June 10, 2017

Garoupa Promotion @ The Oriental Group of Restaurants

Exquisite Garoupa Dishes

The Oriental Group of Restaurants is renowned for fine Chinese cuisines served in their various restaurants in our metropolitan city. Award winning Executive Chef Justin Hor and his culinary team exemplify some of the finest and talented Chinese chefs in the culinary scene. Showcasing authentic Chinese cuisines elevated to new heights with touches of modern inspirations, dining at The Oriental Group of Restaurants has always been an unforgettable culinary experience.

One of the latest promotion from The Oriental Group of Restaurants for June 2017 features the highly-prized sea garoupa in the Garoupa Promotion. We had the honors of sampling various dishes prepared with the fish at the opulent Noble Mansion at Plaza 33 in Petaling Jaya recently.

Noble Mansion is renowed for fine Shunde-style cuisine and is a favorite restaurant among food connoisseurs for fine Chinese cuisine set in grand ambiance. The restaurant is designed with contemporary design and is cleverly sectioned into Bamboo Courtyard, the Lantern, the Terracotta Rooms and the Grand Hall to offer privacy in mind.

For the whole month of June, diners can dine on the premium deep sea garoupa and ocean garoupa prepared in various flavours with special highlights on the prices. Deep Sea Garoupa or ‘Loong Tan’ or Estuary Grouper is a giant garoupa that can grow up to 9 feet long with a maximum weight of 400kg. Harvested for its firm meaty flesh and chewy thick and gelatinous skin, the deep sea garoupa is usually steamed to highlight its sweet oceanic flavours. The Ocean Garoupa, served whole, is a smaller fish of the species but nevertheless prized for fine flesh with delectable sweetness.

First up, a sizzling clay pot of Deep Sea Garoupa Braised Traditional Style. The lush aroma of smoky richness tantalizes our sense of smell with much anticipation of deliciousness. Large and thick pieces of garoupa, lightly coated with a crispy thin batter, is braised in umami flavoured soy sauce based sauce with lots of garlic and Shitake mushrooms. The fish is moist, soft and very tasty.

The Deep Sea Garoupa Aberdeen Sizzling Shunde Style, also served in clay pot, tasted slightly different from the first dish but nevertheless, superb in flavours. The sizzling sound was music to my ears and the aroma was even better than the first dish. The usage of aromatics like baby shallots, pips of whole garlic cloves, coriander stems, ginger and bell pepper really elevated the deep sea garoupa fillets well. This version is dry and tasted of caramelized sweetness and smoky notes. Hand me more steamed rice please…

Next up, a large wok of Ocean Garoupa Boiled with Fish Maw, Yam and Chinese Cabbage in Superior Fish Stock is set on a portable stove on our table. Filled with a whole ocean garoupa soaking in a pool of opaque and creamy looking broth, we also spied long batons of yam, pieces of fish maw, Chinese cabbage and ginger slices with a generous sprinkling of coriander. The fish broth is gorgeously comforting with beautiful seafood essence and a touch of creaminess. The fish is fresh, tender and sublime while the creamy yam and springy fish maw goes really well together. It’s a pot of drooling goodness that embodies comfort and soothing flavours that one can enjoy at ease.

For extra indulgence, go for the Ocean Garoupa Steamed with King Prawns, Glass Noodles & Garlic. Both garoupa and prawns are beautifully arranged on glass noodles and angled luffa and finished with lots of minced garlic, superior soy sauce and fresh aromatics. The pieces of fish is sublime while the prawns are sweet and bouncy. The lightly chewy glass noodles and luffa gourd pieces have soaked up all the wonderful flavours of the sauce and taste just as good as the fish and prawns. The dish is great with rice or on its own.

For options of noodles, there is also the Deep Sea Garoupa with Rice Noodles in Superior Stock. The creamy and cloudy broth has thick big pieces of the fish that is cooked just right. This style allows one to enjoy the firm flesh for its natural sweetness and the chewy thick skin that many favors with this premium fish. The thin rice noodles is classic with the broth that has pickled vegetables and tomatoes to add a plush and piquant tang to the savory flavour.

Garoupa Promotion
Available till 30 June, 2017
Deep Sea Garoupa @ RM98++ per portion (usual price RM138++)
Ocean Garoupa @ RM198++ (usual price RM330++)

P1-01 Level 1 Podium
Plaza 33
No.1 Jalan Kemajuan
Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7932-3288


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