November 18, 2018

Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar @ Bangsar

Hidden in the bustling square of Bangsar area lies Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar. Despite the not so noticeable location, foodies are known to flock to Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar through the many beautiful and delectable food pictures on their social media platforms.

Owned by passionate duo Gerard Ng and Hester Ling, Upperhouse is their culinary fortress for foodies who enjoys delicious food along with gorgeous desserts. It is a foodie sanctuary as the restaurant offers a realm of peace among the busy area of Bangsar.

Besides adults enjoying the restaurant, little ones will jump with glee too as the owners of Upperhouse are thoughtful to set up a kiddies corner filled with children’s toys and activities to keep them busy.

Upperhouse is design with an open concept kitchen where diners can catch all the kitchen actions of the team whipping up their food and beverages. The owners believe in making everything from scratch and goes all out to incorporate elements of healthy and nutritious options to their menu.

With a wall panel of glass that offers natural lights into the dining area, coupled with their painted mural of ‘Wings’, Upperhouse is perfect for Instagrammers as well as other social media enthusiasts for photo opportunity.

The restaurant is very spacious and designed with minimalist concept incorporating natural wood with plenty of whites to give it a clean and comfort ambiance. It is also perfect for private events and special functions.

We visited Upperhouse for a taste of their new menu as well as some of their classic signatures. Kicking off the list of beverages, their house made Sangria (RM11) is deliciously satisfying. The concoction has been steeped with fruity notes and has a smooth and lingering finish.

There’s also Planter's Punch, Mojito, Sparkling Pomegranate and Apple Oolong Tea (RM12 each) for those who enjoy fruity mocktails.

For hot beverages, Upperhouse signatures include Housemade Almond Milk (RM8), Hot Chocolate Lolly (RM12), Satongo Hot Chocolate (RM12) and Sweet Potato Latte. Their hot chocolates are simply divine with various cacao intensity of your choice. The Housemade Almond Milk is also very enjoyable as it has a lovely and rather delicate nutty almond aroma that is not overpowering.

For a healthier option, go for their Housemade Kombucha tea with two options of black or green tea Kombucha. Fermented using tea and sugar, Kombucha is said to have health benefits such as rich source of probiotics and antioxidants, strengthen the immune system, detoxify the liver and may reduce heart disease and help with weight loss. The fermentation of the tea gives it that hit of tang and is easy to enjoy.

Upperhouse is launching a new menu that consist of some newbies and some of their best signatures. We started with golden crumbed Croquette (RM13) served with ketchup. Decent with crispy breading and creamy soft potato filling, this one makes a good snacking option.

What impressed us was the Creamy Crab Bisque (RM21), served ‘kopitiam’ style in an old school coffee cup with some golden croutons on the saucer. Comes with a cloud of foamy topping, the crab bisque is full of robust seafood essence. With just the right creaminess, the bisque is so tasty that one might even contemplate to drink from the cup!

The Wild Mushroom Soup (RM18) is also delicious. Served with mushroom bruschetta on the side along with fried mushroom and finished with a drizzle of cream, the soup is thick, earthy and creamy. Every spoonful is redolent of mushrooms. The clever injections of the bruschetta and the fried mushroom added a nice touch of textures and flavours to the soup as well.

For those who wanted sharing appetizers or even a meal, the Savoury Toast (RM27 for set of 3) makes a lovely option of a variety of open sandwiches. From fresh tomatoes to earthy mushrooms and crispy fried shrimps, each of these has their own flavours that will certainly appeal to many easily.

Moving on to mains, Upperhouse does a beautiful rendition of a classic breakfast favorite of Smoked Salmon Benedict (RM30). Not only does the presentation look so pretty and colourful, the benedicts are generously topped with sublime smoked salmon before being crowned with perfectly poached eggs and luscious hollandaise sauce. A must-order!

Pasta is always a popular main and Upperhouse offers a nice selection of pastas such as Mushroom Aglio Olio (RM20), Buttermilk Chicken Pasta (RM26) and Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Pasta (RM25).

Out of the three pasta, the Buttermilk Chicken Pasta is the most popular choice for many it seems. Generous crispy golden buttermilk marinated fried chicken, served with aglio olio pasta, makes a hearty meal for anyone. The chicken is moist and flavourful while the pasta is cooked al dente and has a light note with some heat.

The Mushroom Aglio Olio is great as meatless option. Packed with robust garlicky flavour with some heat, the pasta makes a lovely light meal. It comes with sautéed and fried mushrooms for added textural bites. The Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Pasta is the opposite of the mushroom pasta as it is heavier and richer with creamy and unctuous notes of salted egg yolk. Fresh prawns, tomatoes and crispy fried fish is added to the pasta to make it more sufficient and enticing.

Standing tall and mighty, the Buttermilk Chicken Burger (RM24) is one burger to take on. Generous portion of the tasty and juicy fried buttermilk chicken along with the hearty condiments, this is a burger that will surely please many burger lovers out there. The thick cut fries are done well and is the perfect sidekick to the yummy burger.

If there is one thing that foodies flocked to Upperhouse, its their desserts! Fans of Upperhouse are attracted by their gorgeous desserts, all made from scratch from the pastry team. The effort the pastry team at Upperhouse puts in is indeed noticeable as every little detail is well thought and set at each plate of dessert served.

Available only during weekends, the Strawberry Watermelon Cake (RM15 per slice) is simply a must-order. In fact, this is one of the best version here in Malaysia. Commendable portion and each layer of fluffy sponge, crème pâtissière and watermelon slice is meticulously sandwiched and finished with dollops of whipped cream, lots of chopped strawberries and sprinkling of pistachio nuts. The fresh and juiciness of the cake is what makes this dessert so easy to enjoy without the guilt or heaviness…

Cheesecake lovers will swoon over the Burnt Cheesecake (RM15). Made famous by a Japanese eatery, the version here is the closest to it in my opinion. Sinful and luscious, every spoonful offers a cheese haven of silky rich cheese custard. This is one dessert that is hard to stop once you had a taste of it…

Carrot (RM20) is a clever interplay of various dessert components such as carrot sponge, carrot jelly, Greek yoghurt parfait, honeycomb pieces, walnuts, chocolate soil and burnt honey ice cream. The dessert is pretty and dainty while the flavours are uniquely delicious. The burnt honey ice cream is sublime!

Another pretty dessert to check out is the Mille Feuille (RM24), with buttery and flaky layers of mille feuille pastry is filled with decadent chocolate orange mousse and topped with whipped vanilla cream. The finishing touches of dried fruit to edible flowers and lacy decoration gave the dessert its wow factor. Hay ice cream is another delicious house made ice cream that complimented the dessert so well.

Last but not least, there is currently an Afternoon Tea (RM65 per set, available daily from 3pm-6pm) promotion daily. A value-for-money tea set of dainty and mini versions of Upperhouse’s signatures of savory and sweet along with tea of your choice for two. This is great for catch-up sessions with friends and family. The best part is the little array of choices on the tiered tea set makes great conversation starters as well as instagramable worthy!

Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar is such a hidden gem in Bangsar. We think the owners are super passionate about what they do and the effort that they put in can be seen through all the little touches they take to make their food and beverage, not only pretty in presentation but delicious as well. This place is also really great to hold private parties and is kid-friendly. Must-orders are Creamy Crab Bisque, Wild Mushroom Soup, Smoked Salmon Benedict, Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Pasta and all their desserts, especially the Strawberry Watermelon Cake!

27-A Jalan Telawi 3
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 011-2872 0083

Business Hours:
11am to 10pm
Closed Wednesday

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