August 18, 2019

Mid-Autumn Mooncake 2019 @ Dorsett Grand Subang

Mooncake & Tiffin Gift Set

The Mid-Autumn festival commemorates a year of thanksgiving for bountiful harvest and is much celebrated by many with family and friends. It is also a time for gathering during the 15th day of the lunar calendar as the moon shines high and bright. A time to enjoy mooncakes and tea, the Mid-Autumn festival is also the perfect time to send some of these delicious mooncakes to loved ones and friends.

Dorsett Grand Subang is presenting a selection of their hand-crafted halal mooncakes in a limited-edition Dorsett Deluxe Tiffin Gift Set that comes with 4 mini baked mooncakes. The Mooncake & Tiffin Gift Set has 2 design and 3 colours to choose from. Priced at RM168nett per set, there are various flavours of mooncakes to choose from.

The Dorsett Deluxe Tiffin comes in a floral with bird design or a musical sonata with butterflies. Available in pastel blue, pastel lilac and pastel orange, the 4-tier enamel tiffin holds 4 mooncakes. The beautiful tiffin is not only pretty but makes a nice decorative item or be used as an actual tiffin.

Besides the Dorsett Deluxe Tiffin, there is also an elegant hexagon-shaped Dorsett Gift Box in bold red, gold and dark brown with printed and die-cut design that holds 4 regular mooncakes.

Exquisite mooncakes such as the Premium Musang King Durian, Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake and Dragonfruit Mooncake with Pure Red Bean Paste are bound to be crowd pleasers with their delicious flavour as well as appealing outlook made from natural ingredients.

The Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake is a butterfly pea flower infused crystal skin mooncake filled with luscious pandan lotus paste and single salted egg yolk. Utterly pretty and delicious combination of aromatic pandan lotus paste with the rich salted egg yolk that reflects a modern update of mooncakes.

The Dragonfruit Mooncake with Pure Red Bean Paste is also a crystal skin mooncake that makes a comeback this year with its beautiful and vibrant pink colour crystal skin with sweet and nutty red bean paste.

Mini Crystal Skin Premium Musang King Durian mooncake is also available due to the love of the king of fruit by Malaysians. Dorsett Grand Subang’s version is unctuously rich and decadent for those who love Musang King durian.

There are also other classics selection of baked mooncakes available in regular and mini size. A pretty and delicious gift this Mid-Autumn, head on over to Dorsett Grand Subang to get yourself their collection of hand-crafted mooncakes and Dorsett Deluxe Tiffin Gift Set this season. Available from 1 August to 13 September 2019, the mooncakes can be collected at Dorsett Grand Subang and Dorsett Kuala Lumpur for all mooncakes or collect at Dorsett Hartamas and Silka Cheras for all Mooncakes except Crystal Skin mooncakes.

Selection of Baked Mooncakes
·       Mini Dragon Fruit & Black Sesame Paste - RM22
·       Mini Pure White Lotus Paste – RM22
·       Pure Red Bean Paste – RM28
·       Pure White Lotus Paste – RM31
·       Pandan Lotus Paste – RM31
·       Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk – RM33
·       White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk – RM36
·       White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk – RM36

Selection of Crystal Skin Mooncakes
·       Premium Musang King Durian (2 days advance notice required) – RM33
·       Pure Red Bean Paste – RM26
·       Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake – RM33

* Mini and crystal skin mooncakes come in a box of 6. Individual pieces sale available.

Dorsett Deluxe Tiffin Gift Set with 4 mini baked mooncakes - RM168
Dorsett Deluxe Tiffin Gift Set with 4 mini Premium Musang King Durian mooncakes - RM198

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20% OFF – 10 to 29 boxes in a single receipt

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