November 13, 2013

Belvedere Vodka with Carolina Herrera New York 212 VIP: Live It Up. VIP Style


Exclusive VODKA with VIP Fragrance Inspired Cocktail Escapade!

Belvedere Vodka certainly knows how to party in style! Teaming up with Carolina Herrera New York 212 VIP Fragrance for Him and Her, party goers can now party away in style at seven top bars in Kuala Lumpur. Exclusively brought by Belvedere with Carolina Herrera, savor lusciously inspired vodka cocktails made for Him and Her from now till 31 December at the seven top bars. Lovers of choices would be pleased with the ultimate cocktail flights at these bars.

Fashion iconista Carolina Herrera is proud to present their latest fragrance Carolina Herrera 212 VIP for HIM and for HER. The HIM version is concocted with vodka, ginger, apple, caviar lime, mint and spices with other ingredients while the HER version has rum, bitter orange, passion fruit, gardenia, vanilla and tonka bean. Both has a sensual fragrance and yet differentiated where the men version has a dark night musky scent while the women version has a citrusy allure. For HIM, the bottle is silver with a strong edge. For HER, the bottle is curvy and smooth with gold to represent the glamorous effect of women.

With an exclusive invite one fine afternoon, our road trip to check out these cocktails took us from The Pool to Chateau De Caffeinees and Marini’s on 57 before ending up at Twenty One on Changkat Bukit Bintang. Here’s my take on the gorgeous cocktails made with my favorite Belvedere Vodka!


Bold and brash describes The Pool and its cocktails. Straight to the point, The Pool’s cocktail flights takes on a rollercoaster ride with its concoctions.

For HIM: Vodka Stinger is definitely a stinger! A high hit of Belvedere vodka, Triple Sec and Peppermint Green with a twist of lemon is fresh and minty. Tropical Breeze tasted exactly like its namesake. A tropical blend of Belvedere Vodka, Malibu Rum and pineapple juice, it makes me want to lie on a beach somewhere in a secluded island with my feet up. You’ll never know what hit you when you sip Whirlpool. The hardest and strongest one, definitely for a man, is a bold and almost deadly blend of Belverdere Vodka and Bailey. Recommended to close your eyes, relax and let Whirlpool take you for a ride.

For HER: Reminisce of dessert, White Almond Chocolate is ‘Deceptively Strong’, a line borrowed from a fellow drinker that day. It is a chocolicious mix of Belvedere Vodka with Frangelico and Cacao White with a rim of crushed almonds. My favorite of the cocktail flight! Going peachy in this one, Pure Apricot is sexy and sensual with its mix of Belvedere Vodka, Apricot Brandy, sour plum and peaches of course. This girly cocktail, Cherry Kiss will give you sweet cherry lips with its blend of Belvedere Vodka, Cream de Cassis, Cream de Banana and pineapple juice. It’s sweet and feminine with a touch of fruit.


We love how the HIM and HER cocktail flights take us from various journey in time from a younger HIM or HER to a mature experience of both. Coupled with Chateau de Caffeinees’s comfort and romantic ambience, it’s perfect for HIM and HER!

For HIM: Crystal Lime exudes a harsher younger HIM with a blend of Belvedere Vodka, lime juice and sugar syrup topped with a frozen lime cube. Sour and wicked, the icy cocktail hit all the right spots for me. True Blood shows off a softer side of romance where love is in the air for HIM. Made from Belvedere Vodka, Monin Blood Orange syrup, grapefruit juice and sugar syrup, it is simply garnished with orange zest for a subtle citrusy sweetness. When HIM matures, Columbian Dazzle was probably what HIM would drink. Utterly masculine, this one has Belvedere Vodka infused with Arabica beans, mix with lime juice and rounded up with an espresso ice cube. Intensely smooth and mature, one gets stronger expresso notes in the finish… reminds me of coffee Columbian warloads enjoying this with a cigar in their hand!

For HER: Going young and bubbly, Flora Twist uses Belvedere Vodka infused with Chamomile, Monin Bubble Gum syrup and lemon juice, it’s pretty and feminine in looks and taste. I could taste the bubble gum flavors in this one pretty well. My top pick for this place, Cucumber Bliss is made with the middle-age HER in mind. Stronger than the earlier one, this one is made with frozen Belvedere Vodka, Monin Cucumber syrup and Monin Hazelnut syrup with a dash of lime juice. I love the smooth cucumber and hazelnut flavors in this one. They say HER matures but always retain a little spicy edge. Golden Phoenix has frozen Belvedere Vodka, Monin Gingerbread syrup, honey and raw ginger in its mix to represent the mature HER. They even included gold flake to portray how exclusive a mature HER would be. This one tasted of ginger beer with a punch!


Our next stop takes flight at one of the highest restaurant in the city. Marini’s on 57 makes one feel stylish and mode! And why not? One cannot help but feel like an elite member when grooving to the magnificent cityscape while sipping elegant cocktail flights with the many faces of the high society at Marini’s on 57.

For HIM: It’s all about class here with a touch of fusion. Peach & Tamarind Martini, our first of the HIM cocktail flight is distinctively redolent of our local favorite ingredient of tamarind juice mix with Belvedere Vodka, peach puree and vanilla syrup. The next one, Cilantro Sour is a kick of lime right in taste bud with touch of cilantro and mint herbs. I heard this one’s got egg white, lime juice and Belvedere Vodka. Refreshing and masculine, I wanted more of this. Cucumber Passion is surprisingly savory and unique. Made from Belvedere Vodka, cucumber juice, tamarind juice and lime, it’s quite strong in flavors.

For HER: Most of the HER I know loves anything and everything with mango. Mango Breeze was probably created in mind for the many HER I know. Mango puree, Belvedere Vodka, mint, lemon juice and vanilla syrup, this one is a lovely sweet and fruity cocktail. Echoing a darn good Bloody Mary, Spices Martini shouts a strong note of capsicum with a spicy edge of black pepper. Made with Belvedere Vodka, yellow capsicum juice, tomato juice, worchestershire sauce, basil, lemon, cinnamon syrup and black pepper, I like the kick in this one! Applicious is fairly strong but I like the fruity and citrus flavors of this one. Made with Belvedere Vodka, Taylor’s Port, apple juice, honey and lemon, this one represents a tough chick’s cocktail.


A cool place to hangout, Twenty One at Changkat Bukit Bintang also has another branch at Bangsar Shopping Village. It was a perfect ending as we watch the world partied on the streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang while sipping our gorgeous cocktail flights.

For HIM: A smooth operator, 21 Street shows us how cool the mixologist is here. A blend of Belvedere Vodka, rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, Monin passionfruit syrup, Angostura bitter and mint, the HIM cocktail is perfect for any smooth operator with its strong vodka notes. Purple Haze is a concoction of Belvedere vodka, Monin blackberry syrup, lime juice and triple sec topped with soda. I like the flavors of blackberry in this one, making it tangy and fruity. Making a play for a spicier note, Ginger Smash echoes a gingery note with its blend of Belvedere vodka, fresh ginger puree, lime juice and ginger ale. I find that ginger goes well with vodka, lifting its flavors to another level.

For HER: At sight, we love the colors of this cocktail flight! I also find cocktails at this place really well balanced and smooth in flavor combination. Watermelon Breeze is fun and fresh, uplifting the funky spirit as we enjoy the combination of watermelon with Belvedere Vodka. Green Sky is fruity and delicious. A mix of Belvedere vodka, Midori, Monin banana liquor, pineapple juice and lime juice, Green Sky is easy to enjoy while beautiful in color. Our final cocktail was Orange Blossom. Ending with a sweeter note, this one has Belvedere vodka, orange juice, lime juice, grenadine syrup and soda. Reminds me of a breakfast drink, I certainly wouldn’t mind having this for breakfast!

Go for the full sized cocktails of Belvedere Vodka with Carolina Herrera 212 VIP cocktails priced from RM35 to RM 45. The Belvedere Cocktail with Carolina Herrera 212 VIP cocktail flights are priced RM53++ fror a trio of cocktail shots. Order twin flights and receive a Carolina Herrera fragrance miniature bottle worth RM55.

This promotion is valid from now till 31 Dec at all the participating bars as follows:

Drink and Drive Sensibly!


  1. One must be very thirsty in order to finish all these drinks haha!

  2. Belvedere? I guess this isn't Russian vodka then?

  3. Woot! Woot! What's the festive season without vodka right?!! *wink*

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