November 23, 2016

Fierce Curry House Goes Bir-Nana!

All Hail The Bir-Nana, Best of Biryani & Banana Leaf Rice

It takes one passionate foodie and owner who loves Biryani and Banana Leaf Rice so much, he decided to serve them together. Fierce Curry House in Bangsar has made a name for themselves in serving one of the best Hyderabadi Dum Biryani in the city. Using a family recipe, their Hyderabadi Dun Biryani is super yummy and goes from the humble variation of chicken, fish, mutton and vegetable to lavish ones with lobsters, crab, scallop, lamb shank and more (pre-order needed for premium ingredients).

Located in a humming area in Jalan Kemuja in Bangsar, Fierce Curry House is no stranger to many foodies. Owner Herukh T. Jethwani, a humble and jolly fella is set on taking Indian cuisine to new heights. Together with his wife, the enterprising couple are so passionate about food that they make frequent trips around the world to constantly catch up on the food industry.

It’s my first time at Fierce Curry House in this location but I have been to their second outlet in Publika, Fiercer a few times before to taste the dum biryani. This outlet is the original one started by Herukh’s father. They offer a no frill décor with minimal design but sufficiently comfortable and cool for dining in both air-conditioned and alfresco dining area.

The menu is filled with classic dishes of Indian cuisine from their signature Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and Tandoor meats to curries, vegetables, naan bread, snacks and desserts. I opted for a delicious Pineapple Lassi (RM7), perfect tall glass of creamy and fruity yoghurt base Lassi to quench my thirst.

To kick off the appetite while waiting for the mains to arrive, we had a plate of golden Onion Pakoras (RM8). Crispy battered sweet onion rings lightly spiced are light starters and great for sharing.

For RM10, you get to choose a beautiful platter of North or South Indian Thali. A value-for-money platter that offers 5 vegetables of the day, choice of chapati par boiled rice or white rice, rasam, pappadam, salted fried chili, kesari, dal with vegetable curry (North Indian) or sambar with Vathal Kulambi (South Indian). Generous and guaranteed to fill one up, the 13 items thali set is really a steal for its portion and variety.

If you need your protein, then just add on a portion of their choices of meat or seafood masala, curry or fried. There’s a special Crab Curry too available just on the weekends.

The Bir-Nana showed up and we swooned at the sight of the glorious platter. Flashes went off, our pupils dilated and exciting voices glee in delight at this delicious Bir-Nana. Fierce’s Bir-Nana comes with choice of signature biryani and a choice of North or South Banana leaf sidekicks of 5 Vegetables of the Day, Chicken Curry or Vahal Kulambi, Rasam, Achar, Raita, Pappadum and Kesari. Depending on your choice of biryani, The Bir-Nana set is priced from RM20 to RM26 with choices of mutton, chicken, vegetable or fish (Friday only).

We opted for Mutton Bir-Nana. The chunks of mutton are gorgeously tender and tasty. Coupled with the fluffy long grains of rice spiced up, Fierce’s Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is indeed one of the best biryani I have had in the city. Each biryani is sealed in special pots and only unsealed when served to ensure that diners get whiffs of the aromatic and tantalizing spices of the biryani.

Honestly I would have been happy to be enjoying their biryani alone but The Bir-Nana sure makes my meal more balanced with all its serving of vegetables and condiments. There’s one of my all-time-favorite crispy fried bittergourd along with aloo gobi as well as lady fingers, eggplant and potatoes. The cucumber, pineapple & onion salad along with the yoghurt raita gave the dish a lovely tang and freshness. The piquant rasam never fails to add punches of flavors and there’s even a sweet kesari to complete the meal. Super yum…

Besides The Bir-Nana and Thali set meals, there’s plenty of ala carte dishes to order at Fierce Curry House.

From the Tandoor portion, we had a moist and flavorful Chicken Tandoori (RM14 – ¼ chicken). Well marinated, the nuances of tangy yoghurt with various spices made the chicken so tasty and tender. Great on its own with a light squeeze of lime or with rice and bread.

What I love about Fierce is that one don’t really need to choose when it comes to variants of dishes as they try to offer a few on one plate. The Kebab Palette (RM22) has such pretty colours of Tandoori, Malai, Haryali and Kalmi. Boneless chicken pieces, each marinated in various marinades, are grilled in Tandoor oven, each one tasting deliciously different.

Haryali Kebab is marinated in a marinade made from lots of fresh green herbs and vegetable and spices, giving it the beautiful green hue the kebab is named after while Malai Kebab is the white one marinated in fresh cream, garlic, ginger, nuts and yoghurt. The Kalmi Kebab has a yellow hue from its marinade of turmeric powder, yoghurt, ginger, garlic, spices, cream and more while the classic Tandoor Kebab is the red one. Fierce offers the same palette in variations of prawn, fish or paneer if chicken is not to your fancy. Prices starts from RM22 to RM32 for the variations of meat and seafood.

There is also the Lamb Seekh Kebab (RM26), a favorite of mine as the minced lamb is gorgeously flavorful. I enjoyed the robust note of spices as well as the heat. The kebab is tender and moist with a good texture. It is really tasty on its own but there is also a side of mint chutney served for extra kick.

I am not sure how Orange Chicken (RM22) fits into the cuisine but Fierce has made their version well enough to make this quite a popular dish at their restaurant. Offering chicken or prawn, it’s the tangy and sweet orange sauce that seems to work well on our palettes. Lightly battered chicken is literally drenched in the citrus sauce with a creamy note. Though the chicken is good, I heard the prawn is even better…

If you have read my previous post, you would know that I am a die-hard fan of Butter Chicken (RM22). Utterly rich in flavor as well as calories, I could never resist a yummy Butter Chicken. Fierce’ Butter Chicken is one of their best sellers and not surprisingly so because the version here is immensely superb. Tender chunks of tandoor chicken cooked in a luscious cream, butter and tomato sauce with spices that can seriously made anyone’s day better. We couldn’t resist polishing up the luscious sauce with our naan that evening.

To go with all the other dishes, make sure to order Fierce’s Basket of Mixed Naan (RM12). You get pieces of Plain Naan, Garlic Naan, Butter Naan and Coriander Naan, all freshly made-to-order in the tandoor oven. Fluffy, soft and tasty, the hardest thing to do is stopping at a piece of these yummy naan.

Palak Paneer (RM20) is another classic dish that is beloved by many. What’s not to like when its paneer cheese cooked in a spinach cream sauce with spices? When I am dining on Northern Indian cuisine, this dish is a must have as well as the Butter Chicken. Both go so well together with Naan or rice!

We also had an order of Tadka Dal (RM14) to dunk our naan in. This one features yellow lentils cooked till soft and creamy with a mellow touch of spices.

Bhindi Masala (RM14) has a hearty concoction of lady fingers sautéed with potatoes and spices. Easy to enjoy and we do need our vegetables…

Stuffed to max but who can resist an order of Roti Nutella (RM10)? Thin roti stuffed with generous slathering of Nutella makes a different dessert instead of the classic ones. It’s quite a heavy dessert so best to share them though you may not really want too.

I’ll definitely be back for Fierce Curry House’s Bir-Nana, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Thali Set, Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer for sure…

16, Jalan Kemuja,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2202 3456 / 019-3830 945

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