February 24, 2014

My First Passport from Samsung Galaxy Life, a Gorgeous Free Dessert at Pampas Reserve Grill and Bar!

Think endless deals and freebies. Think endless fun and surprises. Think endless possibilities.

Think Samsung Galaxy Life!

I was excited to download this app when I first heard of it from the grapevine. With my newly owned Samsung Galaxy Note III, my discovery of Samsung products and software are just fabulous. Always a leader in many forms, Samsung has now taken another step to introduce the latest Samsung Galaxy Life app for Samsung mobile users like me. Design to grant passport to exclusive privileges of daily deals with discount coupons or freebies, selection and reviews of apps, special content from experts and many more rewards, Samsung Galaxy Life is the app to take your life to another level.

I am not a high-tech junkie and so I appreciate it when apps or software are made user-friendly. Samsung Galaxy Life is designed with this in mind, simple and easy to use on a daily basis. Simply download Samsung Galaxy Life here at http://bit.ly/GALAXYlife

Took less than a minute and my Samsung Galaxy Life app is downloaded.

It even welcomes me with a personalized greeting… cool!

At the home page, simply touch the top left corner to go to the Life pillars.
It’s here where you’ll see seven Life options – LIVE, ENTERTAIN, LEARN, PLAY, CONNECT, WORK, SUPRPRISE

Each one brings different element and believe, there is plenty to keep everyone of all ages happy!

I surfed the first one LIVE and was immediately drawn to some of the deals. From spa treatments, to discounts on F&B to free apps, recipes, freebies, fitness workouts, traveling perks, beauty & fashion offers, the possibilities are just endless…

Just one LIVE alone had me hooked for a long time. Now it’s no surprise that I am obsessed with food. So what caught my eye was this deal from Pampas Reserve Grill and Bar. Boldly stating Free Crème Brulee, one of my all-time favorite desserts, I dived in and checked out the deal.

It turn out that Pampas Reserve’s signature was steaks! The deal was simple, order any steak and I get a Crème Brulee for free with my Samsung Galaxy Life app deal. Details of the restaurant and all T&C provided are clear and precise. No further encouragement needed, I checked out Pampas Reserve with another foodie one evening.

Located in a quiet area in the lively metropolitan city along Persiaran Raja Chulan, Pampas Reserve is set in the heart of Suasana Bukit Ceylon condominium. It’s normally not a place I would seek out but I am glad that with this deal from Samsung Galaxy Life, I get to be adventurous and check out a new restaurant.

The restaurant is gorgeous and the menu offers lots of starters, seafood, poultry, meat, dessert and more. Since the deal was steak and dessert, I set my order for a starter and a steak.

My starter of US Scallops is delicious. Three plump scallops seared and sautéed with lots of garlic, chili and aromatics before being served with house made honey mustard. Love the flavors…

Pampas Reserve serves up high grade beef and prime cuts. Choose the cut, the weight and the sides and one is set. I had the CAAB (Australian Certified) Black Angus Sirloin with pumpkin mashed and broccoli with Chimichurri sauce.

It was literally a steak to swoon at. Lusciously tender, juicy and unctuously flavorful, my Black Angus Sirloin is amazing. The sides and sauce compliments the steak really well too! I had mine with a smooth Astica Malbec red wine from Argentina.


After my meal, I whipped out my phone and showed the Samsung Galaxy Life deal to the wait staff and cashier.

Select the Pampas Reserve deal. Click Redeem.

With a click on Verify, my offer is redeemed. Easy Peasy…I get a Free Crème Brulee worth RM16++!

And boy, was it good! Contrasting luscious thick cream with burnt sugar crisp…it’s heavenly and Free with Samsung Galaxy Life app!

Download the app, which is designed exclusively for Galaxy users and check it out for yourselves. Everyday features a list of different privileges. Life is made even better with such surprises. I can’t wait to discover more with Samsung Galaxy Life… it’s what life is all about.





  1. Arghhh.... the steak looks so good! Wish i can have it now :(

  2. Oh, the steak look so tempting, it's been a while since I last had a good steak :(

  3. My mouth is watering for a plate of those scallops. ;-)