September 25, 2016

Recipe: Thai Prawn Toast with LINGHAM Chili Sauce

Prawn toast is such a classic American-Chinese appetizer. We don’t find them here much but when I was studying abroad in US, I would always be ordering these in those Chinese takeout places. I often make these little appetizers for myself when I get cravings of juicy prawn filling with crispy golden fried bread these days. These are also great for parties as snacks and appetizers. It’s not difficult to make them and can be easily be whip up pretty fast.

Though the classic version is what I make all the time, I decided to jazz up a Thai version of the Prawn Toast with some distinctive Thai ingredients this round as well as adding a little heat to it. Using one of my favorite LINGHAM’s chili sauces range of Ginger and Thai chili sauces, these little crispy prawn toast are given a burst of gingery sweetness and heat in flavours. LINGHAM’s chili sauce really adds a wonderful splash of flavours in many dishes easily. Whether you are adding the chili sauce into the cooking process or enjoying them served on the side, you’ll be enjoying a luscious natural sweetness and heat of the all-time-favorite taste of LINGHAM’s chili sauce.

I like to give my dishes textures and so I would have half minced fine prawn paste and half chopped prawns. Adding aroma and flavours of Thai, lemongrass, ginger and coriander are the essential ingredients in many Thai dishes. The dish also makes use of any leftover bread that are not as fresh too. Cut them into any shapes and sizes you desire to perk up the presentation of the dish. Make sure the oil is hot enough to fry else the bread with be heavily soaked in oil. These Thai Prawn Toast are pretty addictive and one can certainly get more creative and add in any of your favorite ingredients of herbs and spices too.

Bon appetit!

Thai Prawn Toast with LINGHAM Chili Sauce

300gm         Prawns (shelled & deveined)
1 tbsp          Lemongrass (minced finely)
½ tbsp         Ginger (minced finely)
1 tbsp          Coriander (leaves & stalk minced finely)
1 tbsp          LINGHAM’s Ginger Chili Sauce
1 tbsp          Sesame Seeds (toasted)
3 slices        White Bread (bread skin removed and cut into half)
                   Salt and Pepper to season
                   Oil to pan fry
                   LINGHAM’s Thai Chili Sauce to serve

Cut half prawns into cubes and minced the other half of the prawns finely into paste.
Add in lemongrass, ginger, coriander and LINGHAM Ginger Chili Sauce.
Season with white pepper and salt and mix the filling well.
Spread the prawn filling on the sliced bread and press on some sprinkled sesame seeds
Deep fry the prawn toast on medium low heat oil till golden and crispy for few minutes and drained.
Served hot with LINGHAM Thai Chili Sauce.

Extra Notes and Tips

  • If you are not a fan of coriander, use other herbs like parsley or omit it altogether
  • Use black sesame seeds for extra contrast in colors
  • If fry in advance, keep the prawn toast hot in low heated oven before serving
  • Water chestnut chopped finely can also be added for extra sweetness

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