July 20, 2016

Sky High Tea @ Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Taking High Tea to new heights, the innovative and elite Nobu Kuala Lumpur introduces their brand new Nobu High Tea starting this coming Saturday in style!

The world’s famed Japanese fine dining, with unique new style Japanese cuisine by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, is offering gourmands a high tea dining experience set with a majestic view of the city on Level 56 at Menara 3 Petronas. Starting from 23 July, 2016 onwards, the Nobu KL Sky High Tea is available every weekend from 2.30pm to 5.00pm at the Nobu Club Lounge.

The one-of-a-kind experience of savoring Nobu’s unique high tea coupled with one of the most sought after views of the city skyline is perfect for a celebratory moment or simple a pleasurable experience with loved ones and friends. The Nobu KL Sky High Tea features a unique selection of Nobu-style canapes and pastries, both savoury and sweet, prepared by Executive Chef Philip Leong and the team.

Members of the media and me snagged an invite to catch a sneak preview of the Nobu KL High Tea recently and was certainly impressed by what the Japanese fine dining has to offer this coming weekend.

While one can opt for the Sweet Tray of High Tea at RM45++ per person, I’d say go straight for their Savory & Sweet Delight High Tea set priced at RM93++ per person (with complimentary green tea) to savor signatures of Nobu on a lighter scale.

Starting off with the Savory platter, the pretty and mini canapes were already a sight of sumptuousness!

We were told to start off with the Salmon Tartare. A Nobu signature, salmon is minced with onion and garlic and served with an umami wasabi soy sauce and finished with finely minced scallion and lavish caviar. Beautifully creamy, savory and a hint of tingling sensation, the Salman Tartare is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Utterly simple and minimalist with an explosion of flavours in the mouth best described the Sushi Rice with Salmon Egg. The Ikura is gorgeously briny and salty against the sushi rice.

Japanese with a Peruvian twist is Nobu’s signature new style and this is seen in the White Fish Tiradito. A light hint of Yuzu lemon juice with soy sauce, rocoto (Peruvian chili) and coriander sealed the deal. The ingredients in the dish really elevated the firm fish to new heights in flavours.

Shrimp Slider looked ordinary but tasted extraordinary. Little disc of pan fried tofu sandwiched a juicy and bouncy shrimp patty with bits of crisp and veggies. Not the easiest bite but so delicious in flavours!

Sitting a little obscure on the platter, the Seafood Gyoza with Jalapeno Dressing is nicely executed. The seafood filling was sublime and the dressing gave the dumpling a nice creamy note with a subtle hint of wasabi.

The finishing on the platter was light, crispy and enjoyable. We polished the mount of Seaweed and Rice Cracker nicely with our drinks.

Moving on the Sweet platter, every element of the dessert stayed true to its Japanese classic ingredients of green tea, yuzu, red bean, sesame seed and even Suntory whisky.

A tiny cup with white foam gave nothing out except when one spooned into it and experience intense coffee and creamy notes. A Suntory whisky foam topped a coffee cream brulee studded with light bits of coffee crumble summed up the Suntory Cappuccino. This is superb! Wish it was a bigger cup…

Two little Japanese mochi sprinkled with fine peanut powder represented the Mochi with Red Bean and Black Sesame. The mocha is super soft and creamy, a mouthful of amusing enjoyment.

There is also Green Tea Biscuit with Yuzu White Chocolate Ganache Filling, looking very dainty and crisp. A tad on the sweeter note from the filling but it’s very minor as the green tea note is very lovely and well balanced.

It was unanimous at our table that the favorite dessert on that platter was the Banana Harumaki. A concoction of sweet ripe banana with shiso leave and Dulce de Leche is wrapped in spring roll and fried to crisp. Served with passion fruit puree on the side, the harumaki has luscious, sweet and aromatic notes. The passion fruit puree gave the dessert a tangy boost.

Who could resist miniature cream puff? Profiterole with raspberry jam filling was easy to enjoy and an unexpected dessert on this Japanese sweet platter.

The duo of High Tea was an alluring experience on sight and taste. Unique and exciting, one may never know what may go on these savory and sweet platter from Chef Philip and team. For RM93++ per person, this is definitely a drool-worthy experience of enjoying High Tea in new heights.

While waiting for the high tea, we also caught Nobu’s barista making their new menu of Matcha themed drinks as well as specialty coffee and tea. One simply must try their Matcha CafĂ© Latte, a gorgeous concoction of the fine art of making green tea paired with espresso. The sublime concoctions of matcha and coffee goes so well together surprisingly.

Unique beverages of the new drink menu that we tried includes Avocado Smoothie, Caramel Coffee Float and Strawberry Matcha.

For reservations, please call 03 2164 5084.

Menara 3 Petronas
Level 56 KLCC 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3 2164 5084
Fax: + 60 2164 5085
Reservation: nobuklreservations@noburestaurants.com

Business Hours:
Mondays to Fridays         Lunch - 12noon to 2pm daily
Mondays to Sundays       Dinner - 6pm to 10.30pm daily
Saturdays & Sundays      High Tea - 2.30pm to 5pm


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