June 10, 2013

Italiannies: Festa della Pasta Promotion!

Mamma mia! It’s Pasta Haven with a little Vino love…

In case you haven’t been to Italiannies, there are several great reasons to so now! Italiannies is infamous for their hearty platters of authentic pastas and pizzas. For the month of June, Italiannies is introducing eight new pasta dishes during its Festa della Pasta promotion from now till 30 June 2013. Enthusiast pasta lovers can now enjoy an array of authentic new pastas with Italiannies’s list of vinos or wines at all Italiannies’ outlets.

It certainly was a very pasta affair as members of the media and bloggers got together to experience a true Italian family feasts hosted by Italiannies at its Mid Valley outlet to celebrate the arrival of the new eight pasta dishes. We were all serenaded by a live music from stroller musicians while seated across long tables family style. The new promotional pasta dishes were served in ‘abbondanza’ (sharing) portion, so as to enjoy and emulate Italiannies’ ‘A’more di Merrier’ shared presentation menu concept.

Present at the event was Mr. Andrea Rossi, Regional Manager of Italiannies who revealed the storied origins behind each dish, while showcasing the fresh Tagliatelle pasta that will be made by hand, daily at Italiannies’ kitchen, especially for this promotion.

We got to see a live demonstration from Italiannies’ chef on how to make fresh Spinach Tagliatelle before we savor it! Of course, the chef makes it looked like a breeze, so much so, I am really tempted to make some fresh pasta myself…

What’s a little pasta affair without some Vino love? Italiannies is proud to present a lovely list of wines to be paired with the new pastas. These are available by glass or bottle. Savor glasses of Alois Lageder Riff Pinot Grigio, Adesso Nero D’Avola IGT Sicilia, Alois Lageder Riff Rosso Vigneti Dolomiti and more…

Main highlights of the evening were two appetizers, eight pastas and a dessert all available with lunch and dinner promotions. More details at the end of this post.

Italian Grissini to kick off our appetites…

Mediterranean Salad

A hearty platter of greens filled with romaine lettuce and rocket embedded with sliced black olives, tomatoes, red onions, crumbed cream cheese and topped with healthy grilled lean chicken breast. Light in flavors and healthy to boot…

Gamberi con Aglio

Impressive flavors will have your senses savoring a spicy concoction of robust flavors! Perfectly sautéed shrimps are boosted with spicy red dried chilies, baby tomatoes, black olives and loads of garlic. The sauce is superb and accompanied garlic toasts are just perfect for soaking up the glorious piquant sauce. Highly recommended for its sumptuous flavors that may cause addiction!

Mussels & Clams Lombardi con Pappardelle

Similar to the renowned fettuccine, pappardelle is a broader version of the former pasta. Paired with fresh clams and mussels cooked in a garlic white wine sauce, the pasta is beautifully light with wondrous hints of garlic, chili flakes and fresh herbs. It is a classic combination where every ingredient gets its own stardom in flavors.

Tagliatelle con Salvia, Funghi e Popettine

Fresh homemade tagliatelle is cooked al dente and sauced in a lemony mushroom sauce. Similar to fettuccine as well, the tagliatelle is a bit thicker and had better egg flavor than its former pasta. The pasta has an earthy taste filled with light citrusy flavors and smoky mushroom notes. Little adorable meatballs provided the meaty notes to accompany the noodles. Savoring this pasta will not leave one heavy since its light and lemony. Crisp fried sage completed the pasta.

Tagliatelle con Pesto al Pomodoro

Eyeing for the best of both worlds, fresh homemade plain and spinach tagliatelle is drenched in a creamy pesto sauce with diced tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and lots of grated parmesan cheese. The pesto sauce is simply scrumptious. Working harmoniously, one gets a good dose of nutty, cheesy and herb flavors summing up comfort earthy flavors. Comfort food at its best...

Fileja con Pomodoro e Basilico

Related to another pasta called pici, fileja has a long cylinder shape rolled up. A long time ago, it was said that the Italians used to make fileja with knitting needles to get its shape. Here, fileja is lighted tossed with a light and tangy fresh tomato sauce. Fresh basils and lots of parmesan cheese added more depth to the pasta. On a personal note, I do like the fairly thick noodles with fresh tomato sauce.


It’s been a while since I had cannelloni. This one brought back lots of wonderful familiar flavors with its cheesy goodness. A fairly big tubular pasta, cannelloni was created by Chef Nicola Federico in Sorrento, Italy and only gained popularity during World War II, when residents of Naples fled to Sorrento. Stuffed with spinach and artichokes, the pasta is covered in two sauces, a homemade red marinara and a white béchamel sauce before being baked with mozzarella cheese. It was the ultimate favorite of most of us at the table that night. Pure comfort pleasures filled with creamy cheese and tangy tomato sauce. I didn’t even miss the meat in this dish!

Paccheri con Ragu

Traditions are hard to resist. Here, the ragu, a meat based sauce, is paired with paccheri, broad flat pieces of irregular pasta. The meaty beef sauce is well braised till it renders a savory and tangy tomato sauce with hints of creaminess. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese, this classic is definitely hard to resist.

Tortellini con Salmone ed Aneto

Never a fan of tortellini simply because I always tasted more pasta than the filling, this one changed my mind. Filled with lots of spinach and ricotta cheese, the tortellini is soft and warm. Oozing with creamy cheese, it is well paired with an Alfredo white sauce studded with salty capers and luscious salmon with a good dose of dill. It is also served with smoked salmon and lemon wedges. The combination works beautifully with the cream, the salty capers, the rich salmon fish and ricotta cheese. It has a nice balance of flavors but one needs to eat this fast while it is still hot.

Fusilli con Spinaci ed Alfredo Sauce

By the last pasta dish, I was so full that I only had a small taste of this pasta. Curly pasta is sautéed with chicken breast and spinach in a creamy white Alfredo sauce. Extra points given for the addition of the chili flakes, crushed walnuts and crispy spinach. Its not overly heavy and the light spicy heat and nutty walnuts gave the pasta a lovely twist.

Italian Trifle

We got little mini sized portions of the dessert and dig in with sweetness! Deemed an Italian classic, the trifle is layered with creamy mascarpone cheese filling, lady fingers, chocolate chips and covered in dark chocolate powder. It was definitely a creamy and sweet ending!

*Actual portions defer from the above as we were served the sharing portions.

Lunch promotion
A lunch promotion from the Festa Della Pasta menu includes a top of up RM6 for a choice of pasta and a choice of either a salad (Insalata Verde), a dessert (chocolate brownie) or a glass of Pepsi that will be served from 11am till 3pm.

Dinner promotion
The dinner promotion from the same Festa Della Pasta menu includes a top up of RM16, for a choice of pasta, and a choice of an entrée (Gamberi con Aglio), a salad (Insalata Mediterranea) or a dessert (Italian Trifle), which is applicable for dinner service that commences 6pm onwards.

Participating outlets:
·         The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
·         The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
·         Empire Shopping Centre, Subang Jaya
·         Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya
·         Gurney Paragon, Penang

For more information, please visit http://www.italiannies.com.my.


  1. Wanted so much to drop by here - the MV outlet but not enough time, too many places to go. Will have to wait till my next trip to KL then...

  2. I like the texture of the pasta, maybe it's too "hard" for others but it's just fine for me :P

  3. i love their italian trifle, delizioso!

  4. I like pastas!
    The lunch promo looks like a good deal...

  5. Lovely pasta. I hardly say NO to it.

  6. Salivating thinking about homemade pasta!

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