangria and Watermelon Sangria! My all-time-favorite is the luscious and funky Hazelnut Caipirinha. Besides the funky light up action at the table, the flavor is gorgeous and smooth with a subtle note of hazelnut. Mojitos here are their signatures too and there are plenty of varieties to choose from classics to banana and ginger lychee.

Quench your thirst with Tujo Specials like Eden Melon, Fuji Mountain Bramble, The Funeral for Jack and more! Eden Melon was interesting from its concoction of gin, Galliano, watermelon, thyme and more.

Ok, this one is not called Crema Screaming Orgasm for nothing! The innocent looking creamy cocktail pack quite a punch, literally right at you. Strong and hard, there’s plenty of vodka and coffee liqueur to make you squeal in delight!

Looking fairly plain, I was taken by surprise at first sip of Illy Crema… a frothy concoction that taste like a creamy foam. It’s delicious! Although we were told that the whole drink maybe too much for one but I was willing to hog this whole one by myself.

Let’s Eat

Its Feel Good Food describe in a nutshell by Tujo. Going by that tagline, Tujo serves up favorite classics tune up to a groovy bite that makes sure one walks away with that Satisfied Belly syndrome. The large menu has everything, snacks, soup and salad, signature grills, main course, pasta and pizza, sandwiches and desserts. Make sure to bring your adventurous appetite with you to Tujo!

Oxtail Soup

Made a la Indonesia style the Oxtail Soup is full of warmth flavors from its spices and meaty broth. We dive head long into this bowl of comfort filled with cubes of root vegetables, coriander and well braised chunks of oxtail.

Smoked Duck Salad
Sliced smoked duck nestled on cos lettuce and orange segments dressed in a tangy fruity dressing.

Caesar Salad with Chicken

A well-made creamy cheesy Caesar salad! Love the obvious parmesan notes in the dressing together with the crisp parmesan pieces. It’s optional to have this plain or with chicken.

Tujo Stinger Satay

Quite a show piece, the Tujo Stinger Satay stands proud on a pineapple base. Glazed with a piquant spicy shrimp paste sauce and comes with a side kick of pineapple salsa, it’s pretty good. Echoing another favorite northern rojak flavors of sweet, spicy and piquant, I think this one is funky good!

Venison Roll

Beware, this one is spicy in heat and flavors. Loaded with lots of spices and chilies, the creamy minced venison stew is stuffed into tortilla and made easy for snacking.

Napoli Bianco Pizza

Going black instead of its usual, Tujo takes their pizza to another level. This one has squid ink pizza crust filled to the brim with white alfredo sauce, homemade meatball and pepperoni. Crispy and creamy with dots of saltiness, I predict that this one would be a crowd pleaser.

Malaysiana Pizza

The kitchen team likes to play in the kitchen and decided that they take a Malaysian favorite of nasi lemak and put it on a pizza. Imagine crispy squid ink crust filled with sambal sauce and sprinkled with crunchy fried anchovies, onion rings and crushed peanuts… the only missing element is a bit of lemak and rice. Spicy and crunchy, makes perfect accompaniment with a good beer!

Tom Yam Fettuccini

Melding Thai and Italian, tom yam fettuccini comes with prawns, squid and chicken. Sour and spicy, it’s a dish that whets the appetite.

Chimichurri Chicken

Never judge a book by its cover! Looking gloriously black, I was expecting a burnt flavor but instead I got a robust chimichurri seasoning jazzing up the chook. Flavors are quite intense with lots of savory and herb notes. Chicken was moist and tender, served up with a grilled tomato.

Grilled Seafood Platter

Since grill is the house signature, one can only expect the best from their grill. We were really happy with the seafood platter. Smoky and well-charred, prawns, squid, fish and scallops are grilled just right and served with a side of light brown gravy. A squeeze of lemon makes magic on the seafood!

Grilled Porterhouse with Sautéed Creamy Spinach

Since they ran out of their infamous OP Ribs, we settled for another favorite of a giant porterhouse. Tantalizing at sight, the giant T-bone has the best of both worlds with a side of fillet and a side of sirloin. It’s juicy and flavorful on its own beefy jus. I also adored the sautéed creamy spinach for its soft and silky renderings. Go ahead and conquer this humongous badass beef on your own if you can!

Parmesan Bass

I love this sea bass with its crusty cheesy parmesan crust. It’s got great flavors. You get nicely crisp and crusty skin with soft and flaky flesh. Served with a creamy sauce and fava beans, it has a comfort vibe to it.

Seafood Risotto

Though my other foodies thought the risotto rice was bit too hard, I thought it was perfectly al dente. The risotto has a good dose of thick creamy tomato sauce. Love the tangy creamy sauce from tomatoes and cheese. It is served with an array of seafood. I felt that the risotto is so good, I could just eat the rice alone without any seafood.

Ira Malai

Inspired from Indian cuisine, here we have prawns cooked in spicy coriander gravy and served with pulao rice. Rest assured with Indian flavors, this one is spicy and redolent of spices.

The evening had us all loosening our belts a few notches. Nevertheless, we still managed to end on a sweet note… or shall I say a few sweet notes!

Carrot Cake

A good version of carrot cake with thick cream cheese icing! Lots of spice notes and textures from the ingredients, it’s the lime cream cheesing frosting that makes this a star.

Salted Caramel Apple Guava Tart

Served warm with a scoop of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, I managed to steal a bite. Sweet, a little tangy and almost a hint of creamy goodness, the crust of the tart melts while the warm filling is sweet and fruity. It is served with apple dragonfruit compote.

Apple Banana Sundae

Going off the track, this one is filled with banana, poached apple, toffee, nuts, and chocolate sauce with Haagen Dazs vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It’s a mumbo jumbo of a sundae!

What a playground it is! Tujo is trendy and mod at the same point. Echoing its 60s inspired design, the food and drink is also groovy and creative. It’s a place where age doesn’t matter and there is just something for everyone.  Chill out to the stylish ambience and play a few games like pick-up sticks, five stones and other classic games with someone. Laugh and giggle to all the liquids and fill your tummy with lots of feel good food. And that is what Tujo is all about….

Ascott Kuala Lumpur
No.9, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2161 7789 / 012 210 3055
Fax: 603 2163 7789
Email: ask@tujo.my

Website: www.tujo.my
Business Hours: Monday to Sundays, 7am till closing


  1. Oooo...everything looks so good. Interesting way of serving the satay.

  2. Aww..... I still miss the steak...so yummy until i had 3 servings of that!

  3. Nice place with yummy grilled food! I like the staircase and oso those classic tin toys ;-)

  4. interesting presentation on the satay, i like their oxtail soup bowl too LOL. Did they slice the smoked duck breast way too thin?

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  6. Hope you had a great time there JK :-) See you real soon ya!

  7. Everything looks so cool and delicious in Tujo bar! Hope to visit this place if I'm at KL.

  8. Look so delicious!! Love ur food photography and typography with the detailed explaination :D

  9. tujo sounds like seven! haha maybe next time i shud open a restaurant name lapan! XD

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  14. Nice place with yummy grilled food! I like the staircase and oso those classic tin toys.


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