April 24, 2013

The Lobsterman, SS2 Petaling Jaya: King of Crustacean Lobster Special Set Menu!

Celebrating a Birthday with the King of Crustacean!

My family of gluttons loves to celebrate any birthdays in style! This round, it’s my niece’s birthday and she gets to decide what she wants for her special day. When she mentioned lobsters, I think everyone was ecstatically happy, including me! And why not? An extremely great excuse to indulge in the king of crustaceans!

Lobsters being the highly prized and expensive seafood, we thought hard to be reasonable as it can really be expensive for a family of 10 gluttons. My niece suggested The Lobsterman at SS2 since she had a great dinner there previously and with a special set menu, this family of gluttons happily assembled there one evening for the celebration. I was told that The Lobsterman has been around for a while and has been serving many with its value-for-money lobsters. According to the website, The Lobsterman gets its supplies from Hong Kong, probably due to the owner who hails from the country himself.  The restaurant located discreetly behind a row of shop lots along the main road of SS2 is easily located if you know where to look out for the landmark to turn.

The whole d├ęcor look decent but definitely worn down over the years. Still, it is commendable for the effort it tries with blue tableclothes with a piece of paper for guests to doodle while they wait for their meal. Nice and bright with plenty of space between tables, there is also wooden picket fence sectioning up the restaurant for some privacy. Grey slates on floors, long blackboard with daily specials and huge tanks of lobsters complete the ambience.

We already knew what we were going to order, The Lobsterman Special Set Menu for two person priced at RM128++ per set. There is also another set for four people priced at RM218++ but we prefer the choices for the first one. It’s really value-for-money since one 550gm lobster is priced at RM98++ a la carte.

RM128++ Lobster Special Set Menu for Two Person:
Half dozen French Baked Escargot or New Zealand Mussels
Two Soups of the Day
One 550g Lobster, cooked to your choice
One Seafood Pasta or Seafood Baked Rice
Two Dessert of the Day
Two Tea or Coffee

Optional to upgrade the size of the lobsters for the set menu. Additional RM20 for 700gm, RM30 for 800gm or RM40 for 900gm lobsters to replace the 550gm.

Though there were only 9 adults and a little one, we went ahead and ordered 5 sets and upgrade all the lobsters to 800gm. Ok, we’re not called gluttons for nothing. We ordered extra appetizers and sides… and even a bottle of wine to celebrate!


Baked Escargot French Style

Oo la la… it’s so tainted with garlic, you’ll scare off vampires and even some love ones! These little snails are baked in a heavenly rich garlic butter sauce that makes us fight for a piece of garlic bread to mop up the sauce. Glad to say we all enjoyed this a lot and the our table was definitely stinking up with loads of garlic breath all round. We polished off 30 pieces of the escargot within minutes!

Soup of the Day

Changes on daily basis, we had mushroom and broccoli soups that evening. Both were creamy and mediocre at best.

Now The Lobsterman aims to please and there is quite an international selection of cooking methods for the luscious crustaceans. From Chinese style to Japanese Sashimi to American and European steamed or baked, there is really something for everyone. There is even an Indian curry or Thai tom yam for spicy fans. Check out their website for their menu.

Tarragon Butter Baked Lobster

We ordered two of this! French style served simply with tarragon butter, the crustaceans was utterly divine and sweet. Its baked just right with a good bite and the meat is delightfully sweet and tender. This one is served with side coleslaw and steamed corn. I love dipping this in the extra butter for a little extra love!

Char-Broiled Lobster

Simply grilled, this one is as original as it gets. Nothing to hide but pure sweet tender lobster flavor in full glory. Hailing from North America, it has a delectable smoky grilled aroma to enhance the meat. This one is not as juicy as the first one but it does have its own charm. Served with coleslaw and corn on the side.

Lobster Thermidor

Ah… the all-time-favorite! I can remember eating this when I was in my early teens where my parents would treat me and the whole clan to a whole lobster Thermidor for a very special occasion. I stole a bite and this was really creamy and cheesy. The white sauce coats chunks of lobster meat to a luscious bite. It didn’t need the butter on the side and you have to eat this while it’s hot for better flavors. If you love velvety and milky cream, you’ll love this classic!

Shelter’s Garlic Lobster

My sister was the only one that went for Chinese style. This was so good, she literally hogged this whole lobster to herself! Whipped up a la Hong Kong style named Typhoon Shelter for its abundance bits of garlic and onion concoction, the pieces of lobster are superb and succulent. It has a good dose of sweet, savory and spicy flavors and while the lobsters are deep fried, there is still a succulent juice oozing from the shells. The bits were so good, we kept stealing the garlicky bits from her plate!

Seafood Pasta

Served with a good dosage of marinara sauce, the pasta had some seafood in it. It’s pretty good with a nice balance of sweet and tangy tomato flavors and pasta was also decent.

Seafood Baked Rice

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one so much but I did! Its egg fried rice topped with a white creamy seafood sauce and baked with cheese. I believe that the lovely white sauce takes the cake in this one, making everything savory come together deliciously!

Dessert and Coffee or Tea

Dessert was really simple and nothing to shout about but I was already pleased with the dishes served that it didn’t matter to me. Coffee and tea included to round up the set meal which is really a thoughtful way to end the set menu.

French Garlic Bread (RM5)

Besides the set menu, we ordered two baskets of garlic bread which came all golden brown and toasty. A little over toasted but flavors are good with strong pungent hints of garlic.

Yee Mee with Spring Ginger Sauce (RM8)

Another surprise for us, this simple rendition of braised noodle was divine! Make sure to order this side as the eggy noodles are well braised in the delicious gingery and oniony sauce. The flavors are robust and heavenly as I slurped at the noodles. Everyone raved about this dish and we decided to order another round of it.

In total, we walloped 5 lobsters, 2.5 dozen escargots, 10 bowls of soup, 12 pieces of garlic bread, 3 bowls of pasta, 2 bowls of rice, 2 bowls of noodles, dessert, wine, coffee and tea. Phew… it was indeed a crazy awesome indulgence that night!

We had such a great time that night and the birthday gal was on cloud nine! We actually over ate and the set meal for two was indeed sufficient for regular diners. If you think it is not enough, order an extra lobster to add on which I still think is a great deal for couples intending to splurge on lobsters. You’ll probably pay more for one lobster alone at other fine dining restaurants than paying for the set meal with additional lobster!

Huge thanks to my sister and her family for this lovely dinner! And yes, I forgot to mention that we also polished off a whole birthday cake at the end of the meal…

No. 53, Jalan SS 2/30,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03 7877 6772
Fax: 03 7877 0772


  1. Prices for the sets are pretty reasonable.

  2. Not really a prawn/lobster fan, I prefer crab :P

  3. I have not been here before despite I used to pass by this place very often.

    Now, I really want to hop in for a LOBSTER feast!

  4. RM128++ Lobster Special Set Menu for Two Person, I think its a good price! The lobsters meal look yummy!

  5. Wow! Looks like a nice place. Will KIV this for July. My King's bday :D

  6. Wow, the lobster really looks tempting! Yeah, the price is reasonable compared to other places