April 2, 2017

Tigerlily Thai Restaurant @ DC Mall, Damansara

Affordable Thai Delights!

New in the latest mall in Pusat Bandar Damansara, Tigerlily Thai Restaurant hopes to serve up pocket-friendly Thai dishes to the area’s office crowd as well as shoppers. Located in Damansara City Mall (DC Mall), the affordable Thai restaurant serves plenty of classic Thai dishes with bold flavours.

As soon as one steps into Tigerlily, you’ll be greeted with lots of comfort through its bright and pastel d├ęcor. The restaurant is modern and easy on the eye. Cleverly sectioned off to offer more privacy, there’s really a relaxing and casual vibe running through the whole restaurant.

Even the menu is pretty and colorful!

The pictures of the dishes in the menu makes you want to order every dish…

Enjoy the spicy meal with coolers like Pandan Kasturi (RM7.90) and Thai Iced Tea with Gula Melaka (RM6.90).

We started off with some appetizers and first one up was Firecracker Prawns (RM6.90). Small bites of crunchy wanton skin wrapped prawn served with the classic sweet Thai chili sauce makes good snacking.

The Lemongrass Satay (RM4.90 – 2 sticks | RM9.90 – 5 sticks) was chockful of flavours. Beautifully aromatized with that citrusy lemongrass note, the chicken skewers is also served with peanut sauce on the side though I didn’t think it needed it. It was moreish and goes well with rice too.

The Steamed Otak Otak (RM5.90 per cup) was decent, served individually for easy ordering as well as savoring.

The bold and punchy flavours of the Thai Basil Minced Chicken (RM8.90) goes so well with steamed rice. Savory with a lovely aromatic note of basil, the dish is wonderfully familiar on the palate and polishing this up is easy.

Mango Salad (RM7.90) is a must when enjoying Thai food. This version is tangy, savory and spicy with lots of crunchy textures from onions, mango and nuts.

For curry options, both Thai Green Curry Prawn (RM26.90) and Red Curry Chicken (RM15.90) fair yumminess in flavours. The green curry is thick, creamy and redolent of aromatic and flavourful spices. Generous with prawns too for that price. The red curry had a good balance of flavours from the spices and coconut cream. It was also chockful of tender chicken thigh pieces and vegetables that made the dish a hearty and well-balance dish.

Perhaps the only dish that was not in my favor was the BBQ Sotong (RM12.90). The squid was a tad chewy, otherwise flavours are good.

The Crispy Sotong (RM18.90) fared better in my books that the bbq one. This one was cooked well and had tender thick squid pieces encased in crispy batter served with a piquant chili sauce dip.

The Muay Thai Fried Fish (RM56.90) is served with two very different chili sauces. The fish is beautifully fried till crispy with a tender flesh. The two spicy sauces varies in flavours. One is more tangy and garlicky with lots of heat despite its non-fiery outlook while the other sauce is thick, fiery and moreish. It’s a different dish from the more classic lemon steamed fish but this one is equally yummy.

One can never enjoy Thai food without the quintessential Tom Yam Seafood Soup (RM26.90). The version here is red tom yum with a creamy note. Fiery hot, the sour and robust soup has aromatic lemongrass, herbs and if filled with chockful of prawns, squid, mushrooms and other aromatics. I enjoyed the fieriness of the soup very much.

For vegetables, we had the Four Angle Beans with Peanuts (RM9.90) and Spicy Eggplant with Dried Shrimp (RM14.70). Crunchy and flavourful, the four angle beans is tasty. Cooked till super soft, the eggplant has absorbed all the rich and piquant dried shrimp sambal. It’s very moreish with rice.

Tigerlily also serves noodles and we picked the classic Pad Thai (RM9.90). Presented in egg net, the stir fried rice noodles passed with scrumptious flying colors. With hints of sweetness and good savory balance, one can adjust the heat in the dish by adding as much or as little chili flakes as you want. Mix in the toasted crushed peanuts and squeeze in the lime to perk up the flavours.

There is quite a lovely list of desserts at Tigerlily. For some refreshing desserts, we opted for Tub Tim Crob (RM7). Love the presentation as well as the flavours. Lots of fine shaved ice on sweet and salty coconut milk topped with lots of red rubies of water chestnut covered in tapioca and jackfruit.

The Cendol (RM4.90) was not too bad too. The usual suspects of ice with coconut milk, slivers of green cendol, plump and soft red beans and a side of add-on-your-own Gula Melaka syrup.

We enjoyed the Ice Kacang (RM11.90) with its generous helpings of shaved ice topped with fruits, nuts, bean, jelly, syrup and more.

We also had the Mango Sticky Rice (RM9.90). I like how Tigerlily serves their dessert with sides of sauce and syrup. That way one can adjust the flavours to suit their own. The sticky rice is soft with chunks of sweet ripe mango while the side salty coconut cream added richness to the dessert.

Last but not least, we were recommended their signature which is Banana Fritters with Ice Cream (RM12.90). Banana fried with a very crispy batter and served with vanilla ice cream was good but I still prefer the Tub Tim Crob and Ice Kacang.

Lot LG18, Lower Ground Floor, DC Mall,
Jalan Damanlela,
Pusat Bandar Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011 2912

Business Hours:
Daily 8am to 9pm

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