November 20, 2016

Professor Uniforms @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

The Uniform Expert

People say that quality of things has changed over the years and they don’t make things that last longer like yesteryears. True in some ways but there still certain companies that do make quality things for a longer use. Taking clothes as a sample, the quality of the materials used to make clothes are indeed different. Thanks to science and technology, raw material used have also evolve and though this is said to allow clothing quality to be better, there are still some companies who tries to getaway on the cost and produce clothing that don’t last as well as they should.

How time flies and my little one is already 7 years old. As a mom, the task of my little one and his daily school routine lies with me. I can’t believe how this year has passed and he is already going to be in Standard Two in less than 2 months. To share with you my little one’s first few weeks at school, I was astonished on how my rascal can really wear down his school uniform and school shoes, not to mention other things like his school bag and stationary.

When I was in school, my school uniform lasted me quite a few year until I outgrew the size and my shoes were also tidy and white most of the time. We never get to change school bags and were expected to make our bags last as long as we could still carry our books in them. Today, it’s different. I realize that I had to buy new sets of uniform and shoes again for my boy. Though he can still wear his uniform, I notice that the shirt had turn slightly yellow and the material looked worn and washed out. The shoes, though it was a new pair bought few months ago, looked dreadful as the base had worn out and there was even a tiny hole in one of the shoe. Gosh, either they don’t make things as well as they do or my boy is indeed too active in his daily way to wear out his uniform and shoes so fast!

Talking to some of my friends who are also parents, they said they also share the same issues like me and advise me to buy better quality uniforms and shoes so they can actually last longer for my boy. Then I found out about Professor Uniforms. Established since 1982, Professor Uniforms has been producing quality uniforms for few decades in this city for a while. Over the years, Professor has branched out to 12 outlets in Klang Valley, supplying students with most comprehensive range of school and extra curriculum activities uniform and accessories.

I took my little one to their SS2 outlet one weekend morning a few weeks ago to get him some school uniforms in preparation for the next year school. Not too hard to locate, the Professor outlet is located right across McDonalds in SS2 bustling square, just right above Crab Factory. The store is well space and filled with more items that I expected.

Professor carries a wide range of uniforms from school uniforms to scouts uniforms, sportswear and even extra clothing items like pajamas and more. Besides uniforms, they also carry a wide selection of school bags, outdoor activity bags, camping equipment and accessories, binoculars, army knives, hats, ties, badges and so much more.

A very nice staff helped me since I looked pretty lost amidst all the uniforms. I was told that Professor has their own team in producing the uniforms they carry and for the school uniforms, they offer two labels. Professor Red Label is their signature label, offering quality uniforms that comes in extra-large sizes as well. Professor Green Label caters to the demands of cheaper uniforms without compromising on the workmanship.

I opted for the Professor Red Label, noticing that the material is indeed thicker with a softer feel of the material. One can also see how the material differs from the other label as it has a better outlook. When a child needs to wear this for 8 hours a day, it’s important to me that my son has a better quality uniform. The collar of the red label is also made with a sturdy support, allowing the shirt to look more presentable and neat.

The navy blue shorts also has really nice quality material and a thicker feel. The staff showed me that Professor introduced the ‘zipped’ pocket in their uniforms since they know how kids tend to not be as careful when it comes to money. What a great idea because my son has also lost some money too earlier this year because it fell out of his pocket at school. With this zip, he will be able to keep his money safe till he needs to use it.

Since the quality of the uniforms are so durable, the staff was so kind to even advise me to get a size bigger for my son as the uniforms will last well even through daily washing.

I am amazed on how my little one has turn into a little man in his uniform!

p/s: I really like the stand up collar on his shirt because it makes him look smart and neat…

From now one, it’s going to be Professor Uniform for my little one. Don’t take my word on this, check out the nearest Professor Uniforms yourself to experience the durable quality uniforms they offer. A label that has withstand the test of time, they definitely are doing something right because their testament comes from many of my friends who are moms themselves.

No.21, Jalan SS 2 / 64
Petaling Jaya , Selangor
47300 Malaysia
Tel: 03-78745586

Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday 10am to 9pm


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