June 24, 2013

Samsung ‘Get-To-Know’ Bloggers Engagement Gathering @The Pool

Getting to Know Samsung Personally…

Thanks to Manoah Consulting and Samsung, bloggers are given a great bonding session with Samsung! Just recently, invited bloggers congregated at The Pool in Jalan Ampang one evening for the Samsung ‘Get-To-Know’ Bloggers Engagement Gathering. Despite it being a Friday, traffic was surprisingly pretty ok. Arriving on time, I was greeted by the signature blue and white Samsung themed décor.

Upon entering, we were tagged with a lovely Samsung wrist band that is actually a thumb drive. Samsung also presented us with a mini speaker and cookies… kudos for the thoughtful touches from Samsung!

The whole place was decked out in blue and white with lots of balloons, ornaments, oil lamps and steamers. Gorgeously inviting and music sets the mood for a lovely party to come. There was a photo booth at the entrance and so, instead of being behind the lens, I took some time in front of it!

Options to chill out al fresco or simply hide out in the air-condition room had many of us well spread out while waiting for evening to kick off!

The goal of the event was really a great casual meet-up between bloggers and Samsung brand managers. Everyone is given a great event to connect for future prospects and networking. We also had a great time catching up with every blogger and also to meet some new ones!

Our emcee of the night was the lovely bubbly Linora! For those of you who don’t know who she is, the lovely DJ is always with us through redfm. Caught a nice one of Donovan and Linora before the event kicks off…

The evening started with a speech by Donovan from Manoah Consulting.

Samsung Brand Managers and Samsung Management took stage after being introduced.

This was followed by a short presentation of Samsung technology and even a video. You simply must check out the video!!

We then adjourned for some chows and liquids. During this time, we were all encouraged to check out the Samsung's TecTiles application, which uses Samsung's NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Simply turn on the NFC app and tap against the circle to see the message. At the end of the night, there will be winners for those who were able to answer some questions on this app.

The night continues on and everyone grouped together for more networking. Unfortunately for me, I had a last minute work meeting and so I had to leave early that evening. Still, it was a great prospect to be able to meet the Samsung group and a big thanks to Manoah Consulting and Samsung for making this happen!

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