July 10, 2017

Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 with Chef Darren Chin

7 Chapters of Gastronomic Excellence at DC Restaurant

Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 returns with another gastronomic excellence with culinary extraordinaire Chef Darren Chin. The exclusive culinary platform makes a striking comeback with an unexpected journey of 7 Chapters of Taste for 2017.

Hennessy X.O, first bottled by Maurice Hennessy in 1870, is classified as “extra old” for its blend of 100 eaux-de-vie. Ever since the launch of Hennessey X.O Odyssey, it has been a yearly journey of exclusive showcase of the 250-year Maison’s iconic seven tasting notes paired with the finest dishes.

This year’s Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 is helmed by French trained Chef Darren Chin, featuring an eclectic mix of 7-course to articulate the 7 tasting notes of Hennessey X.O Cognac. From 16 July to 14 August, epicureans will able to indulge in the Hennessey X.O Odyssey 2017 at DC Restaurant.

Chef Darren, our very own culinary maestro, combines classical French and modernist techniques to feature ingredients at their peak of flavours and textures. With a comprehension of the philosophy of ‘la Jeune Cuisine’ (young cuisine), Chef Darren aims to create honest, pure and unpretentious dishes that feature nature’s bounty in its finest form.

Hennessey X.O’s seven chapters, characterized by Sweet Notes, Infinite Echo, Wood Crunches, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Rising Heat and Chocolate Lull, provide the culinary platform for Chef Darren’s creative vision to this exquisite menu.

Sweet Notes

A sweet and savory composition of Botan Ebi with Heirloom Tomato Granita, Konbu, Lemon Basil & Chili Oil led to a great start of the evening, paired with HXO on the Rocks. Sheer ingenious pairing of oceanic flavours of botan shrimp with briny globules of salmon roe is lifted with a fresh tang of tomato granite with drizzle of perfumed oil evoked the sweet nuances of the chilled cognac.

Infinite Echo

Echoing the bold cognac’s complex flavours in HXO with splash of water, the Takao Cold Somen with Ogawa Bafun Uni & Truffle Celeriac Cream oozed with elegance on the palate. As one elegantly slurps the chilled silky strands of somen laced with truffle, the sublime traces of the sea from the bafun sea urchin elevated the taste to new lusciousness. Urchin made more divine with the tasting notes of the cognac…

Wood Crunches

The next sea and land sonata of “Spring” Galician Octopus, Green Gazpacho & Burnt Leeks in Dark Rye Crumbs is paired with HXO with warm water. The refine notes of the slightly warm cognac was utterly soothing, a perfect match for tender octopus flanked by sweet crab meat. The smoky char and tang of gazpacho completed the sonata.

Spicy Edge

There are at least two sides to everything in life hence we tucked into two delicate sides of snow crab paired with HXO with a splash of water. The fine cognac’s spicy peppery note is enhanced by robust sweet crab essence in both sequels.

Part 1 showed off Snow Crab Broth Infused with Herbs from our garden. The sheer intensity of crab essence proved to be brazen match for the fine X.O. Lush aroma tantalized the sense of smell, followed by the satisfaction of oceanic flavours with fine shreds of snow crab was beautiful and delicious.

Part 2 had a medley of Japanese Snow Crab, White Asparagus, Culantro “Nam Jim” & Black Summer Truffle. The sweetest snow crab meat with the season’s finest white asparagus is made even more luxurious with truffles, freshly sliced on. A refine nam jim sauce, well controlled in every possible note of savory, sweet, sour and spicy, tied up the whole dish with much finesse.

Flowing Flame

Paying homage to flavours of flame, the course of Organic Chicken, Bertutu Spice, Vegetables from our Farm & Vegetable Vinaigrettes was not only scrumptious but gorgeous at sight. The chook was sinfully tender with a crisp spiced up skin that was impeccable in flavours. The garden of spring vegetables and purees added much freshness or sweet notes and textures to the dish. The HXO with a splash of cold water and ice was well rounded and imparted a refreshing note to the dish.

Rising Heat

Italian Veal Fillet Poached in Milk and Lightly Grilled with a Foie Gras Emulsion & Red Kampote Pepper could not have been executed any better. The veal fillet was perfectly poached till tender and plush pink before finished with on the grill. Accompanied by tempura battered zucchini flower, crisp snow peas and a foie gras sauce, literally to-die-for. There’s possibly no better way than to pair this with HXO neat for pleasurable notes of fine cognac and meat. Did I mentioned that we sliced through the buttery soft veal with Laguiole steak knives of our choice?

Chocolate Lull

With every journey, there comes an end, and preferably a sweet one. Luring the finale with 100% Arabica Coffee Ice Cream, Spiced Hairy Banana, M’Hencha & Lemon Chantilly, the intensity of the coffee went surprisingly very well with HXO neat. Perhaps the cream married well with the cognac as it added decadence to the fine notes of the cognac.

The Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 outdo its previous years again, setting the bar high each time for another culinary adventure with the fine cognac. Each chapter soars on its own, raising above each other to reach the peak of gastronomy.

An unforgettable Hennessey X.O Odyssey 2017 by Chef Darren Chin!

The exclusive Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 cognac pairing is priced at RM888++ per guest. This innovative showcase of unrivaled heritage and innovative vision is available from 17 July to 14 August at DC Restaurant. For reservations, kindly contact 03 7731 0502 or 012 223 2991

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60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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