June 10, 2015

Baked Kimball Sos Spageti Tomyam Pasta (specially created by me)

Inspired by the recent post about Kimball’s Pasta Cook-off here, I was certainly excited to try out the new Kimball’s range of 3 new Asian Pasta Sauce – Kari, Rendang and Tom Yam. These sauces are the quick solutions for a hearty home cook meal at any time of the day. Being a wife, a mom and juggling a few jobs, I still want to be able to whip up a home cook meal when I reach home in the evenings. Now we all know making pasta sauce takes time to achieve its rich earthy flavours. Since Kimball has already prepared the pasta sauce, it is now up to us to get creative with the sauce.

My family loves pasta and we do enjoy this often. I try to make several options of pasta for choices and one of my favorite is baked pasta. It does take a little more time but once you have tasted ooey-gooey cheesy pasta, you’ll know it’s worth the extra steps.

So today, I am making a short video to show you my version of Kimball Sos Spageti Tom Yam Baked Pasta. It’s my first video shoot so I hope you enjoy the quick video on how to whip up my pasta!

In case you have missed out the video bits, here is the full recipe of my Kimball Sos Spageti Tom Yam Baked Pasta inspired by my family’s love for pasta.

Kimball Sos Spageti Tom Yam Baked Pasta


1 bottle       Kimball Sos Spageti Tom Yam (350gm)
200gm        Kimball Spiral Pasta (or Kimball Spaghetti)
100gm        Prawns (shelled and cut into chunks)
4 pieces      Crab stick (diced)
2 pieces      Chicken Hotdog (cut into small pieces)
100gm        Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
150gm        Ricotta Cheese
1 small       Onion (minced)
2 cloves      Garlic (minced)
1 small       Carrot (diced and lightly parboiled)
1 handful    Cherry Tomatoes (cut into half)
A few sprigs Fresh herbs chopped – Parsley 
2 tbsp          Cooking Oil

Prepared and cut all ingredients.
Cook pasta according to package instructions and take it off 2 minutes earlier since we have to bake the pasta again later. Drain and put aside.
Preheat the oven at 200 degree Celsius.
Heat up a pan and sautéed minced garlic and onion with oil till soft and translucent for about 1 minute.
Add in carrot and sautéed for another 1 minute.
Add in the Kimball Sos Spagheti Tom Yam to the pan and let the sauce come to a light boil.
Add in the prawns and hotdogs and let it cook for another 1 minute.
Add in the cooked pasta and mix everything to coat it well. Turn off the fire.
Add in the crab stick and chopped herbs. Mix everything well again gently.
To assemble the dish, have a large baking dish ready together with both cheese and pasta.
Pour in half the pasta into the dish, add in half the ricotta cheese in dollops and half the cheddar cheese over the pasta. Spread them out evenly.
Add in the remaining pasta and repeat with both the cheeses to cover the pasta.
Baked the pasta in the preheated oven for 30 minutes till everything is nicely melted.
Just before removing the pasta, you can also broiled it for 5 minutes to crisp up the top cheese layer.
Serve it hot.

Go ahead and try this recipe and do feel creative to switch up your favorite cheeses like mozzarella or parmesan or cream cheese. I used cheddar and ricotta because it’s my family favorites. You can also add in chicken or seafood or simply go vegetarian. Use any dry or fresh herbs you have on hand. If you use kaffir lime leaves, make sure to shred it very finely. I had parsley on hand so I used that.

The finishing dish is comfort food at its best. The pasta is nicely flavoured with notes of light spiciness and tom yam flavours. I tasted hints of lemongrass notes and subtle tangy flavour together with the tomato sauce. The sauce is not spicy at all and my little one even enjoyed it with us.

The best part of all, the dish can be kept as leftover and reheated or if you are just like my family, we polished the dish off between three of us off happily that evening!

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