June 15, 2017

Awakening Café by Iggo @ Klang

Modern Scandinavian-Style Café Serving Fusion Food

After its initial success with Iggo Café in Setia Alam, the owners are jazzing up Bukit Tinggi in Klang with their second F&B outlet, Awakening Café. Located in a bustling business area, Awakening Café tells the story of a modern Scandinavian-style café serving fusion dishes to cater to the adventurous.

We paid a visit one fine weekend for a cup of Joe and was pleasantly delighted at its offering. Opened since November 2016,he café is designed with minimalist, offering a bright and contemporary space for coffee lovers. Choose from the main air-conditioned dining space or the small alfresco area set cool with ceiling fans.

A long bar is placed on one side of the space where all the beverage action takes place. While some may think Awakening Café is a tad too bright, we admitted that we rather enjoyed the clean and neat as well as brightly lit space, echoing an air of freshness and vibrant ambiance. Set in shades of white and light beech wood with industrial flooring, the whole café is great for hangouts as well as space for some workings.

The menu is generously filled with lots of choices of food and beverages. Food here can be describe as classic Western injected with our very own local flavours. Coffee lovers are treated to a long list of creative coffee, tea, beers and other beverages.

One of Awakening Café’s signature touch is coffee of your choice served in chocolate cone. We opted for their Signature Chocolate Cone with Café Latte (RM10 + RM3). It even comes with coffee art! Since the latte is hot and lightly melted the chocolate, it has a very subtle chocolate note with the latte, making it quite delish. The best part? You get to eat your ‘cup’ too…

My Down Under Iced Coffee (RM16) was superb! Thick, creamy and luscious coffee that is made even better with generous scoops of vanilla ice creams, this one is definitely a must-order if you love your cold coffee strong and creamy.

The Half n Half Iced Shaken Coffee (RM12) was also good with a creamy smoothness and strong hit of coffee versus cream. It was just exceptionally velvety and cold, perfect like a Freddo.

If you’re not into coffee, the Iced Chocolate Cubes (RM15) is also very good. Iced chocolate cubes poured over chilled milk in a chocolate stained glass not only makes a lovely presentation but taste deliciously chocolatey and milky.

The hot version of Organic Hot Chocolate (RM13) also came with some art. We’re beginning to realize how these young owners take their beverage seriously!

Sparkling Yuzu (RM12), something fresh, citrusy and sparkling.

Tuck into a bowl of earthy and creamy Mushroom Soup (RM8) is certainly a great way to start the meal. Drizzled with truffle oil, the mushroom soup was thick and full of mushroom goodness. The crispy golden toast on the side goes so well with the soup that I wish they could give me another one.

I am always trying to eat salad and I would gladly do this more often is every salad is like the Scotch Egg Salad (RM13). Served with crisp greens, carrot, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and sesame wasabi dressing, the ultimate highlight was the golden ball of Scotch egg. Cut into half to expose molten egg yolk center with a crust of minced meat with crispy crumbs, the Scotch egg alone is worthy of an order, sans salad or not. We also enjoyed the subtle tingling wasabi note in the aromatic sesame dressing.

Surprisingly, we also enjoyed the Roasted Pumpkin Salad (RM14). There’s not egg but the replacement of sweet and smoky wedges of soft pumpkin is rather pleasant and enjoyable.

From the snacks’ list, we tried the Mushroom Bruschetta (RM10) and Chicken Ham Bruschetta (RM12). Nothing extraordinary but pretty decent and tasty. I like the mushroom more as it was smoky and tasty. Makes great snacks to go with a drink in the middle of an afternoon if you’re feeling peckish…

We ordered the Spaghetti with Basil in Tomato Sauce (RM16) for the kids and they seemed to enjoy it. This one leaned towards a lighter and fresh tomato sauce and pasta was cooked well.

The adults or rather us, swooned over the Salted Egg Yolk Pasta (RM19) instead. The salted egg sauce that glazed the strands of pasta was sweet and savory with much moreish notes of light heat, making every strands of pasta slurping good. There’s plenty of prawns and squid, cooked well, to jazz up the pasta.

The Basil Pesto Pasta with Fried Calamari (RM18) fared well with our palates too. The pesto flavours showed heavier notes of herbs rather than garlic and cheese. I didn’t mind as I rather enjoyed the pungency of the basil and other herbs. The crispy squid rings is a great match with the pesto pasta so the dish turned out rather yummy for me.

We were told that risotto is their signature at Awakening Café and we opted for the Pork Stew Risotto (RM20). It’s a hearty dish that exudes beautiful comfort soothing flavours. The pork is cooked till soft and shredded into the risotto. It’s just saucy enough but the rice is not as al dente as I would normally like my risotto to be. I can relate to why this is as most locals here would deemed the rice to be uncooked if its serve al dente. So other than the rice not to my preference, the flavours are really delicious with copious amount of pork to fill every spoonful with yummy satisfaction.

I hardly see beef stew on the menu and I was happy to see the Classic Red Wine Beef Stew (RM20) served with creamy mashed potatoes and toast. They sure know now to make a mean beef stew. The flavours of the stew is exceptionally rich and luscious with deep notes of the right balance of ingredients stewed over long hours. The beef were not as tender as I would like it to be but rather has a bite. Other than that minor detail, I loved the stew sauce with the creamy mashed that I polished that off happily.

Chicken Parmigiana (RM20) is also worthy of its adversary in flavours. The dish already looked spot on delicious when it was served. Nicely crumbed and fried, the chicken was amazingly tender and moist before being topped with tomato sauce, ham and cheese to be grantinated. Served with fries and salad, the chicken makes a hearty meal that is easy to enjoy. Normally the dish is drenched in lots of tomato sauce but they kept this less saucy.

We were full but desserts sounded too good to be missed. Panna Cotta (RM10) won raved reviews from me. Set just right, the panna cotta was wobbly and beautifully creamy. Served with a generous layer of tangy and fruity berry coulis with fresh strawberries, I practically polished this whole dessert to myself.

The Affogato (RM9) turned out awesome too. It’s got all the check marks of strong coffee espresso over generous scoops of vanilla ice cream. Solid hit of coffee to end any meal…

Never a banana fan, maybe that’s why I wouldn’t pick the Signature Banana Crumble with Chocolate Ice Cream (RM13) as my favorite dessert of the lot. Nevertheless, the dessert is faultless with thick banana cooked till soft and layered with crunchy crumble and served with a large scoop of chocolate ice cream finished with caramel sauce.

I was more impressed with the French Toast with Bacon, Banana & Berries Compote (RM16). The eggy French toast is super yummy with a hidden filling of peanut butter and a good hit of cinnamon. These went so well with salty unctuous bacon, sweet and soft banana and maple syrup. There didn’t seemed to be much berries compote as the name but the dessert was good enough to warrant another order.

We love the overall experience of Awakening Café. Food was delicious with more highs than lows with desserts being solid. I also enjoyed their coffees a lot. The ambiance is comfortable enough for me to hangout. If only Awakening Café was nearer to my home, I would love to visit this place more often…

No.36-0, Lorong Batu Nilam 21A,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200 Klang
Tel: +60 3-3319 9039

Business Hours:
Tues – Fri    12noon to 12midnight
Sat & Sun    10am to 12 midnight
Closed on Mondays


  1. I miss their French Toast, sinfully delicious~

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