October 29, 2017

Recipe: Minced Pork Sausage with LINGHAM Chili Sauce

I tend to come up with recipes when I am craving for a particular dish. Lately, I have been whipping up quite a few dishes with minced meat simply because they are easy to make and fast as well. Being a full time working mother, I don’t have much time to cook dishes that requirements long cooking time or preparation.

Recently I came across a recipe in a magazine on meatballs and decided to whip up my own version of Minced Pork Sausage with LINGHAM Chili Sauce. LINGHAM Chili Sauce is so versatile in the kitchen and adds a lovely moreish sweet and spicy flavours to lots of ingredients such as meat, poultry, seafood as well as vegetables.

This round, I used original LINGHAM Chili Sauce as it is always available locally as well as in United States. I was on a work trip to US and was missing some home cook food. I found LINGHAM Chili Sauce in one of the Asian grocery store in Philadelphia and decided to whip up something simple for dinner.

The Minced Pork Sausage with LINGHAM Chili Sauce is super easy to make. Just mix everything together, shape up the minced pork sausage, cook on grill pan and serve hot with steamed rice and some quick vegetable pickles. The minced pork sausage is deliciously juicy with lightly smoky and sweet notes. One can even serve these with baguette as a sandwich, flour tortilla as a wrap or even stuff them into pita bread.

Bon Appetit!

Minced Pork Sausage with LINGHAM Chili Sauce

500gm        Minced pork
1 medium    Onion (minced finely)
4 cloves       Garlic (minced finely)
2 stalks       Spring onions (chopped finely)
2tbsp           LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce
1tbsp           Fish Sauce
1                 Lime (zest & juice)
                   Salt & pepper to taste

Prep onion, garlic and spring onions by mincing them finely.
Mix minced pork, onion, garlic, spring onion, lime zest, lime juice, LINGHAM’s Chili Sauce and Fish Sauce.
Season salt and pepper to taste.
Mix the ingredients well till sticky by throwing the mixture against the bowl few times.
Shape the mixture into sausage logs.
Heat grill pan till hot and brush with a little oil.
Grill the minced pork sausage rolls on low fire till cooked, turning them evenly every few minutes.
Served the minced pork sausage rolls with pickled carrot & cucumber and steamed white rice.

Extra Notes and Tips
  • Substitute minced pork with minced chicken or minced beef
  • Serve the minced pork sausage as sandwich, wrap or even on salad
  • Try different range of LINGAM’s chili sauce – Original, Garlic, Thai, Extra Hot

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