November 18, 2012

Scallop-Q, KL Festival City Mall: Scallops, Scallops, I Love Thee!

Chasing after Scallops!

It started in the Shin Lin night market in Taiwan in 2011! A scallop lover skewered some scallops and grilled them over hot coals and finished them with various seasoning to whet peoples’ appetites. Making it also affordable, the public went nuts over it. Easy to savor street food since it’s on skewers, many had one and the rest was history…

Scallop-Q landed in Malaysia recently in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. We headed over to KL’s first Scallop Q branch in KL Festival City Mall in Setapak. Fear not for those who are not familiar with Setapak, Scallop-Q will be opening soon in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in Dec with another one in Berjaya Time Square coming soon as well.

It’s quite rare to find people who don’t like scallops! We take them in any form we can get our hands on… fresh, dried, pickled and etc. One thing really good about Scallop-Q is that they make it affordable for one to enjoy scallops! Priced at RM5.80 each skewer of four Hokkaido scallops, there are 11 flavors of your choice.

At Scallop-Q, fresh Hokkaido scallops are used! The size is medium and the scallops are indeed fresh. When grilled, it’s moist and succulent. A house special sauce is brushed during the grilling process to make it flavorful before adding further special flavors to it.

Here’s my penny’s worth of the flavors:

French Garlic: Absolutely in love with this one! Highly recommended for its pungent and aromatic garlicky flavors boosting up the sweetness of the fresh scallops

Barbeque Bonito: Surprisingly mild despite two strong flavors, I thought it was ok only

Special Mix: A mix of all the flavors except Bonito, this one is little of everything, spicy, salty, peppery and sweet

Natural Sea Salt: My favorite of the 11 flavors! It’s just something about sea salt that brings a gorgeous umami flavor to the sweet scallops, a MUST!

Sour & Spicy Thai Sauce: Rendering the flavors of the distinctive Thai Sweet & Spicy sauce, this one a nice balance of sweet and spicy

Wasabi Pepper Salt: fairly light with barely hints of wasabi… certainly not enough to clear one’s nostril! Nevertheless, a delightful flavor for die-hard fans of wasabi

American Black Pepper:  This one only has a mild hint of black pepper notes. I wish for a stronger peppery flavor for this one

Indian Spicy Curry: Very aromatic with spices… only if you love curries!

Scallop Q Special: Spicy and slightly sweet, it’s very easy to enjoy, making it a Scallop Q signature!

Japanese Seaweed: Earthy, savory and smoky seaweed flavors makes this one another lovely treat

Lemon Pepper Salt: My third favorite, this one exuded salty and citrusy flavors. The citrus makes the scallop taste sweeter with a lovely aroma of the ocean’s natural sea flavors… delicious!

To go with the scallops, Scallop-Q paired it with Taiwan’s famous tea drink… sTEAdy Red Tea! Priced at RM2.90 per cup, the tea is quite refreshing with only a light sweetness to it.

Ryan Siew, APM Dragons race car driver is also a fan of Scallop-Q!

Check out Scallop-Q at your nearest outlet for a taste of grilled scallops:

Current Branches:
KL Festival City
Gurney Plaza Penang

Opening soon at:
KL Berjaya Times Square
KL Pavillion (Opening in Dec 2012)
Queensbay Mall Penang (Opening in Dec 2012)

Franchising is available for those who are interested. Please check their Facebook for more information.


  1. Oooo!! can't wait for it to open in Pavilion! RM5.80 each is pretty affordable.

    1. yes, I thought the price is decent but some do say its still expensive. Well these are juicy and fat Hokkaido ones so I think its really good for the price.

  2. OMG....I love!! Looks real good and fresh...can't wait for it to open.

  3. ooh saw this in Gurney Plaza but kinda skeptical as Rm5.80 for 1 stick is kinda pricey for us Penangites :(

    1. I guess it is a pricey snack but then again.. its Hokkaido scallops, so the price justify the quality of the scallops.. maybe you try it first and see how you think? :D

  4. Slurps!!! Will look out for it. Love nice, not cheap...but nice! Yum! Yum!

    1. lol... well scallops are never cheap.. if they are, then its those local thin barely there scallops... still, the flavors are really good! I guess once in a while is ok? ;)

  5. Wow....creative! This reminds me of Taiwan sausages skewers with assorted flavors ;-)

    1. Ya.. Taiwan street food is very creative and always comes with lots of flavors... I guess they wanna make sure there is something for everyone!

  6. The no.4 flavor so funny lah, sui bian aka "cincai" in Cantonese lol

    1. lol.. well since I cannot read Chinese, thks for sharing.. it is indeed funny to label this as a flavor... :D

  7. Oh my, is it possible to have a better festival than a scallop one? Yum!

  8. Haha someone got to it before I did. No.4 随便 lol! What a name!