September 5, 2012

Page 2 by Plan b., Publika @Solaris Dutamas: A Groovy New Kid on the Block!

Perking up the Neighborhood with lots of Groove!

Word is out! The latest watering hole in the ever snazzy Publika mall at Solaris Hartamas, Page 2 by Plan b. has taken over the quiet part of the neighborhood. Part of the brilliance of The BIG Group, this groovy creative space is set for musicians and the entertainment industry to release their creative juices here. Located directly above another BIG brainchild, Plan B, Page 2 is like an extension of the comfortable restaurant.

Echoing its sisterhood below, Page 2 sets out to impress its guest with lots of recycled items for the ambience. Impressive and groovy upon sight is the main featured wall of old televisions recycled into an artistic impressionist backdrop for a stage. Blue seemed to be the new color of the season, so the whole place has a cool dim lighting to soothe out a day’s worries.

Ingenious crate palates are turned into sofas while metal cylindrical containers are artistically shaped into chairs and used as tables!  A trendy long bar platformed with loads of beer crates sets a comfy and hip status for the hangout.  Metal office desks lined the corridors of the hangout, echoing a similar haunt of those old school days’ era. Currently, the whole ambience is al fresco with lots of open air view of the neighborhood.

At Page 2, one helps themselves to the cool menu printed on the tables! Cute as it literally saves time waiting although one may need to stretch their necks a bit to read the whole menu… J

Expect lots of brews and potions but a minimal list of chows. While alcohols may dominate the list, fear not fellow non-alcoholics, there are coffee, tea, juices, milkshakes, fizzies and frosties to quench your undying thirst. Small bites to accompany the swills are chips, fries, wings, fried seafood, breads and dips!

As it was an invited event, we were treated to a whirlpool of luscious bites like Guacamole and Nacho chips, Savory Popcorns, Mini Burgers, Meatballs, Roast Duck Sandwich and Mini Lamb Pies!

Bites are probably from Plan b menu so do ask if you could order it at Page 2 or simply head downstairs to get some. The night was filled with Ice Teas, Gin & Tonics and Frosty Beers for some liquid connection while Rocky Road Bars and Mini Lemon Meringues filled up the sweet-tooth cravings.

At Page 2, one does not make lemonades from lemon!

A live band performance hit every musical note that night with groovy soundtracks while everyone chilled out in style…

Check out Page 2 by Plan b. at The BIG Group Facebook:!/TheBigGroup


  1. Agreed. Nice set of photos you got here!!

  2. young people, go ahead! Have fun!!! Hey! That looks like Xiangcool! What was he doing there sitting all clone, drinking? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  3. Looks pretty cool! I'm generally not a big fan of B.I.G group as the outlets tend to be overhyped. But a cool bar can't really go wrong!

  4. Those mini lemon merengue pies look yummy.

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