September 22, 2016

Cerdito Restaurant @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

When a restaurants serves everything that ‘oinks’ in their menu, you know it’s going to be pig out meal!

Barely a few months old, Cerdito Restaurant, is hell bent on serving the finest pork on the market – the Iberico black pig. Located in the jam-packed area of Bandar Puchong Jaya, the restaurant certainly stands out with its huge neon signboard the evening we were there.

Stepping into the restaurant, I certainly wasn’t expecting the elegance of the minimalist and contemporary ambiance. Love the long and beautiful bar with its backlit wall featuring rows of wines and liqueur. The restaurant ambiance is not only elegant but has an ease of comfort, perfect for casual dining or a place to impress your loved ones.

The friendly young team behind Cerdito Restaurant

Helming the kitchen is Director and Chef Yew Kean Leng together with their team of young management staff. For such a young group, I must commend their effort and services on being one of the better restaurants I have been. Trained in United States, Chef Yew hopes to showcase a world of cuisines using Iberico pig so diners can expect Asian and Western dishes at Cerdito Restaurant.

Kicking off the meal, we quenched our thirst with Cerdito’s signature mocktails of Fiery Float, Spicy Peach Fizz, Cucumber Lemonade and Kiwi Mojiteh. All four cocktails are priced at RM15 each. I really loved my refreshing and tangy Cucumber Lemonade.

From the appetizer section, we first tried the King Oyster Mushroom (RM15). A plate of nicely chargrilled King Oyster mushrooms or Eryngii proved simplicity never fails, especially when the fresh ingredient is cooked right. Beautifully juicy with a firm al dente bite, the lightly smoky grilled mushrooms are studded with bits of garlic and finished with a drizzled of balsamic vinegar as well as some chocolate soil.

The Wild Mushroom Cappuccino (RM18) proved to be truly a luscious cup of mushroom bisque. Earthy and smoky, the bisque was thick, creamy and full of mushroom flavours. The creamy foam added a nice milky touch. Kudos to the presentation as the cup also helps to keep the bisque nicely warm while we were enjoying it slowly. I would order this again.

Cerdito hit their mark with their signature Iberico Pork Sticks (RM30). Scrumptious skewers of Iberico pork chargrilled and served with pineapple salsa. The bits of crispy caramelized edges of the lean and fatty bits of pork is unbelievable good in flavours. Sweet and savory, the pork goes well with the light tang of the fruity pineapple salsa, balancing out the richness of the pork. Superb!

I would not fault the Harissa Chicken (RM20) skewers as the dish was also very tasty but I preferred the Iberico pork sticks over this, simply because the pork is tastier. Nevertheless, the dish is still sufficiently delicious for those prefer a chick over a swine…

Smoked Duck Salad (RM22) was decent with its servings of warm and delicious smoked duck breast with a generous side of greens. I like the juicy citrus segments in the salad as well as the pickled pearl onion.

A swine masterpiece of the Grilled Iberico Short Rack (RM70) proved that quality is essential to making the dish a top-notched one. A thick cut of the black pig short rack is slow cooked to near doneness and finished on the grilled. Though we were a bit hesitant on the pinkness of the rack, we were assured that Iberico pork is the only pork that is safe to eat when it is still pink.

Served with a smear of baba ghanoush or eggplant puree and grilled pumpkin, the short rack was tender and sublime in taste. The lean meat was also unbelievably juicy. Finished with a drizzled of sweet and tangy glazed of balsamic vinegar, the pork didn’t need any sauces because it was already so tasty in flavour with the sides.

The Cerdito Special (RM45) is a personal favorite of Chef Yew and also became one of mine too. The dish looked deceptively plain but has a wonderful familiar comforting flavour. Cooked slowly for hours, the Iberico ribs are superbly soft and has soaked up wonderful juices of the braising liquid. I can’t seemed to pinpoint the seasoning used but the flavour is savory with a solid porky essence that I really enjoyed. Hand me a bowl of steamed rice please…

More swine laden dishes and this round it was a gargantuan hunk of Iberico pork in the Iberico Black Pig Burger (RM45). Served on a fluffy burger bun with tomato chutney and cabbage slaw, the pork has cooked to a nice tenderness with moreish savory flavour. The generous portion of the meat proofs that every bite of this burger will have one singing with pleasure at the sumptuous Iberico pork. A serving of thick cut steak fries and side salad completed the dish nicely.

The Iberico Pulled Pork Sandwich (RM45) is another option to consider with its glorious mount of shredded pulled pork laced with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce piled on steamed and grilled mantao buns. Crunchy and fresh bites of shredded cucumber and popping sensation ebiko added textures to the sandwich. What takes the sandwich to another level of deliciousness are the golden onion rings and is so crunchy and irresistible!

Saving the best for last, the Iberico Lion Ribs (RM110 – full rack | RM40 – single portion) are one lip-smacking ribs! The faultless pleasure of sinking into these tender ribs is just heavenly. The meat still has a good bite and the house made BBQ sauce has a solid balance of tastiness with tang, sweetness and savory notes. The caramelized bits were exceptionally divine. Served with a side of roasted potatoes and cabbage slaw, opt for the full rack for optimum pleasure!!

Cerdito also has a few desserts on their list worth trying if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Their deconstructed House Made Lemon Tart (RM20) was pretty unique. Tangy and vibrant lemon curds served in shot glass with various crumbs come with a very unique fried Shallot Ice Cream. While some may think this is a bit odd, the savory and aromatic ice cream proved to be a nice savory twist to the tangy and sweet lemon curds.

A safer bet would be their Kahlua laced Tiramisu (RM20). A solid classic rendition of tiramisu that packed a nice hit of coffee and Kahlua alcohol is always a lovely way to end a meal.

There is also the Belgium Dark Chocolate Semi-Freddo (RM20), an icy sensation of a frozen mousse made with cream, eggs, sugar and in this case, dark bittersweet chocolate. Beautifully presented with berries and dried candied orange, the semi-freddo is not overly sweet and I really enjoyed the bittersweet chocolatey notes.

I certainly had a lovely dining experience there and the food solid in quality and flavours. Prices are higher but that’s because you are paying for premium Iberico pork. So if you’re looking for a swine laden menu to impress, head over to Cerdito Restaurant for loads of porky-licious dishes set in a lovely ambiance.

G-11, Kompleks Kenari,
Jalan Kenari 19A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong
Tel: 603 8082 7118 / 6017 380 8989

Business hours:
Tues to Thurs        12noon to 10pm
Friday                    12noon to 11pm
Sat to Sun             11am to 11pm
Closed on Monday

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