April 25, 2013

Ah Lim Seafood, Kota Kemuning: A Crabby Affair!

Diggin the Awesome Crabs Here!

This was consumed a few months back with my family when cravings for crab hit us. My sister who lives in Kota Kemuning recommended this place to us for crabs since she had dined here few times and enjoyed them here.  Since we had our sister visiting from overseas, we thought she would love a good crab night out. Ah Lim Seafood, owned by two Lim brothers from Perak, serves up a nice range of home cook dishes with focus on seafood.

We were late that evening for dinner and were glad that only few tables were occupied. With dishes logged in, it sure didn’t take much time for the dishes to arrive. The seven gluttons ordered 8 dishes plus side orders of fried mantao. The restaurant is open air and since the night was cool, we didn’t mind camping out on the open area of the restaurant. Décor is minimal with the classic plastic furniture and red tablecloths.

Cantonese Hor Fun

This rice noodle was decent but nothing to shout about. It had a good amount of ingredients and the egg gravy was average.

Fried Rice

We love the fluffy fried rice studded with lots of Chinese sausage, small prawns, long beans and egg. Well-seasoned with nice separated grains, the rice was quite moist and very aromatic from the wok heat!

Sautéed Green Vegetable

A plate of sautéed vegetables to provide some greens for our tummies before stuffing them silly with seafood!

Sautéed Lotus Root & Macadamia Nuts

Another favorite that night, this dish was wiped out in a jiffy! Executed really well from its still crisp lotus root, onion, lily bulb, snow peas, carrot, dried squid and macadamia, the dish had a good sweet flavor that was light and delicious. We love the mix of textures in the different ingredients, given us a good exercise as well as flavors. The dried squid really perfumed this dish well. A must order…

Sweet & Sour Garoupa

I loved this for its warm comfort flavors. Two huge cuts of garoupa deep fried to crisp with soft sweet flaky flesh are drenched in a pool of sweet and sour sauce. Sweet and sour sauce may be common everywhere but getting the good balance of sweetness and sourness is only achieved by few. It is almost perfected here and the sauce gets some extra sidekicks of shredded onion, bell peppers, tomatoes and chilies. We literally scraped the plate for all the delicious sauce to coat our rice… pure bliss!

Deep Fried River Carp with Supreme Soy Sauce

My sister loves this cooking method for Wan Yue or river carp. The fish is simply fried till super crispy that the fine bones can be literally eaten and is flavored with supreme house soy sauce. The dish evoked simplicity at its best where classic will always remain a classic. Super simple and super satisfaction guaranteed as one taste the sweetness of the fish gently enhanced by the light savory sweet soy sauce. I do like this but I love the Sweet & Sour Garoupa even more…

Baked Crab

We purposely asked for large crustaceans and the owner obliged which of course came with a heftier price tag. Malaysia has so much ways of cooking crab that sometimes choices are difficult. That evening, we didn’t feel adventurous so we settled for letting the crustacean shine in its own flavors. Baked or grilled, the crab was lightly salty from the seasoning on the shells but the flesh was deliriously sweet!  It also has a nice smoky salt aroma from the baked method. We were extremely happy with this as sometimes going back to originality work wonders for the soul.

Spicy & Sour Crab

When this was placed in front of us, everyone told me that I better snap this fast because they are going to diggin regardless of my lens! Basking in full glory of deep orange egg sauce, the Spicy & Sour crab is just begging for attention. We really worshipped the dish to all its ingredients and clean out the awesome spicy and tangy sauce. Even with the heavy robust sauce, we can also taste the sweet flesh of the crab, sucking every little bit down to its skinny legs.  I probably could ramble on about how awesome this dish is but I think I will let the photos do its magic. So Shiok!!!

Fried Mantao

This was a no-brainer since we need this to mop up all the glorious sauce. I think we doubled up this order because we didn’t want to waste the crab sauce!!

Ah Lim Seafood sure serves up really good classic Chinese food. The seafood is really fresh that night and every seafood dish really rocks in their own flavors. There are just days when you want pure honest-to-goodness food, no ambience or anything else needed. Ah Lim Seafood fits the bill for churning out great classics. Going back to simplicity rocks!

Don’t have the prices because sista paid! Love my sisters lah….

1, Jalan Anggerik Eria AU 31/AU,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam.
Tel: 03-51213736/012-2019210

Business hour:
Lunch 11.00am-2.30pm
Dinner  5.00pm-11.00pm

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  1. Have eaten here many times, tried their crabs too but most times, their crabs are rather small. They do serve decent no frills tai-chow style of dishes :-)

  2. Oooo...must KIV this place, food looks good. And crabssss!!!! I want!

  3. The sweet and sour crab look delicious! Dipping the mantao into the gravy...yummss

  4. With no reason I don't like spicy & sour crab, I prefer mine cooked in butter creamy sauce :)

  5. This one is good , my sis and I will go for our dinner whenever she is lazy to cook. And yes, I love the wok heat of their fried rice too! ^^

  6. Woooo..it's hard not to imagine when dipping the fried mantao with the sauce!

  7. I'm drooling looking at all the yummy photo at your post... Wish that I can be in this restaurant.