October 3, 2017

Tiki Taka @ Medan Damansara

New Menu with Big Flavours!

Talk about going all out, Chef Carrie Scully has whipped up a new tapas menu as well as a little extra at Tiki Taka! It’s certainly one of our friendly neighborhood restaurant that taking various classic favorites and amping it up with a Carrie twist.

Tiki Taka, located in the housing neighborhood of Medan Damansara, has been serving lots of scrumptious East meets West inspired tapas bites. Coupled with their full bar service, it is one of the better place to hang out in that area for good food and drinks.

This round, the new menu is bolder and definitely better. Filled with lots of porky fare, there’s plenty of small bites as well as mains and a sweet ending. We visited once evening for a sneak peek and was pretty stoke about the luscious menu coupled with a few giggle juices.

No hour is happy hour without cocktails! Quite a few new ones on the list but we opted for Shoreditch (RM29) and Californication (RM29). Shoreditch was gin based perked up with freshness through cucumber, lemon and apple while Californication was vodka with tropical juice. I was particularly fond of Shoreditch with its freshness.

Our new pintxos journey began with a pretty looking Mini Pork Burger (RM11). So while our shore is no longer surprise with black tainted hamburger buns, this new pink brioche mini bun was a nice element from Chef Carrie. Using natural beetroot to make the brioche bun, it is deliciously sandwiched with a juicy pork patty, house made strawberry pink peppercorn ketchup, mozzarella and cucumber.

The Mini Pork Burger is simply sublime. Talk about juiciness and flavours, this one has it all despite its mini version. What stood out in flavour was that amazing fruity strawberry pink peppercorn ketchup. It’s got fruitiness and a subtle heat that elevated this porky burger. One of the best condiment that I have tasted on burgers.

The Pork Belly Mantou (RM8) was another winner in my books. Taking the classic Chinese burger and putting on her own recipe, this one is absolutely drool worthy too. Pieces of pork belly braised and glazed in syrupy thick sweet and sticky Gula Melaka chili sauce was practically stacked to max in the fluffy mantou bun. The twist… a slice of pickled starfruit to give this one a fruity tang and texture. A little tricky to eat but who cares, I am all for messiness if it taste as good as this!

The next tapas was an attractive one too with pretty colors at sight. Miso Scallop (RM28), four pieces on the shell, is baked with a miso mushroom cheese sauce, drizzled with hot sauce, crowned with salmon roes and finished with parsley and edible flowers. The flavours were moreish and the scallops were cooked well, a solid tapas for those who loves their scallops.

I would never expect the next tapas to be served here. Not that I am complaining about it but Chef Carrie’s version of XO Lo Bak Go (RM25) was very much well supported by many once they have tried it. XO sauce, house made recipe definitely boosted the flavours of this much beloved Chinese dim sum. Pan fried to give the radish cake a crispy edge, it was a tad firm than the norm. Studded with lots of bits of Chinese sausage in it and Chef Carrie even managed to sneaked in a little heat from the XO sauce. My only little gripe was it was a tad too salty for me but the others at our table was ok with it.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Tiki Taka’s Nasi Lemak Babi (RM23) showed up. At sight, my first thought was that this was the ultimate porky nasi lemak. How can one not stare in awe of this amazing platter of coconut rice served with deep fried pork ribs, caramelized Gula Melaka pork belly, sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber and a pretty pink pickled quail egg.

It’s definitely created with much thought of a foodie’s ultimate nasi lemak in mind and a porky one too. Everything is delicious on this plate. Robust flavours from all the pork and condiments, its one nasi lemak to indulge in, especially after a long and exhausting day. I absolutely adored the beetroot pickled quail egg, wishing for more than one and that sambal was so yummy. It’s going to be hard to look at another nasi lemak without thinking about this one…

Pizza is made lavish with addition of tiger prawns and mini lobster in Ultimate Lobster Pizza (RM42). From the looks of it, it’s definitely got a lot of ingredients on it, all bound together with generous hot melted cheese. The pizza is crispy and jam packed with familiar robust tomatoey flavours.

By this time, our bellies were pretty satiated and full but when Summer Baby (RM19) came, we told ourselves that we have to try this pretty dessert. It’s a like a colourful beach scene with a sweet ending. House made luscious toasted coconut ice cream served along caramelized pineapples, mango gel, rose sponge, hibiscus preserve and passion fruit sauce, that’s a lot of effort in a dessert. The final element that convinced us to fall in love with the dessert was the cheesy mini umbrella!

Kudos to Chef Carrie for her passion and creativity in this new menu! This is one gutsy chef who came from non- professional culinary background. Head over to Tiki Taka if you’re up for an adventure of flavours!

138, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-328 7438

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri              4pm-1am
Sat-Sun                9am-1am

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