April 9, 2017

Dinner In The Sky @ Malaysia Tourism Center (MATIC)

An Unforgettable Aerial Dining Experience!

Never had I have ever thought that I would be brave enough to take on Dinner in the Sky! Since young, my fear of heights has always been my nemesis in going to places with heights. So it was actually a peculiar thing when I actually accepted the invitation to Dinner In The Sky without much thoughts recently.

Dinner In The Sky, an aerial dining experience that one should try, at least once-in-your-lifetime. Strung 50 feet above ground, diners gathered on the long table to enjoy an unbelievable dining experience amidst the city skyline and skyscrapers. The Belgian-based dining concept has been operating in our city since 2015 and has continue to attract everyone from local to tourist for a fine course dining experience.

One is encourage to make your reservation in advance to secure a seat as well as pre-book your choice of dishes. Dinner In The Sky operates daily with two sessions in the evening. The aerial dining concept offers 3-course meal with your choice of starter, main course and dessert.

Accepting the invite without so much of an afterthought, it was only when it was time for the dining experience that I finally realize what I was in for. We arrived early, thinking to beat the city traffic. Dinner In The Sky is now located at the Malaysia Tourism Center (MATIC) and there’s plenty of free parking available.

There was a dinner in session already when I arrived. Looking up at hydraulic crane that strung the table in the sky, suddenly I felt weak in my knees. The fact that I am about to face my nemesis if heights hit me like a ton of bricks. And so I kept chanting to myself that I would be ok and that it would be worth it like a song through my head.

To be fair, it was a beautiful night after a light down pour earlier. The sky was clear and lovely. The evening traffic was bustling in a distance but it was certainly peaceful and serene at the location. I can hear lots of laughter and cheers from the Dinner In The Sky table above. There was also music piped from the main building, adding elements of liveliness and fun. It was a perfect evening.

My session was at 8pm and so I strolled to take some pictures and also headed to the main building to fill up the forms and waited comfortably in the lounge area. One can order some drinks to chill while waiting for your turn.

Before going up, we were told that we are not able to take much up with us and so we had to store away our bags in the prepared lockers available.

Then the first session was ending and so I took the opportunity to catch the table slowly descend.

I could see the diners leaving with happy faces and satisfaction. Somehow that was pretty reassuring to me to see diners enjoying the experience.

I must say, the technology and design concept of the table is pretty amazing. The long covered table seats 22 pax in a circle. The middle of the table is the work stations for the chefs to prepare our meals. The glass roof was also decorated with fairy lights to emit a magical experience.

The chairs are design to echo bucket seats with safety straps so one actually gets seated very tightly and near the table. There are no flooring except for a tiny square to place your feet.

I am glad I took the second session as the evening has turn dark and the city scene is now filled with glittery lights everywhere. If you prefer a brighter ambiance, the first session will be better.

It was time. I was guided to my seat. Honestly, any of the seats are good because the table also rotates when it’s up there so everyone gets the same view. There are assistants to make sure I am strap in tightly with my seat adjusted to fit me snuggly to the edge of the table. This is it… the whole table was buzzing with excitement.

Apparently I am not the only one with fear of heights as I started talking around to people seated near me. The chef and kitchen crew, wearing safety harnesses, were already on board and busy with preparations of the food. Then the evening kicked off with the chefs and emcee presenting their piece on the Dinner In The Sky.

While I was so engaged with the emcee and the people at the table, I didn’t realize that we had actually lifted off the ground!

Suddenly, it dawn on me that I was already 50 meters above the ground when I saw the glorious city lights shimmering in the distance. And to say that I didn’t even feel the lift off, that’s an amazing feat from the Dinner In The Sky team. The emcee also managed to distract us I suppose, seeing how nervous most of us were.

So now I back to feeling nervous again after knowing I am already above ground. Then I shift my focus to the chefs who are now busy prepping our food. With quick actions, the plates were laid out and the food was artfully being placed on them.

The table is now rotating slowly and I can see what a beautiful evening it was. I am truly blessed. Clear sky allowing us gorgeous views of the city, not a wind in sight. It was quiet too. The night was near perfection. I began to relax a bit though I still didn’t have the courage to look down.

Some of the braver diners been to swirl their seats around to get better views and some even pull the lever to allow their seat to fall slight back to enjoy the sky view. Not me, I was just perfectly happy in my seat and my view, sipping my Tequila Sunrise cocktail, which I pre-ordered earlier. Cocktail is not included in the meal.

First course is Smoked Salmon Salad with Glass Noodle and Oriental Sesame Dressing. Beautifully presented, the salad, though not spectacular, was surprisingly delicious. A little noodles, crisp greens with tomatoes and bell peppers, luscious slices of salty and creamy smoked salmon with dressing was a good starter since my tummy was full of butterflies from the nervous earlier.

The second course was mains and there were four options to choose from. While I opted for the Baked Seafood Lasagna with Garlic Roasted Prawns, my friend had the Roasted Chicken Cutlets with Tennessee Glaze.

My Baked Seafood Lasagna with Garlic Roasted Prawns was served on a bed of wilted spinach and tomato sauce. The lasagna was soft, ooey gooey with cheese and creamy while the plump prawns were cooked well. It was very tasty and definitely comforting. Glad I ordered this dish as it was comfort food that I could enjoy, especially when I already high on adrenalin from this experience. Despite thinking earlier that I don’t think I could swallow a bite, I was doing pretty well since I enjoyed my lasagna.

My friend who had the Roasted Chicken Cutlets with Tennessee Glaze was generous in sharing her dish with me so I could get a taste. I must say, this dish outdo my expectation. It was a scrumptious dish with beautiful succulent and tender chicken served on a bed of chicken ham mashed potatoes, French beans and a savory and lightly sweet sauce.

The other two mains were Beef Stew with Sour Cream, served garlic rosemary infused rice and roasted cherry tomatoes and Twice Cooked Lamb Leg Slices with Ginger Soya Glaze served with pickled cabbage and cold spaghetti. Vegetarian option is available upon request. Dinner menu prepared by Teaffani Catering.

Our final course was dessert in the form of Strawberry and Kiwi Shortcake. At first sight, the cake looked dense and dry but when I tried it, it was really a moist and fluffy cake. Nothing to shout about but really nothing to complain either as it was decent, light and tasty. Thanks to Chef Sufiz and team!

Food certainly outdo my expectation and while one may think it’s not worthy of the price, do remember that it’s the entire experience and not just the food when you’re having Dinner In The Sky.

Somewhere between course, I even managed to take a selfie of myself, which is quite rare and considering I was nervous from my fear of heights!

That said, we landed safely back on the ground. The whole experience takes up an hour thought it felt shorter than that. See how time flies when you’re having a good time?

It was truly an unforgettable dining experience in my journey. The moments when I was up in the sky was literally priceless and the fact that I even conquered my fear of heights that day was another thrill factor for me. At least I can now say… been there, done that!

It’s worth an experience if you have not tried it, at least once in your lifetime… Dinner In The Sky will end this June 2017. Do make your way there to try this before it ends. It is perfect for a little adventure of a lifetime or you may want to bring someone special up there for a priceless moment.

More information about Dinner In The Sky:
Time: 6:30PM and 8:00PM daily
Price: RM 229 (weekdays) & RM249 (weekends)
Food: 3 course meal with Starter, Main course and Dessert
Duration of experience/ Dinner: 1 hour
*Reservation required

Malaysia Tourism Center (MATIC)
No. 109, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-2282 6413

Facebook: www.facebook.com/skydinnermalaysia/


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