September 5, 2017

TR Fire Grill @ Pavilion KL

Firing Up American Favorites

The award-wining American bistro, TR Fire Grill has opened its first international outlet in Malaysia last month. Located in the prestige Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, TR Fire Grill is under the umbrella group that runs the famous global chain of Tony Roma’s restaurants.

The American bistro is bringing a taste of American cuisine to our shore. Featuring smoked and grilled dishes using hickory wood, there’s plenty of meat and seafood as well as vegetables on the menu. Everything is made in-house, down right to their sauces as well as condiments. Best of all, TR Fire Grill offers crafted artisanal cocktails at their bar as well as an extensive wine and beef offerings to go with the hearty American dishes on their menu.

The restaurant is spacious and glowing at sight. Perfect for big as well as small gatherings at any time of the day. Catch glimpse of our bustling metropolitan city through the glass wall during day time and the glittery cityscape during the evening. Whether you’re seated at the big dining area, at the bar or at one of their sectioned dining space, TR Fire Grill is warm cozy and casual.

Mocktails and cocktails to start our evening. Island Getaway (RM17), Cucumber Strawberry Freeze (RM17) and Fire Grill Mule (RM36) is not only pretty in colors but deliciously thirst-quenching, bang on for an evening filled with hearty favorites.

The Jalapeno Potato Tots (RM12) may only be a side but what a side it is… one dozen of crispy cheese potato croquettes served with jalapeno ketchup. These potato balls are so addictive, especially with the house-made spicy and tangy ketchup. Hand me a beer please…

If there is one appetizer to order it’s the cheesy Oven Baked Pizza Dip (RM25) served with toasted garlic focaccia bread batons. Loaded with lots of mozzarella ricotta and parmesan cheese with tomato sauce and beef pepperoni, this dip is sublime with every dip of the toast!

The Margherita Flatbread (RM20) is pretty decent too. Simple with beautifully fresh ingredients that work wondrously well, it’s the quality of ingredients that made this crispy flatbread easy to enjoy.

A salad not for the faint-hearted, the Whistle Stop Club Salad (RM31) is pretty hefty in portion. Great for sharing, this salad has loads of ingredients from crispy fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese to smoked chicken, chicken bacon and lots of other ingredients. Drizzled with a creamy peppercorn ranch dressing, this salad is so tasty with lots of various textures from all the various components. So this is another salad I would gladly eat if I have to steer away from meat…

Moving on to mains, one of TR Fire Grill’s best seller is the Salmon & Zoodles (RM59). A lean and healthy dish of zucchini noodles tossed with asparagus sweet red peppers, apple and feta cheese in a creamy dressing is paired with grilled salmon and grilled lemon half. Topped with a generous helping of pistachio romesco sauce, it was this nutty and tangy sauce that elevated the whole dish together. While the salmon was slightly too cooked for my liking, other had no issue with this dish. Just a matter of preference but the flavours are good.

The Chicken & Waffles (RM36) was my favorite of the evening for mains. Crispy and juicy chicken that was tender inside, sandwiched and stack up with golden crisp waffles and finished with a drizzling of agave syrup, this is about as American as it gets. Sweet and savory in bites, it’s a crowd pleaser in the States. Psst… we heard that the waffle has leeks, cheese and chicken bacon dust in the batter… no wonder the waffle is so tasty!

Smokehouse Board (RM79) has a little of everything if one cannot decide what to order. There’s dry rubbed lamp chops, wood-grilled quarter chicken breast with BBQ sauce, spicy chicken sausage, jalapeno potato tots and side of apple cider slaw. My favorite of the lot was the grilled lamb chops with agave plum sauce. Tender and succulent, the lamb chops had a moreish sweet and savory flavour that is utterly delicious. The chicken fared decent too but the chicken sausage fell short on flavour and texture. This one is definitely meant for sharing.

For desserts, there is a bit of a waiting time as everything is prepared-to-order. Out of the four desserts on the menu, we tried three of them. Chocolate Mayhem (RM26), a best-seller at TR Fire Grill, has two sizes. We had the small but even then, this one has two huge scoops of coffee and chocolate ice creams with chocolate cake topped with coconut caramel sauce, chocolate mousse, Snickers bar and dark chocolate espresso beans. Talk about sinful luscious chocolates… this one is pure chocolate all the way!

The Buttery Seared Lemon Pound Cake (RM29) looked rather normal until we tried it. It was super duper scrumptious. I could be bias since I love lemon but TR Fire Grill really elevated the lemon pound cake by pan searing it, giving it a nice toasty citrusy crust that matched so well with the big scoops of vanilla ice cream and blue berries. If you love lemons, this is a great dessert to end your meal at TR Fire Grill.

The last dessert of Asian Pear & Papaya Cobbler (RM20) also comes with ice cream. Crusty and toasty crumbles with a soft fruity base, this one is comforting with its hot and cold combination. The soothing scent of cinnamon and spices gave this dessert an earthy appeal.

There’s more to enjoy at TR Fire Grill such as steaks, ribeye steak tacos, shrimp po’ boy and smoked meatloaf. Portion is pretty hearty here and quality is solid hence pricing is decent for what TR Fire Grill serves. We certainly hope to see more outlets of TR Fire Grill around…

Lot No. 6.01.06, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603. 2110 0944

Hours of Operation
10am - 11pm

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