September 22, 2017

Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant @ Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Classic Dishes Prevails at Ming Palace

Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant has been serving classic Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine to many for more than 30 years ago when the Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur opened. This Chinese restaurant has not only garnered awards through the years but also a solid list of fans that return for their list of sumptuous Chinese cuisine.

The entrance to Ming Palace has an old school charm from Chinese yesteryears…

The restaurant is set in traditional Chinese grandeur with dark wood panels enhancing the ambiance with shades of red and cream through its furniture and Chinese ornate lanterns. There is a main dining room for public dining as well as 5 private rooms for privacy. Ming Palace seats up to 200 diners and is also a popular choice for wedding banquets.

The private dining room echoes the same theme as the restaurant, sectioned by wood panels and flanked by glittery chandeliers.

The menu at Ming Palace offers Chinese delicacies such as Dim Sum, Chinese a la carte dishes as well as banquet set menus and monthly promotions. We tried a few dishes of everything that is their signatures as well as some promotional dishes.

Ming Palace is pork free and offers a selection of pork free Dim Sums daily for brunch and lunch. We tried the Steamed Chicken Dumpling with Crab Roe Siew Mai (RM10) and Deep Fried Crispy Prawn Roll (RM10) from the Dim Sum menu and were pleased with both.

The Chicken Siew Mai is plump, moist and has a lovely bouncy texture. A true testament to the skill set of the dim sum chef since it is made with chicken.

The Deep Fried Crispy Prawn Roll is light and very crispy. Its fine battered lacey net is rolled and filled with sweet prawn filling before fried and finished with drizzle of mayo sauce.

Soups are always a welcoming sight and the Simmered Chicken Soup with Papaya & Almond (RM12) hit all the right spot in warming up my tummy with much comfort. Soothing and flavourful, the soup does not only taste so sweet and tasty but is cooling for the body.

This ravishing duo of Salad Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk (RM56 small| RM103 large) and Salad Pee Par Bean Curd (RM21 small| RM33 medium | RM45 large) certainly tick all the right notes of a yummy appetizer. Crispy battered soft shell crabs is made even better with sublime salted egg yolk coating while the house made pei par bean curd was moreish with a creamy sauce. All I know is that I cannot stop eating this platter…

Another house specialty is the Crispy Chicken with Mango – Thai Style (RM33 small| RM56 large). The crispy fried boneless chicken was moist and goes so well with the robust flavours of the tangy and lightly spicy mango salad. It’s just a classic dish that is executed deliciously.

We all need our greens and what better way to enjoy greens with the duo preparation of Seasonal Vegetables Fried with Garlic (RM21 small| RM33 medium | RM45 large). The Hong Kong kai lan stems are blanched and sautéed with lots of garlic while the kai lan leaves are finely shredded and deep fried till crispy. The ying and yang vegetable was a crowd pleaser that evening.

There was a promotion featuring mango for September and October. We tried the Chilled Smoked Duck with Mango (RM38 small), an unusual pairing but nevertheless superb. The chilled duck slices was gorgeous with its salty notes balanced by the sweet fruity slices of ripen mango. Served on a bed of Japanese seaweed salad, they should really consider to put this dish into their regular menu.

We were also told that we simply must try the Chilled Mango with Pomelo Puree (RM21). The dessert is such a classic one and the version here is deliciously fresh, fruity and sweet. Coupled with the burst of the pomelo sacs, this one is definitely a must-order!

Sweetened Herb Jelly with Almond Tea (RM14) sounded unusual and warrants an order since I enjoy the two components of the dessert on its own. Despite this unusual pairing, I really enjoyed it. The herb jelly or kwai link ko has a bittersweet note that is nicely balanced by the hot creamy and nutty almond tea.

Ming Palace is a place where one can be assured of delicious classic Chinese cuisine coupled with excellent service. The wait staff there has been serving customers for over decades and is very friendly and knowledgeable which makes dining at Ming Palace a truly memorable one.

1st Floor Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3-2161 8888 Ext.127/188

Business Hours:
Lunch 12.00noon to 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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