February 20, 2014

BreadFruits, Desa Sri Hartmas: Perfect for Cravings of Healthy and Hearty Breakfast & Brunch!

A Great Place to Start Your Day!

I have heard about this place through many foodies but somehow had never found the time to visit it. Opportunity came one lovely Sunday and I took my family to check out the place. It’s not difficult to locate BreadFruits which is located in Desa Sri Hartamas. With a promise to offer diners 100% natural full nutrient, multi-vitamin balanced diet, BreadFruits serves up healthy and fresh offerings on a daily basis all day.

I was glad to grab the last table when I arrived around noon. Soon after, BreadFruits was packed. The café has a small dining area with half of the space taken up by a long bar counter and a small area of fruit for sale. Despite the small space, I really didn’t mind it as it was quite comfortable on the eye. The place uses natural elements like wood and bricks with black fixtures to contrast with white washed walls. There is a display of Malaysian Wild Honey for sale and this is also used by BreadFruits in their food and drinks.

Service was pretty good despite it being so busy. Wait staff were fast and efficient. There is a long chalk board behind the counter displaying its menu of fresh fruit juices, detox drinks, smoothies and more. Menu came in a creatively made corrugated board with a tight list of offerings.

BreadFruits serve all-day dining of breakfast and brunch dishes that comprises mostly of western breakfast, sandwiches, pasta and snacks. When a café does something well, it’s because the owners are smart enough to offer what they do best on a small list rather than a huge list. With this said, you may have seen what I am about to blog before in others but what the heck, it’s my two-cents worth of my personal taste of what I like of BreadFruits. I also thought they deserve a mentioned as great things are always meant to be shared…

Our orders were logged in. A Liver Cleanser juice (RM9.90) was my choice and it was a great one! A mix of beetroot and other fruits, I love the taste of it. Nicely chilled, the juice tasted of fresh and natural sweetness. There are lots of other options but the main ingredients are fresh fruits and vegetables.

I ordered the Brunch Pasta with 7 Min Egg (RM16.80) for my son and he loved it! So did I… we love the presentation too. A 7 minute boiled egg was sitting snuggly in the middle of linguine pasta covered in a light cream sauce with lots of button mushrooms, bacon, cherry tomato, rocket leaves and a sprinkling of black pepper.

Simply pour out the soft boiled egg and you get a deliriously velvety and silky pasta combination. It has a nice balance of creaminess, not the usual heavy and cloying one in carbonara. This version feels light and the combination of bacon with mushrooms and tomatoes certainly makes me feel like a great breakfast dish. Despite the amount of black pepper, it was not spicy at all as my little one polished this off happily. It’s a cleverly thought after dish and certainly warrants a reorder.

My other half and I shared SatisFry Up and Chicken Avocado Rocket on Sourdough simply because we wanted more variety.

SatisFry Up (RM22.80) seemed to appear in most of the tables that day. It’s a great deal as this breakfast comes with coffee or tea and a juice of the day. For those who love a big breakfast without the guilt, you will love SatisFry Up. You get a choice of pork sausage or bacon, scramble egg or sunny side up egg with sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, fried mashed potato, arugula and choice of toast. I opted for the pork sausage and scrambled egg with the works.

Love the Juice of the Day! I think it was orange and pineapple. Nothing sorts of those watery versions but just like the Liver Cleanser I had, nicely thick from fresh fruits. Coffee was decent.

Our plate looked just as expected on what I saw on other foodies’ blogs. Consistent is a great thing. I was pleased at the pork sausage. Again here, BreadFruits served a nice juicy and big sausage that was a little peppery. Made from meat, the pork sausage had a great bite of textures from the cuts of the meat. It was also juicy and so flavorful. I dislike breakfast plates with those teeny tiny sausages or hotdogs as they don’t seemed hearty enough.

The scrambled egg looked really good! Creamy and a bright sunshine yellow, it was fluffy and tasted fresh and eggy. I like everything on that plate except the mashed potato which I thought was only average. That piece of sourdough with butter was so good… I am going to order more bread the next round. I was ok with the undressed arugula since the rest was quite rich and this helps to tone it down.

I saw another favorite that was present at a lot of tables was the Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter, serving up smoked salmon with eggs, avocado and the works. I am already eyeing this for my next visit as well.

The Chicken Avocado Rocket on Sourdough (RM16.80) was really hearty and wholesome. Thick slices of sourdough has juicy grilled chicken, slices of fresh creamy avocado and lots of arugula leaves in between and was also smothered with a tangy wild honey mustard dressing.  The sandwich was rich in flavors and echoed the healthy notes of the other dishes.

On the side, a simple potato and arugula salad with light citrus vinaigrette, onions, olive and toasted pine nuts were pretty good.

I like BreadFruits. The food and ambience has a great vibe and is perfect for breakfast or brunch. Value for money and efficient service are more plus points. I also like that it showcase simple dishes made very well and its range of juices. I will definitely be back…  

17, Jalan 26/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603 6201 0090


  1. What a perfect place for brunch! Love the runny egg yolk on pasta :)

  2. I like the sound of this place already, from your post!~ =) This sounds a little like Marche at The Curve, but with much power-packed choices for breakfasts/brunches! Awesome place, looking forward to check it out soon ;-P

  3. I love their honey mixed with passionfruit! Yum!

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