December 29, 2019

CNY Menu 2020 @ Tao Chinese Cuisine, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

Auspicious Celebrations in Style

Festive season beckons for reunions with family, friends and business acquaintances. To usher in the New Lunar Year of the Rat, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur is ushering the festive season with a sensory dining experience at Tao Chinese Cuisine. Executive Chinese Chef Wong Lian You along with Master Dim Sum Chef Lo Tian Sion and culinary team has curated 4 exclusive Chinese set menus for the festivity.

Tao Cuisine redefined Oriental roots by taking their diners on a memorable dining experience. The restaurant ambiance alone is always an impressive conversation starter with the stunning contemporary designer light in the main dining room. The injections of Chinese inspirations are visible through all the dining area inclusive of the six private dining rooms named after dynasties in China. The restaurant even has its own signature tea infused with rosehip oil to be paired with the modern Chinese menu.

This festive occasion, Tao Chinese Cuisine is offering four Chinese set menus along with a Yee Sang menu, Dim Sum and Chinese New Year Special Ala Carte. Available from 30 December 2019 to 8 February 2020, diners will savor Chef Wong’s seasonal creations such as Double-boiled Mini “Monk Jumps Over The Wall”, Braised Dried Golden Oyster, Mushroom, Sea Moss & Goose Web, Roasted Goose with Truffle Sauce, Stir-fried Australian Black Angus Tenderloin with Black Pepper, Sautéed Scallops with Star Jelly & Truffle Sauce and more.

At first reading, it sounded unusual. Roasted Goose, Truf‑e SauceSoft Shell Crab Yee Sang with Hakka Lei Cha Sauce was certainly an unusual pairing. The yee sang was plated beautifully and it even comes with crispy fish skins and jelly fish. The crispy soft-shell crab was crispy and golden. Accompanying the yee sang was a saucer of dark olive Hakka lei cha sauce as well as nuts, oil and pok chui.

After many shout outs of good blessings of lou hei, everyone settled down eagerly to taste Chef Wong’s creation. The Hakka lei cha yee sang sauce was well-perfumed with the distinctive aroma of basil and sawtooth coriander. Our table of diners adored the pairing of the lei cha sauce with the plum sauce as it has a refreshing element of flavour from the herbs. The sauce also elevated the soft-shell crab, fish skin and other yee sang ingredients well, giving the dish a new dimension of flavours from the norm. A good fusion of flavours, especially for those who enjoys lei cha!

Other variations of yee sang available at Tao Cuisine are Lobster Claw Meat Yee Sang, Marinated Shredded Sea Cucumber Yee Sang with Vinegar Dressing, Fresh Atlantic Salmon Yee Sang and Crispy Rice Yee Sang.

Double-Boiled Maca, Fish Maw, Baby Abalone & Chicken Soup was next on the menu from Opulent set. Maca, Peruvian ginseng, is said to be an excellent aphrodisiac by ancient Incas.

Today, Maca is known to heal the nervous system caused by stress as well as restore vitality and ease fatigue. The clear consommé broth is soothing at taste with subtle hints of the ginseng in the background. To add more flavour to the soup, premium fish maw along with baby abalone and dried scallop are double-boiled along with the broth which resulted in this delicious and comforting soup.

The next course of Tao’s Roasted Duck, Hong Kong Style, was a splendid one. The dark amber hue of the glistening roasted duck skin is such a luscious sight. The duck had a wondrous aroma of light Chinese herbs. The meat is beautifully succulent with the herbs complimenting the rich dark meaty notes of the duck while the skin, while not crispy, is utterly delicious with well-rendered fatty bits.

We doubt we can ever get tired with classic dishes, especially when they are prepared so well. A fish that garners a royal name, the Steamed White Sultan Fish with Superior Soy Sauce is cooked to perfection. Expect some effort to work your way through the thousands of bones but the result is smooth and almost creamy soft flesh that melts-in-the-mouth. Minimalist but definitely a crowd pleaser dish…

As the Tok Alang Style Wok-Fried Tiger Prawn was placed on the table, the air immediately was scented with this luscious ‘heong’ aroma of soy sauce lingering deliciously. The vibrant crustaceans are gorgeously glistening under the light, teasing our senses into oblivion. The balance of the savory and sweet sauce makes the prawns lip-smacking yum!

The menu is always never complete unless it includes premium dried seafood. The Braised Sea Cucumber, Mushroom, Crab Roe Paste with Vegetables offers a medley of various textures. From the bouncy and tender sea cucumber to the plump and earthy mushrooms along with broccoli, it was the luscious abalone sauce studded with sweet crab meat that married everything together deliciously.

To end the savory journey, Chef Wong prepared Steamed Rice in Mini Lotus Leaf. Classic sticky rice studded with salted egg yolk and other ingredients. The lotus leaf aroma is pretty pronounced in the rice and the flavours are nicely balanced.

A sweet ending of lavish Double-Boiled Snow Bird’s Nest, Glutinous Dumpling & Lemongrass Brown Sugar Syrup had all of us enjoying the benefits of the hot sweet broth with premium bird’s nest. The dark richness of the sweet broth is such a delight without being cloyingly sweet while the glutinous dumpling is a soft mushball filled with black sesame paste.

The unusual pairing in the dessert of Pan-Fried Ninko, Sesame Seeds and Salted Bean Paste Dumpling was delicious. The combination of sweet and salty works wondrously on the palate and is beautifully aromatic.

The preview set menu above was the Opulent Set priced at RM2388nett per table of 10 persons.

Tao Chinese Cuisine Festive CNY Set Menus
Harmonious Set RM1988nett per table of 10 persons
Opulent Set RM2388nett per table of 10 persons
Abundance Set RM2788nett per table of 10 persons

Festive Promotions
The Prosperity Toss - 30 December 2019 till 8 February 2020
Harmonious, Opulent & Abundance Set - 30 December 2019 till 8 February 2020
Dim Sum A La Carte - 25 January till 8 February 2020
Chinese New Year Special Ala Carte Menu - 24 January till 8 February 2020

Additional Discounts
25% early bird offer when you book before 29 December 2019
25% off for Gourmet Collection members
20% off for credit card holders (Maybank, Citi, CIMB, HSBC, UOB, Hong Leong Bank)
25% off for Group bookings (30 people and above)

Terms and Conditions
Gourmet Collection members and Credit card holders’ discounts are not applicable for Chinese New Year Set Menus
Full payment is required to confirm the early bird reservations before 29 December 2019
Discounts are not applicable for reservations on 24 to 26 January 2020

For reservation or more information, call us at 03-2782 6128 or email

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