Saturday, December 30, 2017

Recipe: Smoked Duck with LINGHAM’s Chili Orange Sauce

December is a month filled with lots of festive celebrations as well as anticipation for the coming New Year. It’s also a great month to have parties or whip up special meals for family or friends. I always try to make something out of the norm and would try to find special ingredients that I love but only indulge in special occasions.

This round, I was going to a potluck party at a friend’s house and decided to make a Smoked Duck Breast with Rocket Salad dressed with LINGHAM’s Chili Orange Sauce. Smoked duck breast is now easily available in most major supermarkets in the frozen section. It is a bit on the pricey side so I do treat myself with this yummy premium ingredient once in a while. Besides, it’s easy to prepare and always makes a great crowd pleaser at parties.

This recipe practically takes less than half hour to make and clean up before getting dolled up to head to the party. It is great served at room temperature or chilled. Sauce can be poured on just before serving.

What makes this dish unique is the pairing of fruity sweet and spicy dressing with the savory and smoky duck breast. I used rocket leaves to give the dish a bitter and peppery edge but you can use normal mixed greens if you don’t like rocket leaves. The rest of the ingredients for the salad is really up to what you like to be honest.

If you cannot find smoked duck breast, you can use smoked salmon, chicken breast or even steak to replace but these will work with the sweet and spicy dressing made with my favorite LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce. Hope you enjoy this and here’s to ushering in a brand New Year!


2        Smoked Duck Breasts
2        Oranges
2 tbsp LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce
2 tbsp Apricot jam
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp Sesame Seed (toasted)
1        Bell Pepper
200gm        Rocket leaves or mixed greens
some  Cherry Tomatoes
some  Cilantro (optional)

Prepare side salad by mixing rocket leaves, sliced bell peppers, cut cherry tomatoes and picked cilantro.
Cut up 1 orange into segments and placed on rocket salad.
Heat up pan on low heat and add in smoked duck breast, skin side down.
Slowly render duck fat and crisp it up till golden brown for about 2 to 3 mins.
Flip over the duck and cook the meat side for 1 min.
Remove smoked duck to a plate and pour out the duck fat oil from pan.
Heat up the pan again on low heat.
Add in apricot jam, LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce and squeeze in 1 orange juice.
Mix well and let it come to a gentle boil to thicken up the dressing.
Turn off heat and add in olive oil and sesame seed.
Slice up smoked duck breast and place with rocket salad.
Drizzle LINGHAM Chili Orange dressing over smoked duck and rocket salad, serve.

Extra Notes and Tips
  • Substitute smoked duck breast with grilled chicken, steak or even smoked salmon
  • Try different range of LINGAM’s Chili Sauce – Original, Thai, Sriracha, Extra Hot
  • Serve with your favorite ingredients for salad


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