July 18, 2019

Five Sen5es @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Modern Chinese Cuisine

A new menu awaits at Five Sen5es, the fine dining Chinese restaurant at The Westin Kuala Lumpur. In the heart of the city, foodies will dine on exquisite Chinese cuisine set in fine elegance. The Chinese restaurant may be pork free but has garnered a solid reputation for serving modern Cantonese food.

Stepping into Five Sen5es, one is transported immediately to a tranquility of space. A soft resonance of water fountain flowing in the background, a light fluttering sight of smoke from a huge Chinese cauldron, plush cushions set on leather bounded banquettes and plenty of natural lighting flowing into the room defines the mood for the dining experience.

There is also the open kitchen where chefs and culinary team are seen working briskly to prep and prepare the dishes. The firing up sound of the stove, the chopping of ingredients on the board, the water running when cleaning and washing added more musical to the anticipation of the dining scene.

Private rooms are available, offering diners more privacy. Large table with coloured glass Lazy Susan backed by plush armchairs set with cushions evoked sense of artistic contemporary décor.

While being ushered to the table, the sight of rows of tea, beautiful in glass jars, will tempt your curiosity to order one with the meal.

And so we did… with our order of Bi Luo Chun (green snail spring tea). Grown in the Dongting mountain region in Jiangsu, China, the green tea came highly recommended by the waitstaff for its floral aroma with a hint of fruity note.

Lunch started with dainty morsels of dim sum. The Steamed Prawn with Truffle Har Gow (RM18) is sublime. Thin and translucent crystal skin dumpling filled with fresh bouncy prawns with bits of truffle, hardly a dumpling one can say no too.

Crispy Yam Puffs with Fresh Scallops (RM18), the name itself already sounds divine. Creamy mashed yam fried to much golden crispiness, encasing seafood filling and a crowning glory of scallop and tiny popping Ebiko, one order may not be enough!

The classic pairing of Deep-fried Net Spring Roll with Prawn & Mango (RM18) never fails to please the palate. Crispy, juicy, sweet and fruit, it got all the right flavours and textures that many would absolutely enjoy.

And yes, my fondness for cubes of wobbly radish rice cakes is satiated by the Fried Turnip Cake with XO Sauce & Turkey Ham (RM14). A good dose of heat with much XO umami notes, I believed I practically polished off the dish to myself… well most of it at least.

Five Sen5es also has an All You Can Eat Simply Dim Sum that is available at RM88 nett per person during weekdays or come Sunday and public holidays, there is a Simply Dim Sum Buffet is served at RM125 nett per person from 10.30am to 2.30pm. A la carte is also available.

The regular main menu offers a delectable appetizer of Crispy Salmon Banana Roll with Green Tea Dressing (small - RM36 | big - RM68) Quite an unusual pairing but the trio seemed to get along pretty well in flavours.

The soup course was one of the highlights of the lunch. An ocean’s bounty, the Braised Fresh Scallops with Seaweed & Seafood Thick Soup (RM36 per portion) showcase a silky smooth and thick egg white laced bisque studded with crab meat and bean curd along with delicious seafood essence. A blanket of seaweed along with a large sweet poached prawn and scallop added much glory to the soup along with some bright pearls of Ebiko.

The Fried Cod with Signature Lemongrass Sauce (RM160/180g) is guaranteed to reel in some brownie points. Golden and crispy fried cod fish, smothered in a tangy and aromatic lemongrass infused sauce and topped with julienned mango, onions and chili, the fish is superbly sweet and almost creamy with a soft flaky texture.

There’s something utterly tummy warming about the Braised Chicken with Chestnuts & Mountain Yam (small - RM52 small | big - RM98). Chunky tender pieces of chicken with soft nutty chestnuts and yam in thick moreish sauce is simply perfect with steamed rice.

If one must eat carbs, make sure it’s a worthy one like the Minced Duck Fried Rice with Prawns, Yam & Pumpkin in Claypot (small - RM45 | big - RM88). The pot of fluffy rice is fully loaded, I mean Fully Loaded! Every spoonful of rice is thoroughly studded with lots of smoked duck, shredded conpoy, cubes of yam and pumpkin. The mish mash of meaty goodness and creamy root vegetables is comfort food for diners of all ages.

The Fragrant Crispy Vegetables with Roasted Pine Nuts (small - RM38 small | big - RM73) is lovely. Not the usual leafy greens but not that I would mind as the dish has a wondrous compilation of textures from the lotus root to the baby corn, sugar sweet peas, black wood fungus, gingko, carrot, pine nuts and more. The addition of crispy shredded conpoy added much salty moreish notes to the dish.

Lunch ended with desserts. Three to be exact since these three were the ones that caught our attention. The Chilled Chinese Herbal Jelly with Aloe Vera Honey Juice (RM16) had the right balance of bitterness herbal note while the Silken Mango Cream with Pearl Sago & Crushed Thai Pomelo (RM20) proved that this familiar classic will always have a special place in our hearts with its fruity sweet mango flavours.

The Crispy Avocado Kataifi (RM20) was albeit unusual but nevertheless interestingly delightful. Crispy kataifi pastry filled with creamy avocado and cubes of mango was a nice change from the usual sweet desserts.

For reservations or more information, please contact Westin Dining at 603.2773.8338 or email westindining@westin.com.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T +6 03.2731.8333
F +6 03.2731.8000

Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday
Lunch:         12.00noon - 2.30pm (Mon to Sat)
                   10.30am - 2.30pm (Sun & PH)
Dinner:        6.00pm - 10.00pm

*Five Sen5es is a pork-free restaurant.


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